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Friday, March 4th

Carlos Mencia stopped by the Comedy 103.1 studios with Big Mic to talk about his show tonight The Latin Comedy Jam at the Paramount Theatre!  They also talk the upcoming election, his start in comedy and more! 

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Dev result for today's comedy comedy what a 31 it's big Mike excited to get this may well tonight is its united Paramount theater for the land comedy jam he's the man. Behind what a comedy central's the biggest most successful shows mind of man Mike Messina that doesn't know given away. We have caused as. Eric's. House. And I'm getting them get I've been away from. Dandruff or wait two months before year's broad sport works for torturous years back yeah well it was it was. Yeah here's the thing. I. Work. Load of him props outside of Denver lie in the deal that I get there is is is ridiculous deal because I'm. But one of the first guys it really. Had the ability to to. Big concerts but I would I would still do comedy clubs if I could if I could put a comical is that the theater. I'd rather to a club I just love that environment intimated so it says so they took care of me so when they open the one appeared. They were like perform at a club on like numb economy works. When he's been taken care me forever scores. And they're like way oh. You can't do our club and not ours and I had to risk wanna back wanna bet no you can't go because of all the work. So like you know I mean. Addict Alec thirty clubs and perform all of them. One top. Those lovely. Like I can't do it again I Campbell nighter you the politics of common. I know dude it's all bad though we didn't know that I would physics I was I was truckloads that I don't have to bear. Similar build a wall between you two clubs out there make it gently bigger bank but I would have gotten exe is the building as answer. They say they've as a test is more a case actually. Everything adds up to exit the Edward Lucas Black motorist. It's so bad dude this is all races is ridiculous broad it is unbelievable I mean as a comedian. As an American it it's embarrassing as a comedian I really want Bernie Sanders to win the nomination and Donald Trump. On the one hats for. This generation of people that download free music download free content. Think recall it what's the deal which you don't understand is. Countries that have free college and free healthcare usually between sixty to 80% in income taxes. So. It that much. Like the things that everybody out there you. We're. Are. Reasonable checked out to Google hospital for free. You have that first saw it break everybody. Your. Body in the you know we got it says he's advocate Mexico. To paper the war. Dial. It. Yeah magical has a pilot actually had to go with that war. While we're waiting of where people call when he got a bit like a mining law. And every time though talks back. Actually. Those. Speedy back. I don't read shirts to grow the kkk. You need to research. It's the white group of Mexican local game day. What what lies that's not. Quite get it. We questions. Make equipped. Our argument is about asking questions. Which branch it is maybe it's a more progressive. It's like outfits yeah that's of don't know. It. Enemies that we don't. Like the I. Because I've quite seen as. A that's like this seems like. Content for the media note people you know it is. What. It actually happens is in the actual. The actual content what you're talking about there's something that is and that's. What kind of country we lose. Where these two candidates possible. On the one hand. It is bullet meals who have gotten everything free their line. Never see their parents really work. They have pretty decent job. And Rory you'll see your parents struggle. You see it feels like everything comes easy. Gain in that album when it was night stands with you about those rip off yet you out over the odd at all. Seoul wants them will be for free you know all that stuff. So I don't know that the real world so but he has a port in our government. Is. Entity it's you or any. We hold that much money so that the government Google you all that much money. That's almost as a matter of fact for anybody yet there was interest in what your debt is American and ignore your credit card ignore everything. Tate the trillions of dollars that we oh did bite it like 330. Million. That's. The population in America would ever know where you can always. That's how much you always an American arts so. As to what you see. There's a Chinese dialects and they're settling views with you the answer this or that told me. Don't look at number I don't. Most Americans ignored it. And how can people be at its off idols for people who believed to. Purchase bad. There beyond. Their ability to even want. To. Like I. Mean I don't go there. This is like you really believe this happened and it like. Think about it that way. It's just right now yet I want is. Actually want. Them like so. That's of these where the real slope that emotion because emotions to. Most news by Heatley and if you can find ways to miss with add emotion. You give it hundreds of jokes as opposed to what Donald Trump jokes and ruby. Now you don't even have to. You can just talk about that it was. Out. In the united go with I'm mad like you or. Would agree with your. World. Want just to Europe and asked for ice and see him reach out is if you're asking for king went on Mars. That's how bad it is in other countries that's not. It's not a matter. It's not a it's still. It's our country. And they're power went out and the entire country own country it's like a district a city or to the entire country. It's like note bright but he said it's a little bit of debt under appreciated is not no not