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New Food items coming to Coors Field! Lets go baseball season!

March 14, 2018

Ohhhhh the joy of a day at the ball park!  As Opening Day for the Colorado Rockies quickly approaches along with the baseball season, the one thing besides the game many people look forward to is the food.  And it looks like Coors Field has got some new items coming!   How about a Mile High Mac N Cheese with green chili mac n cheese topped with crumbled chorizo and pico (yep, totally CO!) or a Triple Play Dog which is a hot dog topped with Carolina style pulled pork, crumbled bacon bits and purple slaw?  Or one of the unique staples here in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Oysters, gets a twist with the Rocky Mountain Po'boy which is rocky mountain oysters topped with garlic slaw, guac, green chili ranch, Pico and cotija cheese!     


Check out the full list of new items and get more info: Click Here

And for the heck of it heres a video of some new items from a few years back LOL