Christina Pazsitsky Interview

Thursday, June 1st

The hilarious Christina Pazsitzky stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about her shows this weekend at Comedy Works downtown, working on her Your Moms House podcast with husband/comedian Tom Segura, & much more!  Check it out!  


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Dem result today's comedy comedy 131 is big Mike I'm very happy man right now because we got some. Players in this in the studio rightness median. She's a writer she's a host she's a comedy works downtown this weekend I like to welcome Christina just be how are you and Graeme thanks for me being a lower rate because. Practically had every that are now so I was worried. And I don't want to hold leads them. Actually I'm gonna drop that last are year yeah I'm taking my special Jane's point four and I will be coming out as Christina peaked in India rebrand a real. Colbert is in jail at its polish and Hungarian. Yeah it's a disease and it is k's and it's characterized evils silent disease home. Als you don't know makes sense what's your last name. Like she's getting it right now I see it's it's Berman Berman a case it did eulogy. That life. And it's only Jewish like my version. BUH our enemy and gentlemen it might be out yeah German Russian tour I don't know I don't know. I haven't done the lead at that everybody's doing. You find out that you're black that's what everybody finds out your heart here's what I finally be would you DNA tests oh my god I'm not what I thought I was not my. Number one I haven't even thought what I was summoned that worried about a bum right. I don't care front 1% Scandinavia air tempers and this almighty and thank god it's not gonna change my life. It's an and a deeper level yet using its rat. For everybody to China apparently would have actually justify the world tea. What I see I grew up but here in Colorado mom boatloads of my high school. My freshman year I was one of eight like Lou just like I was toys but my friends they'll let it gives an inside out Horry. You're just went on the outside of okay cool some don't even if the DNA tests to find that out. That's like almost than a thousand dollars to the house just oppose some of FaceBook and in the lap my friends about. Welcome to the mile high city I love it I would hear and alleys and on. I consider every town outside of the island is not at that at that but this is awesome but. This is really truly you call this Denver this is actually called them you know caught not LA it is yeah I actually called us this guy gives respect until the went into a you guys you guys a lot of snow now. Certificates and I see that's the other things I have outlived him hold up our own and I talk about I'm not a finesse. I am from Colorado you know I don't like smoke finally I can drive and I survive and I drive better than. People from Los Angeles they come here and don't know how to drive it good to hear you yep that's everybody's. And it doesn't stop and it inflates a California woman go home. And I immediately think they said Los Angeles San Diego maybe Seattle or some major population that are coming up well. You know I know like it's annoying because LA has a lot of transplants that they're team and I think that's why we get such a bad rap like I grew definitely I'm England and it's like. But he is people who think they have to be a certain way. I obviously don't know LA that's I was just whatever 310 that's the only one that's that's an easy if you haven't really. Yeah letters spelling on our card machine you are not decent that's new school. There were 303 but they introduced Avant well I don't know while. He got to 303 number year notes. So congratulations. Because you know there's a lot of cool you'll start a podcast doesn't lastly do it every like few months but you know you obviously needs you start your podcast adjustments Oscar in your mom's house and about to have your 400 episodes. Which is crazy and started out what went just. That did so we started it and I am now on 66. Years seven years ago I guess under the pot either to Republicans. Advice Joe's as union innovator early adapters as the team he. You know knew both of us and thanks to challenge to it and it's ridiculous it's been so special to sit around and talk about arts and Turks and ridiculous everybody wants talk about anyway yes I greedy important heavy hitting it seized. And to have people really resonates it's been it's been me I mean our fans it's the coolest coolest. Well you know off I'll have comedians commend you come here to Austin. Those podcast thing gonna sometimes I'll look it up because they had some people have imposed a podcast that 2014. Some to be here is David. And you got on more is on a podcast and they look at you funny and I'm like. It's not even. Oh yes I do my own resource and it that you actually posted podcast just like yesterday of the day. Yeah I mean we have legit Giroux was just on our show weak pulse and adds some kind of guy who was on who was a water similar way. That is. Yet so. The guy is a wider expert who has lung annual water and you at a restaurant and you have to choose between spring water would have. Nancy yeah options are there there are several border you know we learn so much in the sky it's actually pretty legit thing current mineral contents and PH levels. Gas stuff like that. Anyways it's been it's it's good we take it