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Baby's first experience with echos and she loved it

This video makes us wish we could go back to the first time we discovered echo's so that we could experience the joy this lil kid did haha Video of Little Kid Discovers Echoes And Has A Blast
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This tired dog must have had a "ruff" weekend

I think a lot of people on this Monday can relate to this dog's tired status! Must have had a "ruff" weekend Video of Watch Dog Falling Asleep on the Job
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100 hits in 1 second?

Have you ever seen someone throw 100 hits in 1 second...well see it for yourself haha Video of Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second
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Baby Rhinos love massages & mud baths

It seems even baby rhinos love a good massage and belly rub! Probably not smart to try with an adult lol Video of Baby rhino Zac gets his first mud bath!
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Kids commentary to lion running towards family is hilarious

We're pretty sure this is how 100% of people should react towards a lion running their direction lol smart kid Video of Lion Charge Car - Listen to the Child's Commentary !! Kruger National Park
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Bulldog Puppy vs Water Bottle in a fight for the ages

In what could be called a "fight" for the ages... or just an adorable puppy trying to figure a water bottle out....enjoy this video LOL Video of Bulldog Puppy vs Bottle
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Does your dog ever react like this when it sees a dog park?

This dog is very very very very very very very very very hyped up about arriving at the dog park! Video of Puppy realizes he's at dog park, goes absolutely bonkers
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For those who wish their dog could drive them instead

Have you ever wished that your dog could drive you around instead? Well if this dog is any indication then there is hope! lol Video of Dog drives little Boy in car.....Daisy Driving Oliver
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This kid's overjoyed reaction to race cars is too adorable!

This kid's overjoyed reaction to race cars driving by is too adorable! Definite future race car driver in the making! Check it out! Video of Kid overjoyed by race cars driving by!
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Comedian Deray Davis stopped by the Comedy 1031 studios with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at the Denver Improv, his new TV shows & more!