Chad Daniels Talks To Comedy 1031 6/15/18

Friday, June 15th


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It's a highly her weight and this morning I had the excellent opportunity to sit down with Chad Daniels Teddy spent here. But Dane how you spend and her before asking nail right sure had I mean. We always stealing our cities constantly changing have you noticed any changes to ask you here until now well. I've never been this part of Celeste and I was here was downtown I was doing a podcast called Doug loves movies. Announcer at tech now I'm never gonna stand up and then very neat yet but my first time notice. Excite yeah and my senior trip we came to visit Winter Park. Place there was mud season. So we ended up playing wall ball you know that is now it's like racquet. It's a racquetball court with a volleyball net and a balloon volleyball. Made of the same stuff. Excuse me that racquet balls made of and you hit it against the wall so you can use the wall in volleyball but Wally ball. So is it just like knows break fast as I sooner since I. It was like 618. Year old boys out playing this thing so we got we're in the wall pretty hard years murdering each and we ended up going to the winter park high school play because there's nothing to do because it was months Jesus and so ridiculous why did you see I can't even remember. As well and well it was I was eighteen it was 100 years ago so that probably wasn't MM each quickie frown known under eighteen year. Ever took with me is I got a tattoo in Denver we made a trip to Denver and got a tattoo. And I was eighteen so of course I guy acts the Tasmanian devil might ash and I did see you on my back. And a guy that used to play for the Chicago Bears. He was a backup center is number 57 his nickname was Swede. He gave me the tattoo. Now. Promise side to Regis we went to a shop and you know we have no plans in my body got Wiley Coyote. OC like Q matching friends had to kind of here's where her aides and his like would you wanna do I don't know let's get something forever but not plans for. So that at least your eighteen I had got dissenting on my iron three weeks ago. I am 32 years old and I got striking to me and my friends matching tag team what does it was as well it's a planets. It's a Saturn why is that makes sense it's roughly 3030. Years are one year on Saturday brawl roughly thirty years old I was the ringleader of this whole. Well I said ringleader I get it because there's a ring around spring around Saturn are exactly you know is just layered really nail on the statement. So you actually you're be filming I special while you're here and there. That's awesome are you excited I'm. There exec the other shows are sold out for that and so it's. I'm really looking forward to it you know I was I was here Thursday and it was incredible and so as the shows are half as good as they were Thursday night I mean it'll be great. I mean things are so is getting better and so if you were good on Thursday by Saturday. Saying and a I'll be completely acclimated to the error on that while he goes yeah actually I just heard a statistic yesterday ears like a bit of information is this is gonna scare me you need to know that this sweet spot for acclamation is flake. One or she days there are. And banged knees start to get like all affected by elevation. And a week later Egypt that are similar to be hitting your slumped but its media get all like to leery en us and be really really get it but a I'll I tried yeah and that positive role when I wrote all these jokes it wasn't delirious so I don't know how that'll go about it you have to be in the same states performing. That's where when he. Well I'd like to be lucid tank when I'm going to be filming it forever. Call her for average eighteen. I mean to try weren't lucid throughout and that's very true. But that that as a reminder to arm make better choices out I don't like act like and a lot I so what can people expect if they are like in up to be part of Beers sold out show on Saturday there may be headed down two nights I'm. It's just you know it's it's people have heard me before they know I talk to my kids a lot you know sometimes I bring my kids on the road and all energies than it is. People at the show and it's like you've grown up in our house. It's amazing I've heard about you since you were two in the grab their cheeks and stuff like that it's going oh my god ash so it's up more stories about that and just kind of what's going on in the world and how I'm trying to guide navigate. An eighteen year old boy and a fourteen year old daughter. And an old man threw it all together so. I'll man that's that's not something in wanting a year praised foreign known for is being just really open and honest which is not easy to deal on stage and in a performance yes sometimes it's annoying my family members but really I was like are you tell everybody everything how do you do that. Like how he would. You navigate that is inevitably you're gonna make somebody