Chad Prather Interview

Monday, March 6th

CNN labeled him the "Pickup Pundit" and he joins Steve Mudflap Mcgrew for the Friends in Safe Spaces Tour and stopped by with Big Mic to talk about it! 


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Is members over today's comedy comedy 1031 it's big Mike and his studio we have a man who tonight and tomorrow joins a Colorado zone Steve mud flap in the grew for the friends and save space historic come New York's we have Chad break there was a match. They might be you know how hard it is to do shows with Steve mud flap my group I mean how art is not only is a guy incredibly talented but he likes to tell you how talented who just FSA and that's just is a prima Donna he's a diva. Any just real needy needy man. Like that demand you appreciate how awesome is that he repeats in the election I appreciate that we we actually he was. He headlined a commodore through once for birthday party last year ratings as they. We did the show yesterday commodores who is an afternoon show is a full house for the afternoon on Sunday which great. And in. I was so funny I was so funny I mean I'd kill for 44 minutes and and Steve had come out there trying to out do it sold two hours later she's really felt good first few minutes after the worst elements of the tickets go exactly now that we had a great time yesterday and in course looking forward to the downtown club tonight in the will be back at landmark in the Mara Neitzel. It's is kind of an odd time of the week a gate but you know hate Monday that's when you need to land you left any day of the weekend was a weekend or Monday Wednesday or in the left and I like you said Monday is kind of when you try Neal left more than anything could exactly the weekends done a little depressed about that new apple typically I'm working on the weekends of Friday and Saturday and you know those were workdays from me technically a Monday or Tuesday is the day I'm taken off so this is technically am working on the weekend you working on his weekend and make -- let me -- -- don't appreciate that only through to bring you funny. It doesn't matter what part of town you're in a tonight he'll be economy works downtown right and the tomorrow you'll be right here coming works out and you know or what's been going with him well and adrenaline all over we we came off the tour last year quit some out of Fort Worth and in my buddy cowboy Bill Maher. And he and I toured together last year we did 35 cities with the kings of cow town very humble man kings of cal town comedy tour we had a hugely successful run. And that Steve did some shows Willis on match over Texas a and we just said let's do some things together as our schedules can fit in it and fortunately it has the speed is one of those guys he's comics comic. Any even just really makes me laugh and I enjoy ski. And you know we're like family at this point in league where I'd be in the in the says that he's always asking for money there but I know I doubt I'd get a good combination of great great fit and Steve and I haven't found what kind of open to do this thing in. Select cities all over the country there. Once called via friends in safe spaces where could you explain the title on people explain with a tours about yeah I don't know how Long Will stay as they would that title but I don't know what and we we were just kind of poking fun at some of the the protest the political proteins and stuff and Ed do we we just love having fun people's expense then that's what comedy is all about right of course so we we did that we're actually headed into a studio today we're gonna lay down some parody songs that we've done some of the little. Politically themed in just poking fun votes. Ash can't laugh at the world we live and and today miles lord of organ you gonna do crazy yesterday and yeah. So yeah we we did this and in he NI I I still would want called a show in united he's almost a parody of a country song. And so he and I were texting those words to each other in the exact same time they passed somewhere in cyberspace and text message land. And we said let's call it the friends and safe spaces showed new base of Garth brooks' friends in low places. AA and Louise of carelessness ago that if we both thought of it at the same time just go these tickets I mean you know we just gonna have decided about a week I think Steve had these dates on the books and so let's do something. Quick I had got a little time in March and he said. Welcome to Denver next week and says things and yeah anonymous and. You know CNN. Causing the pick up truck pundits. Of course there was the un apologetically southern video enemy to win borrow that it's like two point 72 point two million. Right now and that's that's a lot of folks look at the stuff I don't YouTube and so lazy YouTube guy I I have the apologetic the southern video on on. You to that then went crazy FaceBook is really where Ryan and I I have over 200 videos now that have been seen at least a million times in Serbia. Countless others in the high hundreds of pounds I have no idea what people watch and there are glad they are that was our thought about it ports remain. You know has created a career a number years ago called my wife on the phone. And I was at the gym wasn't in the gym is a huge difference and I would sit in the parking lot as the Baylor gonna quit my job was in the corporate world a miserable she's at that make you happy ending didn't go for most of the scrape some very quick. She's always you gotta do. And it's that it's time