Bob Marley Interview

Thursday, April 26th

Comedian Bob Marley stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark this  weekend, taking his family on vacation, his Boston Bruins playoff experience and more!  Check it out and get your tickets at

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It is devers over today's comedy comedy 103 wine it is my commanders and always makes conference when he's here guys the he's back this weekend and at this we can I am not a man of Bob Marley yeah. I don't think strap me welcome back some sites it's great to be here amount pumped up I've been traveling with the family and we we were on school vacation school vacation which is something I never had as a kid to school vacations school vacation from me was you don't have to go to school. But you weren't going anywhere bath like you've failed it was like oh we're going to Peru today bearing now it's a thing right got to bring the kids places do stuff with them we went. When I was a kid we were bowling once my whole childhood. Our April Sony for their member of the day because my mother yelled this like every day before Naples won his fourth us almost as and it was almost the anniversary yeah. She's there were going bowling in April 24 by her word ball balling Ernie talk about appalling. Even look at a bowling Balkans well would not doing April 20 on my callable that's. Michael. I remember thinking I keep my mouth sector I'm available and I wanna Wear the dirty shoes on hang around suspects. In all pals that's now I'll dude yeah that's a hold it's all thanks so anyway we took the family went to Yosemite you've been there and by northern California you get up there and you've got a pilot in Maine so Marty kind of in the woods but this is rarely. You yup like 8000 feet you know indigo is cliffs in el capitan and and all that stopped and were driving like a rented minivan. And you see scientist sounded like a bad movie dude you really hits you you're driving up late on in the minivan you see signs like in a quarter mile stretch who saw three signs laws like. Mountain lions president. Just present that means that means they can be anywhere right grizzly bears in the area that was another sign. The last it was a wolf pack nearby. Wolf yeah wolf pack every every proximity word that you could come up with like nearby residents in the area that those very terms are knocked out and almost. Every form of carnivore yet and that likely did it was a stark sign that what is completed yet. Yeah like an eighth of a mile later we see another Steiner says scenic view best place to take pictures of like I gonna get another car now. Why you're gonna sitter look at a viewed on what's behind you I send my ten year old out first that that's what was left over pasta meal let's see if instance that have dude get out there where literally just tie raw meat behind us and Dragic who talked a lot. Legacy is carnivores are behind leader likes are looking at the view it as the fastest picture I've ever taken a toll to spy. Well I can't can't can't can't ever go to college go. But if I am very quiet after while we don't wanna Wear on Russia I mean I had spring break and averages had like a take school weakens. Yeah now he never did at all I mean it in and I live in Maine so we really needed the break this year it's committed I mean we've had snow already up till three weeks ago. Elena is based on not talking about a dusting. I'm Doug sixteen inches three weeks ago and you try to show scheduled that night and my wife and I sit on a touch she goes maybe you'll have to show the maybe we can stay home here only to watch my program where she watches that Tyler the psychic you've seen that kids and he psychic to the celebrity's is an e-book Jack he's this little skinny kid did draws on a piece paper. You can hear the paper he's like draws on it he's like. Which I think is baloney juror I think I could do it he's like I feel like you have relatives and sell it away dried your free Camille I'll. I feel like some men. It picks are there aunt sitting on the mantle. And and it's the problem W relatives of men in summer women like. She left area students summer here it's aren't passed on its right its job. That's jocular dad liked it liked them quite a yeah. Do I think I did you pretty much doing it I think each truck like it because there will be people that off board oh yeah I think your brain to make up my Alley psychic to this dies. So so anyway I had my showed ever got canceled that I had to go to Joba I'm driving it sixteen inches is now. Up the pike in my in my own business united mine you know business and a host on 45. You got your hands tenant two years you know you see the signs it's coral fort five ice is noticed a slow saves lines like him time to read all course. Favors when he put the construction sized. Don't forget June 23 between 8:9 AM. Exhibit 48 will be all like somebody get my date planner a reminder remember that yet from the backseat. What he's doing on the 23 a 212. McKinnell explored yet. Don't drive and I was the leader you have in the leaders announced on a minute guys a lot of pressure gap right you're the chosen one like the pace cock. Like Moses lead actor and the desert so I'm driving and everything's gone gotta look over is that guy in 93 corolla. Who apparently I was in doing it right for you know he's already wanted to leave go faster if he's attempting to take me on the outside I'm like dressing you do is accelerate a redo on its okay let's go. You know my cars X with all this slush hitting the windshield of is that the first thing I do. Everybody in my cars Alan ME what do you do ball. And let it go just like you wanna upfront. You want there to as the guys go on by you'll say one of three things the first thing you say is look at this India the second thing is you wanna know is where the hell's he going on 93 Carolla he's on call the hospital. Probably less comes on the math lab that's when I'm gas and riot in the last that you say this is awful but everybody listening is set is at one point I hope we ends up and did our cars yes you what I hope incident ditch upside down flames. Everywhere on my they went in that situation if you are the only card if you ought to lead car everybody behind you is always going as fast as it but when you're the one behind the leader elect her. This guy's in any pets. But once you had to manually these people or amber unreasonable. Behind me luckily had a hope and cross our fingers Evernote Colorado open. Maybe ours I'll optional you know we did having to close you guys just outline I'm ready if you were highly. You have to be prepared. I've a plow on my pickup truck in ladies if you're listening right now I'd already left the studio booking agency Angel rushed down here to this community and I. And on attempting an in just once I float that out there tab plow on my pickup truck. It's our all the ladies out is not a regular flat plough is to V plowed and on talk about if flick you can say the wings on it. Every snowstorm a drive by Dunkin' Donuts real slow Flynn the wings so ladies inside off over. All my guide Teresa he see ya my seats and