Bob Saget Interview

Friday, March 30th

Bob Saget stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, the success of Fuller House, his new shows and more!  

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Is Denver's zone but today's comedy comedy 1031 as big Mike I'm I'm not outing that reduces everybody knows this man right here is going to be to tell yourself Marcum is straight to this Bob Saget met us yellow not much of having to see you welcome message you look did you all over the country this thing's broadcasts at. I think whether we have a guess you have an app where all over the place you do you do. You've been a big menu and all over the country. I have been tolerant and promoting like ho and do wanna do is make people laugh. Lately I've been busy and you never not been busy now this is busier as the busier come and every inch hole at its highest scoring I got the the specials here to sixty today by the way it drops on LP on Amazon prime okay which is it's beyond LP to me is cool. That the smallest hole either. The senate can say is small muscles that is that is thirties again that the biggest oh no that's a new show on NBC okay that's competition. Like wiped out that's just today that distraught today and it's and my special zero to sixty is on Amazon prime minister iTunes it's on every. Platforms so it's on DirecTV and can be you know on demand on or wherever but have you Jews and Jim wonder woman in my show I think I would I would pick bouts that you would it passes me I would go underwhelming zone I don't know how love got it to me wow she is she the greatest actors alive grown man made would you say. I think so just when she speaks well yeah yeah yeah I wanna be lasso Becker and I got to fiance and stub that should be OK you got a sequel comet. Of course say it hasn't been an marvel movie no no I have not but I do the movie that I directed you like that. And it's and it and the premiere and it. Wednesday no no god ago and as those super heroes there's no DC or. Were avenger type people but it is a movie about a seat opposite of that is about a kid they think is on math that's so it's a dark comedy. The other ibizan superheroes on map don't do well there I think there are actually but yeah. But they're bad they're cheap they're not but but the good this kid is a match. Max Burkle to please cube it's got comedy people and in your company guys so it's rob cords used hilarious that Kevin Pollak share it Terry Dave Foley. Very gill been to myself I directed it and it'll be out in the fall and I'm super heroes. Comedy year old sister it's actually just about real people trying to do Hamas and a superhero status comedy metaphorically. Or yes sorry -- absolutely but they're not because there ill equipped and trying to do an intervention on a kid exactly so that'll be out in in the fall but in the meantime on that comedy works. Tonight's sold out but tomorrow is not so it's. I think it's a good thing we just did and they exist less LSU. Let's oval room you know it is rather. For this are well known as the only a couple of seats in fact I thought it was sold out then all of a sudden it wasn't which is good between siamese twins couldn't make if they probably had a rough day of eating so so if you if you wanna go to Bob's Texas deprive sick right now. At comedy works dot com. Butte Butte we ought snowstorms here but look again last night was snow and and then today is that Good Friday and then we got a tomorrow what is is Saturday between Good Friday and Easter was back. 01 thing today is over. That aunt asked today yes vanish spasm and I am Jewish we'd like always going to be it's. Is that you know like you know if you know celebrate it as a lot about Jesus I'm only it's all right depths of your dollar you're gone for the day and a technically supposed to be on the are you gonna go to church. Now oh disparities guys when Oregon OC OK so this just happened it. Was weird that those read in the counties the fifth and that's the thing about it afternoons I've found Jesus them give them my card that I'm gonna go look for exactly the idea. Get his arm in the distance you say you GPS to Jesus exactly that's not a bad thing will be surprised props up. I think you'd be an interesting thing would have that would have to ditch either. It probably take you to. I would take you to a church problem there were being church in the opening minute of the secret upon Jesus has always. Under the tried amended Google map. But if you go to somebody's random house I'd I'd not. No Mack who do not go to someone's random house people. But Zeus would be very ups. That is yeah this day yet we want people happy and we view that we owed that's what's wrong is London stand up so much is that so many people there as you know and in a jar by doing comedy here. Because you wanna make people feel better and to give their minds off of the world. So much pain and there's so much stuff that I kill us in his anymore and I'd rather is what's a late night host kind of fill me in but then still has enough or. A day it's got to put on Netflix. Gospel house floor perhaps you've gone back I went to dinner two nights ago which is better than the show would stay Mose and Candace Cameron beret and Lori Laughlin. And all of our significant others. We went well my fiance and camp as her husband now beret who is hockey player. And and stay in the salmon a baby. Yep and it's mine does happen because I know that he would when he sees the nose on that thing that's going to be gives that's you know you have good friends oh he just said Fineman and every one because meet Danny a column just. So that they will be out also at the end of the year the news or. As well like I mean obviously you guys went back as he saw a special situation and you. Guys got together is our shoes is when did you think you beat on 23 and four I thought once they when I saw the set and realized 00 my god they've built this thing again