for me to just make a living Ambien myself in my life said was the street value and your personality that these days on a of course there wasn't one and so it a I was fortunate that lightning sort of struck with the social media videos because so there's some of the videos birdie out when he made his decision well no I think kind of came out on the Internet I'll blow I'd ride on the heels that assorted good travel television show. Which was comedy you know if we did we do we do travel all over the country demand mistreated music throw me out of airplanes and all the sweet stuff trying to kill me. I was trying to find a way to promote that show in that network and their videos were kind of born out of that and they just date took a life of their home and out ran even that you know the viewership for the show so there. That. You know we we actually sent conference from them that the television studio and and customize it and we need to do that would make life easier we just need to make a viral video. Like it would you know what we need to go in the lottery to the so I was fortunate. That would in two weeks of having that conversation and laughing about my first video win viral. And in I was able to do it over and over and over again that's that's the real mayor is the ability to continue to have that built the following him and lot of eyeballs on that stuff. The natural outflow was to do comedy of what to do comedy shows that it no. I am not that traditional comic bit spit the time in the trenches and I respect so many of these guys that I've admired for so long. Who did have done the clubs. Have dealt with the ups and the downs we I would straight to theaters and movies are due in theaters and and to be honest we did these shows here at comedy works is the first time I've ever done an actual cola. And so I was excited to be able to do it most guys like why in the world to be hospitals and you know as a fun experience for me. And we're continuing to book theaters cross country and have fun within. And fortunately because of the social media people see it. Andy and got a built in promotional machine and has been romance. When I imagine it's got to be awesome and you your tire pickup trucks now tax write off the unity that right I mean I met you just write that thing off but where exactly I write every effort at this point SO IRS is limited you read it you just rival. Most of your videos your party dropped a little bit to write off Baghdad us. Yeah right to be good to go everything. So if they've been it's where I put those videos out now and if I don't I I get a live feed video from the Condo a little while ago. And if people don't see anyone in the cowboy hat. And they'll see me sitting in the cab of the truck then is not a temperate the video it's not. It's not legitimate it's not genuine for a second Chalabi for people Gaza is gonna do to bring in you know. You got Iraq that deliberate and it got to have had in the is that they had onstage Narnia a pet yet because again it's it's it's. Is an outcrop of it's just it's just expression who really does not to bring to pick up on stage that we didn't win it we get a better stage comedy works we actually laughed about and some of the theaters we said we need to get a pickup truck and we need to cut the thing in half we just have there have been put it as the stage for a and I can just sit in the truck when I wanna do a two minute rant what does make that a funny part of the you know a bit and in nine get back out of the. Drive north limits for cars that subsidized farmers trucks already cut in half point guard to install accidental gun neighborhood exactly. Do they go. So what's next for humanity he got a tonight tomorrow comedy works so Steve muffler on the grew you know what what you got coming up 22. Seventeen we get shows all over the country a lot of things that are happening in and we we work in all things we can actually you know watch Chad dot com is my website via or get a chipper about commenting in the same place and check the calendar I've gotta update that thing because we so many shows that are coming and I am an even put on the calendar yet some. You know following a FaceBook check in on YouTube that's the easiest way to figure out what's gonna be happen in the head back to Texas when we're done here in an I've got shows from Indiana Illinois to Atlanta Georgia in recent deal over the place just got back from Montana I. They are flown on one of those six seat cessnas were they've been over pack in in his life. You're not afraid to fly but you get to that plane and in Cleveland this is still this is downside to fly the last hour and a half. On the on the Eagles six seater Cessna. And then got a canoe that was native American lady who showed me the way up the river and I got on the donkey for the last six hours of the strip and so do Sidney Montana gets bitten Canada edited they've I don't know how anybody. Decided to move. To that part of the world. Do I imagine those people neither reason the last thing they go as they got you out there we got up there at a sold out shows that just got back from there and and it was a fun fun night well we want the world thank you for Megan time for us like missing good comedy works dot com tonight and tomorrow if you if you close at a downtown he's a downtown tonight and if you're down south here will be the south club tomorrow night away at separate their ST my plan to groups that us of friends and safe spaces tour and I thank you for making time for asthma thinks -- have a Meehan.