really. Realize he's not listed on the planet that max's drinking one now look at on our worst day we have Flint, Michigan. That's our worst game. What if that water was in the middle of Africa. It would be made me dream to. Sweep would be but we. Let him. And now what's it like dude got water might kill you but if we don't drink it. We will definitely. We have. But. It's. We have built. And when you when you aren't so to speak it's hard because. One thing that's great about America is that we wanna make you center that's awesome. But this whole theory at America's broken a nice guy out there a better. If I want to the Republican debate. And I wanted to come this country I would be equally I don't want to put that content. Because it's broke. We've got to get back from the black guy like Obama. But it's not universal he acts like keeping like she needed to open Obama there. Right. Here's the problem what we don't understand is we'll have universal health care if you'll go to would you are in the United States of America. They have to take care that they can't say you don't observe it get out that the way to a and that's the worst doubles is that health care the problem is. Idiots that don't have insurance are the ones did foolish it is being asked. Don't look it up by a hospital with two broken legs and I heard I strategy upfront route it will. That might or stress that my friends like you connect yet. So I was done I read on. It's ridiculous it is utterly ridiculous we. Have Carlos missed his studio was here tonight by the way you did note that the Paramount theatre. Is that Latin college getting tickets comedy awards one dot com get them like him because it will that was a sellout yet there's no logic is that all right so it's almost gone give them tell everybody about that so many exit of four years that you've been here you back here in Colorado. Been forty years since I've been here and I won it I want it to get away from the business for awhile wanted to get grinding. I felt like. For me personally. My emergency was huge success humans being and I just kind of step away from it because. I realized that if it was I was watching TV yesterday and I saw myself for the show that I don't remember. Being not. I literally. Do not remember being on the episode of mad TV. But remember like. Help when they happen and I realized wow that time went so fast for me. I literally beat the groundless because my company started becoming. Kathy Griffin and I loved what she does. I'm not knocking her comedy. Is not what I wanna do I want I want it to stories about the Jonas Brothers and go on at a party and I don't think I wanna be grounded. In real stuff and I and I had to kind of step away from that. To ground myself took to get myself ready for the next. You know phase in the career it's great comics. Have. 34 or five phases we kind of only ten to remember one or two. But if you look at guys like. Prior guys like Carly you go wave back they were just joke tellers. What did it like Carla was just a joke joke added I think that little weird seventies. Game he became very like them to with the geared up being surveyed Kate. And so there lies and and every time he transition and he lost he lost he and when he came back. Gain more. And it's dad being so for me it was like okay. I want the next phase to not be. The scene fades I wanna be able to be in the moment better to grow to talk. Take the time into it instead the way for a minute what what happened was I got full and but he was like man I'm doing the show is going to be part of moment. It finally get to places like you don't want them down let's let's do this and he goes I've been doing this is a little comedy jam we could promote you just USA. Let's keep let's keep as little comedy jam that health policy at some young comics of OpenId comics always have so let's bring a couple of young comics. They opened the show peaked at four home to forty minutes I come on. I do an hour and a half now 42 or killer show. Where did develop so it's awesome let's get excellent and so that's that's the format of the show so we're doing one year which one of Pueblo and then we have like twenty or thirty setup for the rest of the years ago or some of the guys on. Tonight. Tonight there's only one I didn't know I daybook the other two guys and they're they're they're. There's deep in my mind put the one kid I've debris on the road is named as Siskel Durant he's really really funny Dominican kid from. From Miami that I've found and guys like I go on the country find somebody. Yes so he's really connected gonna move there is giving drew Landry that's Iraqis. He's a can of kind of work wit there's a kid named Abigail belt while he's in the midwest he's actually kind of ready to he's really great writer really funny good performer. And then there's this young young kid from New York area his name is Kevin them brows ski. And so those are the guys like I rotated kind of work with so I can't wait to like about but I mean I did my openers. I'm littered with guys that. You know I've been these of the world Kabul difference is those of the world that Joseph poise of the world Brad Williams of the world goes on and on mean. Those two guys that when I brought him nobody knew they were product on the road for you know geared to a reasonable. And it's blowing up and it's it's so cool to look back and say wow. Wow okay. And ask goalie can you give that back does that mean you had such great success yeah arguments the show it's been like ten years that show. Kicked off for first guy that beautiful six people that maybe that were introduced you via that's show right you can to a stand up much longer than the US had about thirty years ago almost thirty years of going on thirty no idea how to start like