Comedian Troy Walker Interview

Monday, June 5th

Denver's own Troy Walker is headlining at Comedy Works Downtown and Comedy Works South and stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about that and more! 


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Tommy went up 31 your boy big Mike excited to get this comedian and studio he has been a part of so many comedy went through one amassed. He has done our birthday party he get our free coming at the orchard town sent last week and now he is headlining a comedy towards downtown and the south club we got Troy walker what's up man of the gone welcome to studios they have you done several more birthday parties in the path. I guess and last week we get our free Communist Georgetown and I think my face is still heard from is that have happened that one but it's awesome to get you in the studio you have faith group they for bringing me and then I'm I'm really excited then you're just coming you know like just coming in from Canada yeah I just got done now working a comedy club up in Winnipeg international with a right you know well Canada. International decade once you get someone like that is went to Mexico for the first time ago last month yes so like I've been international good does this there's another nation and world. Candidate these feeder for disconnected all our stuff anyway that way. At least Mexico it felt different there was Olson's although matter I don't feel different ones where tentative field play what was that it was a comedy scene like up content will win if it was great I mean they're big comedy club as a club called rumors who's who's often they have some. Good opener as crowds are good it was it was a great weekend. Yet but it's it's easy to forget that you're not just like in like India and there was this are you wanna talk about things that may be resonating and obviously here United States is touting universal the comedy well ventilated yet though that's like the thing about Canada right as late. Pretty much. Everything they have all their pop culture stuff we like everything I saw I saw Wonder Woman the previews I was just American movies every like the TV shows are all our TV on they basically gave us -- in beaver and all outside you know all our sport some of the stuff there watch him at all our league like it's it's it's kind of weird how how much have we Dominik yes Michael we want to thank you come by we actually walk in studiously here's a deal on he's got to show tonight a comedy works downtown and then the next two nights tomorrow Wednesday he'll be at a comedy works out corridor itself yet yet in use so are you from Colorado where you are right it is more native born and raised via. Denver Denver native Eminem you I know you've been doing comedy works many times you. You're like the fresh faces literally two times right two times and that and that you know you know comedy works all the comedians commerce is one of the best comedy clubs and from appointments so to have them you know headlining tonight in the next couple days. You must be doing something right of those on right you know I've come to restrain this you know train them well at Booth that's the club I came up in a film clip notes are not doing like. Regular set to open for people and you know ten years later using it to come back and they don't just put anybody and you got to work toward enemy Bob bird I mean you've got to. You gotta put in the hours got to put in the hard work to his sides even get to the detail like the opening staffers and some of the open mikes stuff like it's not just like easy thing you got to puts more nominated tussle with you know she Noland Keeneland riff -- woman you know. And you know speaking awaits you know with. The comedy scene here in Denver I think you know comedy works well is it. A huge part of why the comedy scene is so awesome there over the with that you see a lot of like over much luck trying to get into the yet having you know been a success story we did you have any advice or fewer than thinking that they wanna get their stuff their foot in the door coming. Yeah definitely I mean you know it's like you said like comedy works is the heart of Denver comedies like RC is what it is because of that club and how the owner when he Curtis runs it and so. I feel the porn to a you know appreciate acting like a lot of people dimmer don't know how lucky we are to have that kind of situation and also the kind of seen this grown up around it. And you're trying to get in the comedy though they tell you you've got to hit deal might you guys go down there. Yes I did you know yet again your teeth kicked in to figure out if you really wanna do with so you gotta go down those bars and hang out. For a couple hours on Tuesday. And you know. Dude I'm sure I share battle he's only got a acclimate yourself to lay even if you even if you are funny even if you can make anybody laugh where have yet it's different like so he's not I work commonwealth through woman also worked another station where I can go in front of 151000 people on rock that easy when I do our comedy birthday party and I just have a couple hundred people sit in -- him like I makes you sweat it yet and like you might be funny be diligent in front of a crowd until like different. Sense of humors are you gotta work on that yes definitely and you know on the NSA you know that you that you like comic you know you like you know you like doing stand up when you're at a show where you are bombings and where nobody laughing and the crowd hates you and maybe there's nobody even there you know fight to two people wanna make neither of them even knew it was going to be comity and they don't like it and you still wanna do it again bats that I you know that's a that's when you're doing that I you know it's got to be the most. Bill worse situation you know. Did we have much Roy walker he's The Commodores downtown tonight comedy works out the next two nights a do you restore remember your very first time stepping onstage you've rehearsed so I have so I've got two different sides I've got people that have gone up sedated they're first time was amazing they've knocked it out of the park. Is that it's easy and then I'm out at you of the city bond managers ago. Motto is vote. OK so mine was at the squire lounge on each coal fax back builds choir boy you know it's like nice and now we're back then it was light and I think that's in the nose you sketchy smelled that from from the doors and I remember I went out and I wasn't doing well but it. But I'd like some chuckles from the people around the stage or whatever and so I was like on cloud nine even though I basically just inhaled. I just on the hard items like yeah I get booed off the stages at which is a good step you know they just didn't listen to me this result talking. And beside him get through they were. It'd take the time to brew. But it was like of those you know they that place you can be packed every Tuesday that meters might there was the best place to come. And he knows ankle way way better but you've got some chuckles so important I gotta I gotta few chuckles from some very nice people who were sitting very close to the states close enough to. Hurt mean overall they're talking going on paper but Mario. Bout enough man knows you people could railroads of the fact that few people chuckle absolutely in my you know the comic figure things so that was that was enough that was enough to bring you back in the next week was there. And that if they were listen in that time the next week with pin drop quiet. And next week here are you doing open a film on the rocks you have bridesmaids I don't know tickets still available but if they are you gonna wanna hurry up those things sellout like you know overnight so. You know there's a few tickets ability wanna get that you'll be open up basket compound rounds dead man it's it's the best it's the best with the best outdoor venue. I think you have to be death outdoor venue in the world I can't imagine a better one as well as well as the all the artists and that's on the that's on the bucket list thing about that is. Is the way they do enemy sometimes there's like five years. You're waiting list news for the big artists again and yet. If you want they want it now I spend more out kick other people out and it's it's crazy over there because it's a venue everybody wants to be yet you'll be you know when that next week. Yeah man it's it's another one of those comma we're benefits. You know an area. You're on the right team that I don't they hooked yes. Well on home so Choi walker we have in the studio CO last week he helped us kicked off borrow orchard a free night at Georgetown center. Rex do and at a later this so Monty go to comedy 1031 dot com. I said tonight your headlines comedy works downtown downtown it's going to be a great guy coming in. If you live for our farther down south though you still goes shows tomorrow Wednesday to become he works out yes yes yes sir but we got Troy walker you can get those tickets economy works dot com. You know thank you for always being in the air force air commodore through when I was in the back and we look forward to have you back yes thanks for having me on everything everything of them you guys have been and incredible thanks for having me and thanks for having me here today on good man.