at Warner Bros. on the same stage we've worked on. It it I didn't think it was gone January I thought it was gonna be there awhile but you know in this business it's it's tenuous you never know when you're gonna did dropped by enemy Netflix is amazing because they they can disorder you know they got the money and they just order to third his thirteen to Google street has found that the way out as the mean tells. It. In and that's my friend Norman Lear shows that those two you know version one days ago. It's really good and as governor offers third season offs and he'd just sold another one that they're making call gets who died. And it's about older people in an old age home and it's got read Murano and heck girls under so but guess who died is really opening neighbors show. Pamela golden girls but it's you know who who's dead now is the other with a big gonna name that and then Roseanne was this on an apple want to. To feel like they used to feel in the Roseanne's obviously show that and more conflict and it and it dealt more like on all my family come away let's try to get real. Up. Full and solar house were Connolly blitz duels family values. But let's not get too real with the real world. This is due with the family you know and and social issues and you know we we get into bullying and stuff but for the most part. It was about you know don't drink beer at the prom or I guess you guys with very pores. Eating disorders like we did do that he did today more. Power it would cut but yet it was meant for fourteen year old Tuesday fourteen year old girls you mean it is a show and I'm proud to do. When I go do my stand up. And that is a soft star you know you can be fifteen when Tristan WB just. Fine you know my new specials good for fifteen Euro but it's not always made. Is that it's made specifically for that it's an Edberg my eye you know it's funny when I shot at the audience was like 23 you know that was in Brooklyn so that was. Last year and. While I was talking to one of my friends who was full house and they had not watchful house. And it's been brought up a little about the show. Obvious now watch when I was watching it much I mean has this named sports. It's that's who deals like its. Continuation of it it keeps that team go on and we truly did. Love each other so that's what I mean yesterday it was a day after we had dinner we kept texting each other. And and Laura's husband fifth likes nutri systems is a bad I'm not plugging. And so I started sending pictures of Nutrisystem. To everybody on tech's puzzled by go to dinner then display order in some god knows what. But. Were were very close group and I think that came through on the original show and it comes through on on the new ones. Before you go I have to ask squares on an ugly you know I can't leave view. That mailbag are all day and on the folly we're gonna find Jesus to we don't know if it's gonna find these anybody I was gonna it's gonna be with such Tomasson. Column on the hook lie FaceBook live view and be good now doesn't have anywhere else to go to snow melt number gonna Google map we're gonna find the guy it's Good Friday. And we're gonna we're gonna help save the world we. On I. Believe we get we get some interesting perspective it's true. Wow what would what would his interpretation deal baldness. Probably the same as it was back then it became nowadays start FaceBook page it people open looks and then you get to get authorized. And they'd be verified or I think he would be a day at the start of the verified network. Not I I have a feeling if if if he's goes back it did win or whatever you believe. UB verified immediate. A little bit this could be a problem FaceBook on the go no idea just happens of the golf a sudden it's there so. Obviously with all house committee pays about this closes down the muck with the moment he's back. Take it over. To impose. Oh god knows they dubbed as bad they have a beer real good PR and uplift the other account right but they are not its leaders. They're dear Durbin to that the best Russian viral slant that exist. I. I don't go on I have a I have I do on there I am a fan site because I can't keep up with the I I wanna talk and sometimes I replied of people. But mostly my Twitter my its program is Brian. Into elements I think artwork is. It's certainly get some personal stuff personalize you'll get a that millions of stories as I actually like FaceBook live thumping than those posts. That are. Oh that's sweet. I guess so would sympathy that night. Imagine my fiance couldn't make it ends was like OK am I go grab by eight and so actually she was Tomlinson so I was to sit there in the dark. As with any of the places you go by yourself look a little bit better than me on my McDonald's. Alone. Will would you get there yet they have a new Bernardo and they got a triple burger now. I think one of the big guy at notre. Yet to guess which of the three caddies has actual beef and Jay pitchers in the middle the middle on the other two were just there I would the filler. It's a 100% beef McDonald's I'm love and I actually I I go to the arches all the time. I kid yelled yeah I forgot that you can't tragic thousands of gitmo if I was a Augen endorsements so blunt and okay and Disney we love Disney. He won a free copy a Little Mermaid like it's. If they don't have the big rib. It's it's the season thanks. Average off that I would do we joked they're but I along okay but you know it's commonly willow tree where wounded him as a let me by the way it says here and let me give you his email and password. Is written on the bull Mort. On that side you guys yeah now that's somebody else that some company. That that's who the last owners of this place what does please used to be a McDonald's and that's it or it. But at bottom that way every Tommy's but that makes imports thank you that it takes a moral. Comedy works out these tickets were back optics is great seeing him and rigid thank you.