Ben Gleib Interview

Thursday, April 13th

Comedian Ben Gleib stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, hosting Idiotest, and more!  Get your tickets to see him at!  


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Is Deborah solve today's comedy comedy 131 is big Mike is studio. Very sad to get his man he's going to be here this week and account it works out that landmark TV essays one of the funniest comedians around right now he's an actor Gant show is in this weekend. He is here endemic Colorado we got angry with bad. I'm doing good man how are you you're welcome to Denver thank you to have a mean it's been nice to be here for about half a base of life seen nothing. But I like it. Is this your first -- -- Colorado it is not a on his out of time but but I'm enjoying an okay good and join them too and this time or less time because is more current I can a man Clayton hope -- of the the most recent times the most enjoyable give that is an elected three times ago earlier this time at school like a moral and every you know this time not as good third three trips ago was amazing it'll get better again next time maybe in the future I suspect this will be your best review ever had and I feel that if we're sure I feel I feel special vibe in the air that you and I have a rare connection and so spending today as you fill out to I don't wanna bring it up I don't wanna bring it up and was like huge guys I shouldn't a broad enough to battle has ever read an adolescent it's rare collection. I I think whenever you have a -- connects with somebody tell that you gotta tell that person anybody shouldn't broadcasted on the airwaves but it's good to tell you privately Ifill good and our everybody around Colorado it's enjoy this moment you know I'm not feeling that they should be there for the birth place of our effect. Down the stairway limit. Does exactly that there'll if my career going down a drain except at. At that but that is going down the stairway to say down the stairway we're going out we're gonna we're no one's going down on Campbell you relax calm down your mind out of the gutter that we need to end. We got banged Levy's account yourself who hammered this weekend now what's been going always everything is good man I've been traveling on the lead squad tour Tim cities all over the country. I'm in Denver right now as wells though is our conversation so far. And so I think it's exciting news and drop them an Intel on your right now breaking news breaking news I am in front of you. He's not broad case not calling me from somewhere season in Denver around and for any right now I don't have a rare connection with a man yet telephone that's true isn't me it's harder. And harder maybe on tender -- -- tender loses let's listen slight bright American lives exit they have no problem with that Tom. Everything is good men and promoting Nino season for my game show idiot tests were airing every Thursday night at ten and 1030 I don't know what their layers in Denver so weird times that we're here I don't know what times illnesses that amount isn't the mountain time zone. I don't know what Doug I caught it. I would easiest I was owner memorized the map and I'm zone. Has lowered mountain CT viewer to remember them out right there isn't as easy word to remember that usually it's of no other players that mountains DC amounting to figure mountain times I you don't want out think too many people brag about appellation the rocky mountain on talent. Almost an additional one time and an and I finish that there's no lingering issues like that was so great. Please wish you were more appalachians but only got some very stranger call us. Unevenly you know what it means how do you exactly normal powerless Appalachia. So that is due to get exactly the same and didn't get hired at a crack the door in my life. I enjoy the admitted it was really over. I've met repeatedly roll over there and that Appalachian way they do that I don't understand so obviously I don't I can't I can't channel that sort of the sort of via. So allows into student we came here I didn't know which band we're gonna get I didn't know. You're gonna come in like really upbeat and excited remain a little bit agitated because is it true YouTube recently become begin you've given of sugar and alcohol. Yes that is true is this true that is true and mostly gluten free. I've decided that my enjoyment of life section of life is done. And I'm just cannon going into the punish myself and hate myself and be on the verge of passing out all moments. I mean giving up any one of those things is argued outages cut how IA everything almost a media. It's a weird choice that I made. I've regretted every day and questioning him I committed to three months of this and you know plan to have for life okay I'm due in three months trying to take out all the things people say their poison isn't bad for your body there to them all out. As a challenge to myself not get any younger I don't try it now never do it. And I'm doing it. And I'd literally I am on the verge of fainting at all at all moments how many days you are anathema and a month. What are almost thirty days okay and I got two loans left. And I've lost a lot of weight. Originally minimized or this part of the diet to begin and that and the gluten free and in the no sugar also on different and now doing list. I'm actually. The one of the few things you can on the most annoying version of the world restaurants and literally take twenty minutes order like professor in the gluten free. Sandwiched dish there is the past and then also is in the sauces or any sugar in the song sniffed a glass to show have a bunch of questions their devastating human food. And it does come our local lettuce and it app that EMI but is little it has been awash in there and jaguar and hasn't sort of sugar content a end. So was only things that normal restaurants that is fitting all those mergers French Fries. Somehow it doesn't in any of those categories. So I'm Noah Levy was getting fatter now and I don't backward and gaining way eaten French Fries area bank error. But but the one thing yes it's hard to cut the out well those the biggest challenge but thank god. A slowdown we. Boy did they go in a perfect town for the Iraq hair color and does down on that. If any of you pick a terrible time to start you'd the woman because like. You know there's there's a whole bunch of other people there also gave up what one thing for Latin there to be done on Sunday saw is people gonna use. That were given of civil begin back to one so that two months to go. In laymen doing it for religious reasons not don't. Does Dylan it to be an idiot and to be like the worst stereotype that people from LA at the door to health conscious. I hate myself right now I despise me. Well we we love Leo as felicity if not gonna love yourself who we love you we shouldn't that's there well it doesn't really get. We've got banged Levy's that I kind of works out a landmark