Colin Quinn Interview

Friday, February 9th

Colin Quinn stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about performing in Denver for the 1st time this weekend at Comedy Works Downtown!   

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Never solve today's comedy come 131 it is big my game and I am excited. Right now is. Actor writer comedian wants doctors say this this first time performing in Denver which shocked me when I heard that we have got Colin Quinn was a man they were 21 on my legacy do. Hasn't gone as men and welcome to the mile high city thanks I was I was shocked to hear like you know let's talk Conklin was coming com works countdown of the local I was like this the first time you've formed in Denver and now it's a little weird because that is his legendary club but I don't know and applies to knees toes yeah. All welcome here man you know. Yesterday it was like 65. Expert notes I know which are again I was lower than yesterday that we're targeting yes I got in the early afternoon and okay over the sixty shoot bowl OK excellent interactions there toward the diverse place to start your needs monopolies is thought yet. And down shoot anything else and the Colorado has been your first or at least members. Are committed to Colorado Springs on. I didn't cars brings up an analogy okay and several times that. Always appreciate you make your way to government and thanks what's been going on with. On methods in order on the show and Moses. Just imagine going on the road relied in June trying to work on this new thing you know. I mean you know you've been doing this you know twenty years given these thirty years old. Well that's over used and yet you have another ten of thirty years. You know given all the success you've had with TV and film and writing. Your book you know what is it about us and you know brings you back to the states. Well because it's so I feel like it's a land and it becomes more like does every year is the last place people like can be honest. And can really get immediate honest feedback to since I GUB honest you're actually hearing honestly back right that's that's. It's it was always rare in society but it becomes rare. You have economic sense when you started tonight now it's the comedy audience changed here throughout the years it does seem like at Sam's new donors they've they've changed. They've gotten better and worse that I'd say they gotten better in the sense that debt they got more is insensitive more. Sensitive to. You know that any any. Inference whatsoever is that while united services signal and a swimming comedy version not supposed to say that it. But dom but did better. Because they're much smarter like because they grew up on comedy right when I was going up didn't you just give up its eighty stupid war you know. She's pandering dumb thing you musical crazy because they a comedian's onstage. Same like now they sharper I mean and that way it's been him it's a much better audience. Yeah I wonder if maybe the audience at the population hasn't necessarily changed nowadays. Uga sweater you've got phase via social meters Laramie want one wrong tweet you can end up on CNN because of your glad that's right whereas before if you if you said the joke and club probably other than those you know 42 couple of people would you heard it I hit exactly and somebody who's like. I take that idea why. And went tape something that's weird who carries that tape recorder with even can be easy and ambivalence that they'll certainly equity quotas on states like what do you do in a tape my act on its crazy. I mean I guess if you're trying to critique yourself maybe hell yeah. What are you are doing now but I mean if you're doing it having your your kind of onstage what happened you know and I figured you messed up or whatever now it's like as it is. Seems like everybody sensitive on this thing and maybe those sensitive you always exist in now that while they had the blow. Again I think deep it's it's at. It's a heightened awareness the data gets to is a fine line between awareness. And having too much time in the hands and looking for something new there's still a problem so it's like you that fine line. While they asked why at least here they're in Colorado the audience the comedy scenes benefited. Work's been here. This moment you guys have been able to. Bring comedy here bring great comedy here's audience and build and expect. If somebody's been it was so long you been able to hear about comedy works your travel. Oh my god as I was saying before it's the only club I've never anything but great things about you never hear bit whoever comes to stem its joint place. And I mean comedian on it enthusiastically. All the club and they're like it's the greatest club it's a great I mean his greatest even. Even effectively of people put their phones away and it's great that's a makes the show benefit then too there's no recording of your show this week what does it makes at least get a of that for its bid for the show is better than you audience. All I got enough I was a concert the other day Adams and who does all that. I ought to confront a view well. Watching dad would watch when it what are you gonna go back put the kick stand out and watch that show in the future and or so you're not at all. You're gonna deleted the many that's much memory that own and it paid for the take these ways it's it's nice it's made my living and then you know Eva commodore so if you go to accomplish over the don't want your phones. Anyway yeah it's as well will be there litmus. So we have a Collin Quinn is a comedy works downtown this week and get those those tickets. It comedy works dot com you know obviously this point and those small there is there anything that at this point. Is like been the highlight of your career out of everything else or. No I mean had a bunch of ups and downs evident which highlights show us. I mean has been so many little moments. You know they have them like all my god is great in the first time on the first time I got on like. On TV was exciting and MTV in in my eyes and SNL. Was in this thing with and Bill Murray was actually talking on TV and I was like this is great and is now what listen to Bill Murray talked. And then and I'll show now as a tough crack and then all my specials like that it's by its old. Different little great moments here. You know it's vague and Els and vascular age do you kind of wish that maybe you were weekend update now was. Crazy it's a bit. When you're doing it there was a lot going Iran's claim. I was crazy town yes you're excited times that you then they. You reverend al-Qaeda like in the back your head like they get you would kind of at a weekend update elements anything going on the world now argues watch the no I knew. Ministry anonymity giving those terms but it and think about we interrupted just because it was one of things today I've done other things are just there is and the like my only thing but yeah I now would have done differently if I was around. I you know you look at several always I think gonna shoot them as it's what's next vehement. Nothing to seven in Allen over this as some stuff I'm working on always good you know as well. That was next to become works. Jack every kind of is that we get out Colin Quinn met based on my costume closers. You know everybody needed two tickets and of the Saturday night shows about the might be if you left or not makes you get him right now comedy works dot com Colin Quinn and hopefully we see you again before the next thirty years he's like all right.