Broken Lizard's Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme Interview

Thursday, June 7th

Broken Lizard's Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme stopped by the Comedy 103.1 studios this morning to talk chicken wings and movies with our very own Allie Hartwick.

Check out their two-man live show at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square June 8th-10th. Visit or call 303-595-3637 for tickets!

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Allie her quick talking with the attorney in Steve let me from broken lizard and ice and an important question for me even the best wings buffalo that's placing buffalo game he's gay. That's investment in the city of Buffalo News that our daily Sarah okay can you ever done an. Yeah that's relentless and she's from buffalo I don't know I know now I hear Hannity and sound guy's eye and talking with Kevin Everett and in Steve Miami about wings though we should be talking about. Your upcoming performance is a comedy works downtown news that's why you're here you're like such a professional Dina. I got. I try to ask did you ever. Yes I am so glad I have ever recorded Imus and it's my costs I have to. You know what you were real gift for segments that. Yeah that's Segway in the business and also a sideways yeah can't miss practice is my dog at home are you get yeah he's great he's really talented. It's awesome I'm nominee here let me get back to tell us I gotta get this shows you shows. Com source slammer squared yet won tonight on Thursday at 2 o'clock two on Friday to a Saturday at 73945. Via. We Bittermann a month the fifth time I think our first time just for a couple months ago I do here by uploading super troopers too soon. Through a delay a screening. And then we did like a little. You know press tour thing and and. Moved up most of originally set however on for the most part nice guys are part broken lies Larry I. Super troopers is let brought. You to my knowledge and I think that's chemistry. Yeah and the beer fest was another big hit for us which actually I just watched recent late and did not recognize you at all eyes that they are. Acting yeah it's funny is when I just wakes actually no no because that was an that was mayor Mike we perm my hair and Shane Shane stat three inches of male pattern bonus in my four and every deck the only time in his life. Yet it was actually not granite and I mean you should've gotten the house care sheriff Harry and that's a transformational sort of talking about this is what I'm talking about like any. Actor who's ever transform themselves the way I did like de Niro in raging bull Charlie's era they win the Oscar their shoe that Sean Penn Sean Penn that's remodel that after Carly does where Sean Penn for. Damon give me a look. Really yes and people the people cut off to a country all the time like I didn't recognize we actually went to our creed issued beer fest. A dude came up to us in a bowling Alley a strike like I'm one of our first nights there and hit a pitcher of beer and five glass says. Music I just have to drink with you guys and huge two pictures send loved club dread I gotta party with you guys. Before at the five Beers handed out four to these guys in the fifth phone was from south and so is toast himself toast everybody I was like oh ho hum. How about meeting music yeah okay body and then Mike app app as I know I'm I'm my actually the fifth. Broken lizard guys I guess tea okay buddy. And then I was diagnoses C I played Mack in sir Richard Reeves again okay I'm trying to drink with these guys at and. It's like copyright indeed be patient like look it's me if you promise circle he wouldn't blame it on these guys try to right now it's embarrassing him out yet. There are cutting used to ask yourself and beer fast yet to play T care I. I did I'd pay twice. Seattle now. Let's just that's always a hard thing to do I not what was your technique in night into guess to our Jersey these eccentric and what does a finding is that you know we are remark and the twin thing yes like. And I'm a twin for like really immature and like two seconds. And I might just call me by the same name beats and yet that's cool. Yeah it was it was a very well constructed plot twist this wall was too it was a thing where we made a joke about it as. But how does he go develop these movies with the movie studios and they wanna hit certain beats. And and there's always a time in a movie called into the second act. When you write a low point you to rise up and we you know a low point beer fast and we were Joseph Crowley will be funny when it was died when I was died in beer for us to be pretty funny. But there we realize the guy that couldn't be in the last part of the movie somehow we dialed in the same guy back in next seat. We pitched his studio and they thought it was the dumbest thing in the war they hated that idea and then ultimately we did it in the name. It sooner like still Popper a lot intermediate track. Finally scientists would just cheating retreat. I'm sure I'm doing what everyone does and just talks about super troopers and their fast but your comedy I mean people are gonna come see you for that. How is it different or what can people expect and we just gonna get highlights human. So none I mean we've that we actually we just finished filming our our third comedy special status so we're we're professionals at that tuna. No you know we do a little of everything you know we come out together. Maybe play game at the audience and and Kevin does like 25 minutes of stand up. Then come back out we do to men and we that's from we'll do like a behind the scenes. The historian and I think tonight we're gonna talk about the making of super troopers to account and I have a little intimate scenes. And Powell house at all and yet says this is spec says it's now. It's romantic dramatic moment between us which is surprising yeah I think is what you wanna be and then Kevin you know he he he pounds himself off the stage and ID 25 minutes of of whereas a standard. Standup comedy I mean Mike unites us that format but it's excellent. What did so now you I was on the cents yeah I am coming militia. I Arthur group consider it this way she's not at Windsor she's not the best DJ in the pocket now all right so my coming and doing it again Saturday I'll try. Ahmed CC games of the audience but it wouldn't that came slam. Kind of drinking related games a caddy the last are we through here you know we just chugging with the audience we've had audience members up. You know sexy peachy eating contest when did we audience yen and a few on the sexy peach eating contest you two in a walk on part in our next movie right. Which was the sequel to to beer fest which is you know I mean. As fast as low risk I'd be out sex fast yeah act. I mean in just good times and it sounds like it's almost you bring people that audience that's yet. C hasn't been working together since college she toured together you stand a specialty energy for kitchen sink at each other moon like a. But on Thursday we'll find Newtown have a great time we'll talk catch up whatever it is. By Sunday were sitting on opposite ends of the plane we walk the airport we don't talk to each other is done so heinous act. Well because it happens early it's a site like today you know we've done that we've been doing the radio tour and we're we're you want radio station and Kevin who's always like. Reminding me to speak into the Mike he just wouldn't speak into the Mac app and then I I shamed them to the to the DJ is a put the Mike in front of his face I said something about it. They made fun of them. He kept. Still not talking into the Mike chair when he engages them is my mouth yeah I do I want my mouth that was bothering me so it's. You know it started early but ready like I think when we drive home so the macondo there were staying after that this radio appearance I won't be talking to our. Paint the outside is sleazy talk to each other here yet and I they had. Yeah Yang as long as we act as if we like we saved the magic for the stage I can tell this is spend a little magical after we finish just looked like yes that c'mon let's get some going to let out. Okay all right let's get some zip gun back back back stamina Canas if they got. Again and a and Kevin and actually we just. Who we shot a TV pilot that Scott picked up. To a series we got a TV series agreement on true TV it's called to Coleman SD. And now we are playing firefighters in the US city in the country so we don't really fight too many fires. We fight boredom so you're stretching ourselves and it sounds radically different from say we are pitched it as she richer is in a Firestone does army linger the mustache and really staying in the lane he enemy saying Elaine yeah and write what you know error you know. Obviously I'll take Kevin Everett then and Steve whammy they are going to BS comedy works downtown in Latimer square until Saturday. Mom stuck on nineteen and I'm might consider it but yeah my heels doesn't last a geared YouTube laughs T two less guaranteed yeah okay. They think they've got wings their terror and now he can order just latter's I swings into lasts all do it. While they listen in on the stairs as if that's the best you can get he's taken. I baser dining has guys thank you thank you.