Brad Williams Interview

Thursday, January 4th

Brad Williams Interview with Comedy 1031's Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works South and we make our case for John Elway to make it out to one of his shows this weekend! 

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There's never solve today's comedy comedy or a 31 it is big might accept the kick off 20088. Right with a great friend to comedy won a 31 he helped to celebrate. Our fifth birthday last year and he's not gonna be here this week and it comedy works out glamour like to welcome back brown Williams was a man. Yeah 08. So so good to be back I love the station had a great time at the fifth anniversary show that last note. I wanna thank you again because yeah we was our fifth birthday we wanted that. It would do some big when I found out that you you'd be able to come celebrate with a smells like yes hell yes let our announcement. And then the show was I mean this show was phenomenal. And I and everybody was laughing a lot of the the people that are opening up for Hewlett. Best as we've had you know it was a great at a comedy. Always win when you get all those pure comedy fans in the audience and not the people who just wandered in with likely Iowa when I have to bite you Drake I don't understand. Why is quietly talking about my specific topic and only hive mind body. Goes in broad comedy fans already tutoring speed by the time they got him exactly the I get a ID kit Kat tackler. Last week the buffalo and I get what you miserable buffalo I don't understand he should be added teams and plans of Britain's seventeen years. I I did I'd kicker in this case she was just there for years it was amateur night and I said one thing that she didn't like in the news it's like not. It's weird to used to beaches now I'd go that's crappy thing that comic said well I'll I'll wait for the next joke. Now it's like your life Easton and UD did die in front of your parents lately. And. The world has changed a little bit. Your right. Anybody's batting with comedians actors politics everybody now I mean if you say one thing you can have. Then everybody all over you yen one person's. And I'm always like what you want. I'm always amazed when people want the dwarf stars it's later Iliad and that kind of enough to go to chemed overcome everything else and live my life. I'm Bieber don't give that man and a dwarf insults them because like when when rich white guy insulting you like his life with so much better than mine but there and irons all you like. Have at school. It's 20088 seniors you're no longer exempt sorry dad no kidding I did nods but like the most part everyone's pretty good pretty happy at at my shows is no one's really anti dwarf the now way. Runs like out of countries divided it's like. And we disagree at a couple thing sure but yeah overall everyone's kind of broad dwarfed by a gunman shows there that'd be black white gay straight man woman red state blue state all the state helping the same thing. All but it's also it's probably like trump on election night you would admit if you were anti war. There are probably don't say an ally. I had I had no no one's made in those speeches like these gloves are coming in there they're taking our jobs we get we gotta build higher curb jail in I don't their arm books Lieberman was it applause dvds it's business it's no it's not good exactly led out of all as. Cause upbeat come back to Denver. As well as Obama's favorite cities. I'm walking here rule next skip the step for multiple reasons why I just met Steve out water. And the Broncos I'm really excited about that really happy also I'm really happy December is done so now I can go back to the malls again. That's not a good time bid orbit no morals and won this guy grabs melee. That it busier at a manager grab me like be like where your ear it's. Like how it did not me and I'm not but it up I also want the winners moments ever. I went to a mall. Do some shopping for Christmas in Nassau another dwarf but he was doing in the malls and think he was an elf. And when we locked dies and the look of shame. On his face is staring having us all man he's Sami and light if you're reminded me of remind me of one of those Sara McLaughlin ASPCA a matters so yes. I have expect the in the background is that in the it didn't tear her down not my eyes are solid look at and his opponent like you son of a let it win. It be that mad kids I've done that before lay almost every door was done one of those Diggs has sometimes you need money. Sometimes sort of waves a lot of money in his beard but dissolve guys' team on nearly happy GAAP all right will. And I mean you have to be honest you know somebody I really couldn't all Aussie got to do it just as you and it's a gets say about it. I mean thankfully I got a little monies. Do it anymore. The trust me I still own my leopard got out of it I doubt warfare it's buried in my basement John wick style. I love my one time there was not enough money yet tickets LED's in the basement is late breaking out leg. I'll do it or law and more jobs but you know and I don't know open has no times. Now I got I and that's the Golan and I'm tome pointed jokes and travel in the country coming won't come brought him a favorite city can't do that in the day must. If you if you can get up 2008 saint with a man for first weekend at 2008. I was over here. I'll oh start the year right I want relay is 2018. I'm going to demolish that. That. Not a fun one and I IA I'd like DeMulling but it it's not Denver not to that's not him it's like saying like. I'd de Moines is like. At the end deny it the barbers to Iran easier for you like Daschle do. It's fly boy you know I have you know really wanna make this week especially we got Travis have is that we have Brad Williams is going to