and get those tickets at. Comedy works dot com and so you're you're doing obviously stand up you're on the robe like he said yeah you get your game show your acting you know. She'll attend the national neurotic gangster airing right now as well got a podcast yeah last week unearthed my podcasts and talking politics on there covering the week's news but if you check out my showtime special. You can watch it took them out of the comedy were shows it's entirely different kind of game here is my new hour and doing right now also. You illegals in the same thing twice a match you asked me to that I will. At at at and Britain do overdue the showtime special. History shows that one absolutely and I mean it would it would U pod cast them as in this note that there's there's nothing to talk about no politics and a slow time right now aren't. It's slipped him but it's the best time but yeah it's the greatest. We've ever had a gun dealers saying that I am I am. Ten of creating a god leg dive in America. With unprecedented. Success and I say it's true there. I say it's true big vaguely success big in the a lot of people they can you make it less successful team make America less great and I say can't really so great music you make an attention kids good students and effectiveness against Canada just me. That's over it's. A survey by definition what your shows are going to be this week. That's what they aria yeah a lot of heal the body of a house like. Going to be a weekend of comedic glory in the Google's words didn't come out of my mouth I'm quoting the nation. Okay the entire nation quote in the entire nation granite white red now feel the vibration yet c'mon c'mon back. Feel as good as the nation as the believe nation is greener nation okay is the great and you'll love the American nations said that quote are okay but even Asian zone of her long time that the believes squad to northern Abu Mazen like it. We've nation like that statement but it is an America that spoke. AM the electoral and popular vote out you won both I won both players is that this is an even a tested theory unprecedented. Amounts of Texas to win as big as they did considering I just can make up whatever effects at undisputed undisputed heavyweight champ of saying things Obama's. You can say what you want about from an army somehow he can he can say. The UH I don't want him out in the next in Russia when I mean he does with these disc goes left to right and that's. What happened. When you're deciding your your policy positions based on a magic eight ball yes. That's what happens and perhaps and actually is a feeling he's always at its big boots than me just say yeah sniffing some. It is up all hours tweeting angrily sniffing all the time changing his positions. You literally Levy had no eight balls and mentally as they had to rise tonight and a man magic JBoss has a ball he found it easy it is these words are right that there is good go at three kinds of eight balls happening with that book late mollen magic eight mile an eight ball cocaine he's got the whole trifecta of the eight ball the ever stop by the studio we have to keep away from report that we don't know what kind of economic policy. You don't know leads heels ball's low blow through and the big instead of but always have the balls unless tomorrow I hate most appropriate squares there. He many sir side the president did Chinese president's ball that's when it's schedule you better believe that ultimately ping pong balls cubicles little Benoit balls in as little wheels little balls that chimes in on the moon grand here and trying to make a marine Eaton gives and stress free zone stress free zone dance of the way houses these days mistress for example a good and that there if you do your monologue elderly and well thought out and you can roam around lake Kevin McCallister style. Auburn offense but it exactly right exactly right people that often that essentially. What is the signatures don't Israel bombers are never. There are tired but even Obama to Hitler jump the fence like to secure the border with a wall you can and if you're wondering how. It's a little bit absurd bill or audio and how is pretty solid before you you can expect from a thousand miles of law. That's probably good first that yes if you can secure like a more reasonable areas immediately get a little samples and I asked a panel like the old Zoolander. How are you can have two children in this host was in the house for had. Babies that space yet baby ends that we get. And I understand that there's no problem in that department if you judging that the innocent compared to the sense of big penis is a good at. SF and that's a look at the average baby says pizza team. When the best they beat penis is the embassy. Exactly we got bank league con yourself this weekend what you got coming up later this year was next vehement. Some head now to Atlanta. Two's Saint Louis to. Tampa Florida. I got more radiant has come and match of brain seizures I helped create. And challenging your brain and a celebrity episodes kids episode weird seamer rivalry episodes coming at you Joey Fatone is on an episode coming up so it's exciting. From a lot of free time I'm writing a book doing The Today Show a lot of fly into New York all the time with cat and you know Oda I've got a lot of data lands is kind of lounge and. We're glad you did you know do you glad you like with all his free time to make time for us this is my pleasure big lie when you have a connection with some console reverence appear that that he can't deny it you have to. See it through and it's actually got these streets are pretty sure it's a flowers a bouquet of flowers logical okay somehow magically into my studio now and all makes sense now as they deliver connecting and it can erode your card as well. And even though my nickname Suzanne you nickname is his assets Suzanne. Still loves those Latin. Well just for the simple fact the band Grammy flowers you've got to go early show this weekend you get those tickets a comedy works dot com is gimmick com works out of the landmark down here. Vaguely thank you so much man Tom Green blue and green after every show a -- thing you know that monologue each other will snap shattered ourselves to Wear silly in the face not even an additional five dollar charge or anything about a three meat and you can buy the CD if you all does not know urged listeners recently five dollars in back copy was anything you know listen I would never allow the meetings gets regret the fuel and Internet access at the target people in the seats. I love and I'll go and give it does. And I got to stairwell I gotta get out of that building some how many you the minute you walk out I'm on the block that out noting good story ever again it's it's my spot now washing your hand NASA and I appreciate it doesn't lunched. I've -- I'd let league races all comers Asian all right delete there I mean there's great that's not the same here there's a much event butler's.