at a comedy works yeah I swear in the weighing. Put down the crawler blobs flare in the wings. So my mother I look I'm plow another two miles up the street my mother I call my mother's house the Irish Catholic guilt distribution center right. She calls it inactive with a big storm just was word toward this who she says. Are you gonna come over him plow me tomorrow. First a must throw up in my own miles. Goes I really needed people blog me I might need to be plugged twice once tonight and once in the morning. If you can't plow me can you send when your friends over. I hired Mike does a good job. He plowed my friend gravelly and that is laws he talks about. She said he didn't Sarah Perl and push it all the way to the and I don't like it pushed all the way to the back lobby I like it nice and tight up against the bush. Man that delves into just images news or rowand and winter for me in general which they sent and that is a member is going to be etched in everybody's mind and soul for the rest of them did come Ozzie is snowplow or made experts yeah I'll I was trying to say here have just. Great conversation I know is excited you are for this week and commodores out and and you have an excitement that are Colorado Avalanche spans all right now because your Boston. On the days Sumpter and I was pulling for the avalanche I I don't hate the Nashville Predators but I don't like them and I really want the ads to make it through. Because it down the line I think the ads and a good team I mean but national probably a little too strong this year but the ads looked good man. I was pulled for them and now. But my Boston Bruins blew up I was at the game on Saturday night after last Saturday night we flew in from California from Yosemite was my wife and kids and I said honey we're in Boston right now. Two hours from Maine where landing in Boston. Why don't we just go to the game she's like I am and why would wait why wouldn't wait it's getting guys. I don't know give him and Boston before me today sums involved Austin it's an angry. Segregated. Nasty town I live there for three years and this time nice people there too but it's a very violent town it's like. This a difference between main people and Boston this is maim people. Year. Ago this is main pretty good idea I don't this is Boston go ahead and I don't who wants it now. I reckoning on doing. I'm just standing in the house and you come I don't know what you want on Dolan that's we had Christmas lights that we go buy tickets for the game from a scalp are. Who who looks nothing short of completely suspect. But I I go any size to egos kid geez I don't know blanket 55 that's tough five. It inning I got his full rows from the the last seat up in the those plates might take up. Your recess for rows from the top in any sporting event but especially in Boston on Saturday night and a playoff game when nobody has sort the next day. We had to walk from ice level all the way up the first when he grows like people who alligator shirts on. You know talking about Martha's Vineyard we get back down to the the new look tickets moment nothing. The next thirty rows it's like people with the families you know you're gonna get a souvenir and Jimmy are making memories today that's what's happening. By the time we get to our seats up top is people seeing Johnny jet that. There's a lately haven't no security guard yeah Osama bin Laden's at a oh my god do that it was horrible I heard things about my mother and Evelyn outs of the mother. My these guys I got Mike I got kids here don't like that you awful I'll it was not a it passed those towels out you know all you have only got you know a guide for enemy did not helicopter the towel and he was zip in Florida. It's that he's hitting me in the face of it like I'm one of The Three Stooges. Like a ceiling fan just kept battling mean that I was a press I had Tallet I mean I've had asked that's that's that's awesome goes all right this cities tall come in handy he clean them to puke up with a late at that ought to off my back. The guys hitting me in the face on like I really should say some of that he's a big dude. Now they can I really don't wanna get beat up an a and B I really don't wanna get beat up in front of my wife and kids dead pets probably that's a that they don't forget and especially at the game you death badly to actually live you know you do good job in any minute time you got beat up to the policy guidance and I think party wanted to watch us yeah they've set. When it finally grabbed a tell publicly taken third period he hit me in the face the late 95 time. And his hankering to rally really slowly you know like a lazy guy I was like dude you count me you helicoptered to just bring it up front you can do you like guy and I elect. Well I. Got another main guy you're good yeah I would have been second shelter is strong the rest of my life. Got Bob Marley and studio commodores out of the landmark if you do pleasant ones go to comedy work stock on and get those what's next human. I am from here I go back home and I'm well off the road until September. Which is awesome I just showed a special that we're trying to get sold. It's called comedian Bob Marley on guide. Okay. You gonna wonder what it's about you born in New York to generate New York some of the young guys are yeah a year in Denver young guys look at you in Times Square. You're going to be young guys OK you're going to be hands and apocalypse are so. On guard of his own got out of that other guy but at a guide on guard unit at the other religious experience and yet the longer our. You'll be on your hands in the pockets okay most of my money is to get my money look at what will my wife and I go she straps or purse like between your boobs you know like you know nobody is get my cash that knows they rip a boob offer me an idea of guys today to write it took like to change from their lawn too strong enough to the assignment of us audiences that don't know knows land and an applicant's songs. Up up the front side I'm I'm a large got a Fanny packs don't they here's what's gonna go around there ya go in my vote by rule of thumb is if you have a hundred bucks. When he blocks cozy needs pocket one in your sock Oca silly you know get completely taken it and you have money. He carefully unity on got a cabin on guard down you know. I'm looking forward with though and if you'll. That's what's coming up my guy and we're trying to sell that special right now and just more Torre it solid B Marley dot com Bob Marley comedy a FaceBook Twitter. Is to Graham and that's just that Chad Coca because made seventeen year old daughter inform me. Now we creepy tat game. Agusta IDs that Chad in my daughter goes grows. At. Just asking yeah comedy prospective not to let wanna be off. Creep her own way and wait like five years and then will be located it was a case is done with it. It was all I did an armadillo you'll be good I'm just get none of that MySpace now is I think is about the good times are that's all the rage. But it's Bob Marley thank you is always a suburb by coming 131 when you're here in Denver Colorado get your tickets right now comedy works dot com.