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Dogs playing in snow = Awesome

For those who havent had enough snow this winter....let some dogs playing in snow cheer you up lol Video of Dogs Discovering Snow
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Chef Gordon Ramsay tries Girl Scout cookies for the first time

Chef Gordon Ramsay tried girl scout cookies for the first time....the verdict? Video of Gordon Ramsay Tries Girl Scout Cookies for the First Time
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Sneaky monkey makes bus drivers lunch his own

Video of Monkey Steals Bus Driver's Lunch
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If you didnt know you wanted a pet toucan, you will after this video

Video of Our Toucan is basically a lap dog!
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And you thought dating was bad now…how about the 80’s?

This was like Tinder of the 80’s…but more entertaining lol
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Koala gets kicked out of a tree…and acts how anyone should when kicked out of their home lol

Hilarious... */
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