Brad Williams Interview

Friday, January 29th

Comedian Brad Williams stopped by Comedy 103.1 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works, being the biggest little Broncos fan around, and more!  Check it out! 

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Devers over today's comedy come to a 31 it's big Mike exciting it is meant backs do a great friend of the states know it makes them ports and he's done a lot his career he's he's been robbed the World Cup. He's an act as scared John's name votes. He's been chastised by Jack Nicholson identities the biggest little Broncos fan you'll ever find easily picked an awesome week to be here at Colorado have grant William. It's a party of weakness we welcome background again now is the raucous currency rules at the party week. I watched institute which gave. On a boat. Ironic crew yeah I was doing the legends of rock roots which means I mean people saved that the comedian isn't that glamorous good. Yes I do legends of rock through I had unlimited access to all of that 55 plus tales yeah that I get like I. You guys that have been Tuesday Steppenwolf concert very it's fantastic. And and and the woman without its all of us that. If you're not gonna be at the AFC championship game mine as well be on the legends of rock ruthless what do. We got Brett yamana Broncos in the Sioux boy and you know if anybody doesn't know you are huge. Yeah my lifelong. That that would Stanford. With no way that's when we start because Brooks and yeah I I would became this year that was the Cincinnati game that Monday night game when it was. Five degrees. For wind chill dad wasn't like they used to Edwards windshield. And of Southern California I was up here that that was that's a whole other Animal Man you're like. Posted news shivering play in all. I think I I coined the term to forcible. That's what I was that day you don't know I am a little person. It is dwarf whatever so is thing. Oh does not say enforceable and EA EA yet there there there there there is a reference to my actual body type. It is yet they. So I've flew here yesterday's news shows and I counters of the I only heard about. I never actually. Been witnesses. You've seen the therapy animals on planes. Yeah I have I I have not seen that yet and so I got see this woman. Who headed dog now. He is. I'm not talking about you if you use. It if your line. If your career collegiate. If your soldier repeat yes beat it he had seizures like. I'm not talking about those people so if you're one of those people wake up about a minute ago. You. Optical out yes I'm talking about the evil that just wanna fly with they're all writing that that's it yet there's nothing wrong with them Philly. It did like why am having you think yet yardage move a pressurized air 30000. Feet above the ground no. You have anxiety and that that. Do you believe that I don't believe that okay like it is automatically but yeah yeah like that like that's why you have eggs ideally we all. Having that idea and have violet light please Google the my dog called. It's okay well okay all right so you have a therapy dog difficulties. If that's the case. Sticky orange vest on the on the therapy to war. OK I wanna be if there be midget a flat rate. Hey people like you do you get on the plane. Adams Tennessee it's a moment is like scratch the back my head and leg don't know it's my therapy or making any comments make him happy as I'd element comedian for God's sake that's literally what my job is to make people happy. December 2 job reading it reflects the city's performance has. You get paid for that yes replied yes they're they're they're committed some people's second jobs they want to become like Rupert drivers are just going to be. And play in the out there Libya apparently deliberately all the other people on the flight at feet. But it at AA when they give me the peanuts and analysts all's mind my hands. You know it'd that's going to be adorable and get on intercom duels then. Absolutely. They give Frontieres southwest united somebody on this tonight. There's I it. Listen it's kind of trained dogs they really always for an all this stuff wasn't there was barking he was going nuts of course going nuts. It looks at regular yes it looks at the windows goes holy (%expletive) I just have to be that highlight of course it's freaking out like your non. You're not disabled you don't need that thug union just wanna fly with beans right now that's if you did you get there will be meetings at home. So that was great of a week if it was with the Broncos won championships and oh shot showed some showtime special I did my six of them and get a birthday. I did turn right there 32 which is like 78 war in effect though. That the map that EA EA as good as there are no words and it was great so I had my birthday party essentially. Shooting my next special. Bain. You Yan showtime was fantastic. The leaders of Los Angeles. In the summer and now the challenges they edit. We've done together right don't hold our materialize. That's talent a lot like what you'd separate special like