Chris Franjola Interview 6/29/18

Friday, June 29th


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Chris friend July is in the studio he Chris stated I'm I'm doing well thank you you have any out welcome it and buried at a shall coming emerged last night we did you have a real fun real fun there's an action well it's been good. Can actually judge crowds by the days of the week. Always totally really. Early fares and I get the oh people who yeah yeah it's there says usually. What cheaper people because they give away tickets stuff like that say get that but they were great last night. Where are cheaper not it didn't make any difference also then what's the Friday night crowd Brent I can be an absolute disaster depending upon. Just people coming from work day go right toward a happy hour they drained from five to seven. Then they come into the show and their hammered by a nine and I have to deal with that. Alice. Select the late show Friday which a trio from every comedian can be can be a tough one. I oh I guess and I like it I've had I can handle it but some comics just rough. You've federal first arson hi I need to match she'll. 56 years ago when your untoward to manage Chelsey late. Yes yes Josh wolf and now and Brett Wallach gap we were up in buffalo. And we make is that yet we had a good time now we got to know what we have really rarely performed but it was fun week you're you're UBS gas there was there was UV that's yeah. Yeah but actually a lot of people money from is from Chelsea Lately that is correct that was my A he had that's the one that put me on the math or so so to speak I guess how would you say you've evolved as a comedian sent center I'm. I mean now. Good I'm real I'm Mike stand up now is better than Sarah van it's fun I I. This is gonna sound strange but I just don't care anymore and once you adapt. Adopted that. Is that you get good. Is that weird to zero that's not we can't not carrying is like all of us as humans strikes a right to not care gas so. I don't I don't care anymore I've made enough money I've had enough. I I I I've I've invested well so now I'm just enjoying life I didn't it's been great. So Chris earlier in Denver's there you're just dying to deal Eackles you wanna accomplish here. Hi I'd like to say I do but. I could kill time. Doing nothing like nobody's business. You know I could sit around and do nothing like that yeah I like to sitting and drinking coffee and reading the papers stealth. I'm so we I don't have any goals now I like Denver I've been several times I've seen all the things that there is to say probably not everything I know you guys have. You're there's a dusty yeah I now I now every CA go to people all try and you know they'll they'll they'll trying to win me over on their city I get it but. If I'm sure it's fine I'm not gonna move to Denver so I think I've seen at all. What's not come anywhere this weekend Crist friend Jill is going to be there I mean if you wanna go to and I eat and be part of that lion Tamer shell. A part of life of your dream cargo all the gas truck I. Handle Friday and I bring it on how. Ten Beers and get around I don't sweat I don't sweat these things anymore I got this is you know Chris doesn't can't go pro I'm a broad and doing us a long time I can handle. IRA multi jurist right Chris thanks for coming in good to see you again. I ate well.