what got started into instead of what. There were funny guy and that's why I learn how to be funny but it's the switch from me and the normal funny guy that Lan. A intellectual. Philosopher. I'm very very very. Emotionally spiritually mentally. He's. Like you know it's. And what happened was I would tell my friends that you believe this stupid person did this thing I would target audience literally trying to be like. And you believe this was like can you it was literally. Anger right like that's why if you watched mice and in the first winning years. Angry because of that. Income from. Which you. That's. Changed so the past few years I've gone from. I'm mad at you can't believe it is I'm from the east LA I was born in under unapproved use. Words whatever it is. True. Okay this is this is like. My strong as local Socrates shares. Well. It's just the world hugely. Lot of idiots Smart people in a lot of people in the middle everybody's played. This marks like at its height you know all that's the fight that we work. Ever since the existence. It's it's it's. When we went from what you know that. To its creative village here. What do we do. With that one idiot that can't at. That right that question. What's in his plate demand from the don't that time. We do what bill that can't each of its anti China. We can't guy. So what do we do is make him a politician makes. And that that's the question what for me now I get I get that okay I'm just. A piece of this machinery. And I'm just here to keep balance. You know I mean it's angels and demons fighting its smarts and the stupid it just keep it just just try to keep it fair. Try to keep it's just you know on our side up on our side so that the battle is just doesn't get totally screwed up. You're seeing that balance play out in America that there. On on the right. They're angry and they don't care. They really don't care. On the left and they care enough. To still go we love you Bernie. A kind of not really so you're you're seeing that fight. On both sides and then we're gonna see the fight when those two candidates come together that's when you're gonna see who's gonna win. That of the moderate thinkers. Whatever you're on the right on the web as a matter or the crazy people would just itself. And that's to struggle. Yet so I'm just I don't see it in a better place. Exploding here and it was interesting. I was I was listening to myself in the game and has recorded signals that. Oh. Some of age stuff ever gone in yet it's on here than it was before. People matter what can now I think it's great pit. And it's one of the only times that we needed to do it normal money like that night of like apple when apple was talking about drop add titles on it. All that stuff. But this was after the sent Bernardin who shootings. And when it happened I remember thinking. Okay. This dude. Had a wanted. Who was willing to do anything within four the most AB. I've ever known of in the history of women's. And he wasted it. On a murder spree. This dude could've done every. Possible. Collegial. Thing with this woman you said galore out of being you wanna ski slope with a major with one arm. And she would have been like I'm down ride any. You're stating. US. I could do that night and so on that when I waited like three Nokia before I did it puts it it's. Gap with it but look at that when it's relatives you know it's like okay. Yes it's disgusting it's violent it was evil. We know that mark great. Let's talk about how dialed its shape was it would. It won't in the law like really really okay. And I said. These guys been together for that yet like that go back. She's like holes that. That you look at because you know I give you anything you want. That's why you don't understand that's what you didn't like the older vets down. At this morning over years. Ago I don't. It's. And it just all need all because all the additives and we may get my point. This is blowing. She was willing to do any pain is won't even think you'll be PJ brown. So opposites. But I hurdle all ills like. That. Just a few days after it does it I could have done that. Before. And and meet people and got me to walk away. I remember that. I would do that until today differently from what I remember. Nguyen and TWA. Flight leaving New York. Crashed. Like as it was taken off into the ocean. And I remember blaming the passengers. Because. The name of the pipe that was Kevorkian's. And the flight number was 5050. Us. Opel. Like it's. I would do that today. I would say by the way and I would never gotten on that flight. But 'cause the its name was born here and in it was like if you pay. Not taken any chance that. What other any other airlines flight and you know what it means let me put that I'm an. Idiot that got them like. And I remember I did it in New York the week. After it happened and that guy from college right now. Now got to select. Either dirt the tags notes bill Ottawa whatever he can't take a joke now like. Might it. That actually might have come to the club. Because he used it died in that light hoping. To get a little bit levity. It might. That's just like shall rule it. A bounce the bounced out of line out what. That would house I ought to do that today he'll make out without. Without. To actually make them. Because. Victims. That really was about Kevorkian's. So that's. So there's a way to do that without. You know it's out of it is kept in Kevorkian's ball low and welcome to split 5050. I'm obviously like tears I'm sorry but I am I the only. Day. That. Playing Air Force One down. Did exactly. Mean you're here tonight and it's it's there's only few tickets left leukemia comedy 131 dot com black comic and Carlos mansi. Wanna thank you make time was meant that exemption under them Macy's up there's always another.