that how long does it may well take direct. It took me. From my first showed some special funds which is still hear the crap great. It took me of a little less than year. To write the new hour. And the thing is is. Thanks so Louie CK that's good everyone kind of expects now I was like OK so what I see you next few of the brave new hour materially. Hard disk it's really. You either right now or material of good material place those. I don't know Obama to be it would keep that pace up to them. But it's just I if you would have to be is I don't want someone. To see my special. Wanna see you live in Lucy Liu it's exact same hours she saw on TV so like I'm already. Try to write stuff attorney there. In the yeah yeah I suggest this is my preached on the Colorado. She can be coming. Levees in the rose like like glass absolutely is yes but I don't part of it won't mean look it it has been so many albums that have been record record company words and specials to write notes you wrote rock and I. It yet and those without him which is. Still the best of the country you ask you ask any company that. These are important to him good as well it is it's it's up there. So yeah people would never be partners will. But there comedy it means we'll tell me well so I'll I'll look shoes back I think there was obviously that my next special athlete. I don't care you know I guarantee you that that's what I'm talking about yeah I don't know if indeed. What's the fear here at the Paramount yet we're where I think billing we'll is that. This week it's funny as I'm some leeway right now so well in man. My father please call the believable and so they've played AD EP startling all of them because it's. He they're both members of the accounts of the white. Q god you'll you'll go way I could be wider that I was wearing injury to pump it's my slot that does not let the app my dad in bill involvement with him. Club in my don't want them to have one day instantly gamers have to be in paying your bill here's at all times a day of comic like break. They know let them read William and remember. Like bill despite her dad but bill will look to my deadly wave. Yours and rev Williams lake is my dad's hall. But definitely people don't realize that about my parents like his blustery day where your mom and dad from Indian music guardian if I had a and now weather problems though. But my legs of fill it lifted my guys that who or use his dad's leg. Was it did did did excellently. Chip a ball off the unit let in some radioactive waste that it just became a human league. CN they play golf together so through just to see them. Users change their stores there my dad in him it craps on the corner yeah you know. Date date authorities he had Dave Dave Dave Dave played bodes the and yet they broke bones no bones are you can have that story up whenever you want tiger so yeah I can't instill in people that know my dad. Regulate apps doing right now I'd come from the played as they relate. We'd like Leave It to Beaver. Is ghetto right pair of my family though if it's true that. We got Brad Williams music comedy works landmark ability to get to come to work stock comp every August that it would house in Troy new. Every single time you have some ridiculous story the only really did is anything happened in the last year's BC news. Were. Along light. I'd bet. So. Airport so I've read about them that it that it could they. Where. My guys to. Your post that those. Stay the hell away from my years older equipment and Casey your lap because you know your own talking about it there's limitless in LA what we have clear of yet in every bathroom because he's yet dates those two year old that we have always ones would held out there and that is. Mine rides my eight year old I don't care what you say has observed from being war possibly your bio fuel that Zachary. Or maybe you're meant to put these guys all okay so I go to bat and there's always open journals. All these opening holes it's a cornucopia. And then. Is IE. It certainly when you're analyst being taken out it is between Owen might accounting behind the guy and I'm like dude it's like to war I needed right behind him. Other people walking in the bath in the AC Moore dancing right trying to get it to him casting a spell lot of resentment that is dead. I did at the moment where it couldn't take anymore is three gambling. Turn around and he sees it does that actually these turnaround season Venus goes no freaking way LA LA did. They all those missing this doubtless there lion logo and let cool wanna get away layer like lately though is it. College is the guy really I was I was nine days you'd user that are happening in survivor of the bat him when he. All tables figured using my hero idol hopeful. Able to hold the line oh. Seven foot tall guy I can't use the big here all day. We do it enough Eagles could they be able to do that it plays the big you know I I gotta be like peas shut it off each. And I'll let other jumping up and down. Again. I want it views. That much yet. So that is that that's pride in my days at prime ridiculous story