be and how it works out landmark this weekend guy eats its. Tom York stock com -- now anybody who's ever listen here in the states in the past nobody follows when it's Graham they know you're you're not yet to say this is in town you're legitimate Denver. Bronco has land I've long I've. Fans yet that that went to school though way and Stanford's we won he won his kids to support a Stanford. A Stanford football the rest is different let football team and said that in two options either AB Broncos fan with Elway or BB a raiders fan which implanted and I wasn't born with a neck tattoo itself I'm not I'm not a raiders fans. Oh on the lifelong Broncos fans of the fact that which players can match shows like this at some big names can be yourself. Rod Smith Ed McCaffery Mark Jackson and I I just thought misty that water and looks arteries an income of if. Armed and well one guy who hasn't come to your shows did John Elway well as far as you're aware. He would know I would know I got. Piazza below navigate our problem I've got John dark guy. And I know I've feel that I feel a presence in the force now I'm not saying I'm all ons out no matter of him like that but I it is really one to come does. If TV shows up John. Oh you have not had a good week you know John always been it's been it not a do we just it's been a busy week you've had a lot of decisions to make right abatement stressed out this rank and just so you know it's a known fact that laughter releases and Dorfman that it's a stress reliever I think. Comedy this weekend and you might as well go watch somebody who's that a big fan of yours. This is my opinion. I'll tell you what John if you show up to the shows. You're gonna see you dwarf cried tears tears joystick didn't you like. And dwarves tears can cure many diseases. How are you know that by the door to door tears can cheered many diseases and if you ingest enough of them you do you three wishes so. Really jolly help he'll help keel happy we do it isn't good. I did ASPCA aids song of the background like. That you would spell yeah. Yet there at all my guys like I don't get starstruck too often but it is it though were never sure there's. Comedies out there by the news everybody knows somebody that knows somebody who knows John Elway and sixty days. Has. In exactly like his his former coworkers might even be there anyway summing it he misses the mrs. rod out when somebody I mean. Now why it'd be great and like pretty much stick counts as your charity John come out you had been more comedy show you know no I mean yeah. I'm 3030 right now but that's like 72 indoor things and you don't know how long is gonna last seed I come out and get in AA and give the man is wish you got draft season come out we need some good karma in your life didn't end. And to make the glow of happy he hit three wishes he's done was number one that Peyton Manning circuit of four years ago comes block of the of that dollar. The used are probably the second which would be for an ally in. On LA I don't know. I've I don't know. It Ike is now he's gonna look like a bad errors in the lead of the on the show I John hello John how it will be a ridiculous heat terrible person in not so the real thing is I don't even know 55 him he'll be if at a job that way I can I go up till this weekend. I will still work I am and this is not as not a joke. On. I've been married now for months and we were talking about possibility of kids. If I have a daughter we decided to name the name will be a way out that that is already. And I bet a better than them and John I guess yes. I feel a little bit yet we that we would that we try to go LA or Shane and so it. You know I mean anybody gave him leaving them alert. UT EU it's in order bat doesn't do whatever it Shanahan preset steakhouse. But he gives Johns listening oil Wednesday against that's who went to it and as I'm trying to suck ups on his allies somebody knows that did do one night just to get him out commodore some experience Agassi. So for realtor about it too though it was everybody even if you're not John Elway to. I am I doesn't crazy fans that come. One. The that the die hard bronco fans like comes every game with a face pain in the helmet that in the shoulder pads. And he came out to a show and leg was where he came out in the full Broncos gear so it was just like. You see here. I'll be able address normally these days in the crash you're using his Orange Bowl to soldier. He looks like he's from a pop apocalyptic movie and that doubt I was pretty awesome now now want the orange cousin it got to show up or there. Our fifth birthday guys notably big BW chain. Brad lawyers say and that's all I am bringing Whitney I still have that ain't Alabama that was awesome balls like he was wearing a whole night of my one of the skyward channels all of breasts and it watching bratwurst and VW. There it was great this is some of the best comedy fans. It in the nation. Yet we had some good weather I'm fine with this whether it's fun out now us know on the ground like a set out I was in buffalo last week knows that doing all it's only afoot to have the snow it's -- yet dangerous. Four feet tall so my trip and fall I died got by historical. Just to kind of walk around and warm people ABC historical to go abuzz no start digging have a lot of time left. All last week different Ayers it was cold that the week it was very frigid soak into warm this weekend. Great weekend for comedy the rattle Roy is one of our best Dresser comedy we wanna thank you realize that it's a commodore south. It's it's a comedy works dot com on the IDs and tickets at the door I say get him right now fort sells out. Was this clearly shows is already sold out so. Yeah years to go fast you know even now rattling as it might take some judgment thanks guys got one at one.