angry that you told the secret Ayres story at eight well. With my kids they're the only issue I really care about that coming back. It gives me yeah I always ask them it's okay and I tell them exactly tournament say let them know why and saying. And then my daughter listen you know a couple things from us on and so these. That's lucky yet he was like. In my last album that 80% of the material was about him this is like go for it and he was that phase is like sixteen year old boys. I just would sit on the couch and realize all right let the comedy begins. Is awesome don't Connie Ari just observed it. And it's just how to you know. I don't know what I'm doing as a dad and I think if somebody goes I got it nailed there's such a wired. Up up up so it's just kind of right. You know my kids are goofy I'm trying to be a good dad sometimes fail miserably sometimes lucky discount like those stories. And so it. Your favorites effort. Interesting. Man and even known to be a smear melee yet no nothing at like six out so this is kind of been a fun ride the whole walker even the bad shows it's like well you learn a little something from parents. That's a positive thing I don't think I can ever again and staged bomb and it well I'm awful I'm just gonna click that was my retirement show yeah. There have been times have been in the city room like this is the last time I'll be here so graduates came. The worst is never doing it again and comedy and I'm sure that in Vancouver. There are great people there's no doubt about Merrill Canadian. But they. A lot of them grew up in between an ocean and a beautiful mountain. Right so they don't know what it's like to be real person we had several up there and it's site. So on the last show I was there I said. I hope that all your size and all your eye rolls eventually catch the wind and cause a tsunami to take his place. Residents are also lots. Really it's just a lot of like I. That. I had found my remaining college that was from Victoria so like the even more exclusive journey of air over and die each you're walking around Toronto while she is saying how this city is just so Krauss and her hometown they have hanging baskets from all of the light palace in the city is it down and with our other roommate who is from Bosnia and she is like. Not this city's pretty great and I don't one of the most interesting things that are really really spoiled yeah released. It's yeah it's gotten pretty absurd it's like in Seattle it's nicer weather and Kenyan health care. I I just was telling it just a random story ago gamma kids and I were walking arm. Towards this Asian families and the whole crowd went. And I go oh I'm sorry people can't be Asian that's injuries as. Well Howard you guys do acting like how. Taylor that being a comedienne and like the aids in the policy in an age where everything offends somebody. Bush for sure don't apologize. And then also on my kind of turn it on them and let them know. Lake's rice or if it's like Aaron a lot of times white people when you bring up different races will be elect. If it's a tense things like first of all they didn't ask for your help no one has asked for your help so please stop and that seems more racist when they need your help they don't. Totally it's so might save your account yet so real fan I've never done before oh really on. Almighty I died down an analyst Tynan literature out there on that state your complex. A lot of like damn you Stephen Oscar nominated movies lock in is basically in the leak or sign that Nicole Kidman plays like the ultimate light years. So I miss him and it's a million and yes obstacle I just watched people. In the three minute trailer. A minute of it was people make it down. Girls like them. Nice in Macon is slats is not unlike the players and seems weird call is not the worse when your on a plane and like a sex scene happens in every year watching you're like on these people think ME DT aunts and I hope nobody looks towards my screen. I had. Purchase the last season on two Roush hadn't watched via so as watching the first episode on a plane on my computer. And there's a pretty heavy sex scene early on on the beach and then this woman goes excuse me. Skews you from behind him outside are to my mind area excuse I don't really care to watch that. So can you and you turn that off OK no problem. And I put on the first episode of lost. During the plane crash the plane it's ripped apart. Turn my computer towards her and I was like this is much better at bat boxes. Did you utter it she actually wasn't watching anything that you and she was like eavesdropping on your. My computer. You wanna watch it don't take any more uncomfortable sort of using logic so I told you about her skills are not know why are we get this up a little bit. Mental midget that Staten. You're making your kids better able to deal with the world at large I hope so. Thanks Al Ted Daniels is a comedy works south tonight and tomorrow June 15 and sixteenth. Thanks for joining us this morning Chad.