that it happens and it is. I always have these. Or eat the edges but her. All on the rock ledges crews and that's the part of the lead on the on the Rutledge screws. With the stuff that certificate of on the island of answer. The they can talk about their airport that's named after one of the founding politics. Like this and it was the greatest. Politicians did at all an island like their version. So he kept talking about it. And in this that is our airport is named after. Awesome video yes. In this now means airport after. Ten years after three died in a plane crash NATO. You name it airport up. Eat I don't play eyes and you enable all Laker you wake. When nothing. Though if that happened all of us like we all got something named after us believe that way you died late I would probably or house name named after me grind yet Atlantic and because that lately it would now be called the Lamar Odom bunny ranch late Tuesday that like that's it would be well so although I think it's progress the meaning airport as opposed name. Specifically in yet and it never wannabe know would go yeah yeah it's like if if they mean something Ritchie Valens played him. Do you view like no. Again until this is big upper air no no that's not gonna do it. Do it. Great picture there rattling uses common works landmark village tickets are common words that come what's next what's next for me is. Well. Movie coming out. Summer it's a premium Netflix. I can I get a Christopher Guest. You might know him as he does all the improvised movies. Mighty wind best show we government. The Spinal Tap at all. So it was it was an improvised movies well mascots. I've played a mascot called the worm. Where they have the mascot competition. That would. Check this moment off like her but I got to a revised. As seen with the Brentwood. Yet victory Fred Willard. You wearing orange outfit what was happening. You know what did it it's the theme I've tried to get something up behind shelved. It is here's a Pittsburgh as threats like in the see if it's an improvised moved alliance. ED just said okay. Is seen Freddy and myself Fred. Trying to help and and by the candidate. Future because as coach and that's all that that that's all we behalf. And ages ago and it was so much on his proposed changes. The young kids Mina witnessed name. Those direct TV commercials that are airing right now if you like you guys like this is going to be blood clot firing everybody anyway. That's him. And but he is career as it has an improvised resistance so loved it that was not proved that so. My special and that we amassed just becoming in the summer. And you'll see in the movie atlas I got an out of it that have been for America at which is the possibility that it that it deadly possibility veteran was great. Roads you. Both funny. That he. Yet yet he would be part that you're telling everyone like I'm in funny people it's going to be great yes that's the purpose for pretty steep for a job. Just a you know and he is like I've been funny people it's going to be on main thing and then do so often that people react so Bhutto it is. I've family and yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah so Ugly Betty was still super chip currency Alia it is it's something that's happening before lake. I was as municipal commercial. Three years ago. Look at life. Some place poetry Hoover's or or that Arnold. We're there altered. Is Bud Light that they shot as commercially that was really great. It's it's this commercial where. These people are coming to party. It. Well while I'm really. Really like called on new book outlawed. Fieldhouse goes Portland. Be dressed blog know come to life. It running for a little while light in the backyard. Runoff. It was very funny commercial. They told us simple this is the Super Bowl. Yet so I told everyone asleep were all watching people like all right. Would rate is going to be and it never happened. Like Emerson goes gas. Yeah progressing to the best one they ended up playing late reads. Or Fiat and Opel which nobody wants. That it was via rattling towns which would. Need. Right does it well in eight years he replied I would look to our whole relate. Hopefully build two weeks. Of the Super Bowl I'm in Denver this week on the op you know we in the next week to week of miserable. I mean all hot hot. Hot hot which by the way I look at that it your airport. Every flight that goes on as the explanation point and it is awesome I love that so late it's really. It's just that you like that's why did DPP's apps this ends. That is that this global. We rooting hard rock. On rules of order or difficult game lawsuits. Super Bowl Sunday yeah so that art today though that the game and keep getting ready for the B game and it's. Simple but that's the championship yet the big championship. Setup it's the soup of the day obstacle. Them not to do that and it. And in street course like yeah all right well good that you make time for us I was glad he's he's locked it's gonna give us the winds got goes in this week it act comedy awards. UT's economy works dot com. I it would.