seriously it's rated show quickly produce it. I don't know obviate that gets you got to want you to arming. You could find it on your website for a thousand stuck around yes and your mom's house podcast are calm and times. And as if that's not enough work in the that's got a second pot and I feel like you're not doing a podcast you know what I do another one. No that's starting to say. You know I just wanted to do this show it's called that's steep broken. And I have a philosophy degree. And it's so useless that I love talking about plus a look at get deep on life because I really feeling that's all there is this is talking about steadily. Accidentally company sold the show is really not that it. What I am thinking about this week I answered people's announced Heatley now. These questions there and I do alone ideally silver's styles like him. Well that what they say they say you haven't. You have to like not always work with your husband so it that way we're going to have these don't work as. Exactly and we need our separate projects zone and it's it's been awesome I love of the podcasting well. I think he's taken over has adding that many people are hunger hungering for more authentic. Connection especially in this era and is just the balloon you know I. What is so we've personalities. World podcasts and his ability to kind of connect them the Butler yet just. Stepped in with Kanye. So yeah last night I went to school for two weeks and address and I. I currently 6000 dollars think Erica and I paid for it and pay for that day with show business money and I was like that's was of me just. Thank those of painful two weeks Steve and you have been the law school. You know happens in the have a sign of the las. Did you go to college with a college. Got my associates and I'm glad I got like halfway through my day I was going for business and management. That's. My previous job at tuition assistance wind until that job. We got bought out so I had to go. Heyman figure do wanna I wanna do now anyways. And the only reason I like schools I got to be listening. To him. It's just I'm an inch and get drunk and make out evil which you know. Well they in my second. Class. A system our room by myself and claimed. The so it Christina. Christina Paige is NBA com source downtown is obviously the podcasted as we can you bring to stand up demise that he. I am so honored to be doing Denver company works this is by far I think the best club in the countries and solid ever heard is how amazing it is and I just can't wait depth and I love the city as a super Smart and get it and that's huge debts the street it's. Yet I said just go a few miles south it's a totally different audience not there are smarter than to say it's never that audience again. Yes and as a spread of alias that he united. Practically every comedian comes in here. Talks about how great comedy works. Downtown. And the DTC and so. It's awesome to you you know this thing it's awesome obviously you guys before this audience you know if they're bringing somebody is comedian. They're probably funny as hell so we know them that shows on the way it's you know weekend that's doing this kid. Certainly hampering your husband and bring your boyfriend from Grammy jeans and them. Three dimensional. I think people are surprised. And they seem just in to meet with the. It's deeply into the deep yeah she's yeah she's philosophy was the last remainder. Is that it would it not last time I'm not says plot this and you you guessed it. There you go what are not yet important that. Aforethought is in a far that the before last it. We even get those tickets at comedy works dot com the other thing is you know you look outside right now it's it's June 1 now we have snow like not even two weeks. Easy grace. Just like the first week where it felt like summer so. You gotta get out experiences on the weekend gets laughs on. Write down their six remote due. To summon me. Restaurant clear track cools trip what's called. Larry emerged square. And that it. Aluminum prices and we denying that you weirdest Tumblr and you have to now you'll fit right it should fit right. What do you like when he get time the U. You know I've never. You might find it hard to believe that I love food in general so I'm hungry in general I don't ever have like an additional. Oliver have an additional hunger it is always hungry so I've never like I'm I'm even more hungry I've. Is typically a problem before it even so that's never affected. Me when I'm truly gotten high means mania that. Make me smile or. Yet uncontrollable. And I can't argue with him but I like. We came to the right although again you guys legalized. There and found that. We dinosaurs. We've had it for awhile was once it's on the books. The spare everybody is it all right it's day. Got a law. You know. Christina. Yeah I don't wanna thank you make time for us so we're gonna have my new podcast that. Don't go your mom's house podcast dot com thousands ranch dot com times. It's that that nasty though I Kansas too many accounts I'm on the inner. Thousand rash dot com they got all of whom she answers on Twitter every ounce what are its Christina be right I. Christina pretty. They even make it tough Russert comedy wanna through one eccentric and dumber makes you makes Tom Ford's core comes hang out with us common works downtown get those tickets a comedy works dot com. Thank you so much things dean's.