Comedians Ian Harris & Ty Barnett Interview

Friday, March 24th

A black guy and a white guy walk into a theater… Ty Barnett (Last Comic Standing, Tonight Show) and Ian Harris (Netflix, Jimmy Kimmel Live) are two of the smartest, most hilarious comedians working a stage anywhere. Two nationally touring headlining comedians, approaching life from very different perspectives; coming together, on this uniquely, irreverent, double headliner show, that promises to unite audiences through laughter while pontificating on race, religion, parenting, politics, relationships and all the hot button topics that often keep us… "Divided". The Divided Comedy Tour!


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It is Dem result today's comedy comedy 131 it is big Mike in his studio we have two guys here organ Vietnam's days this a weekend. At Denver tonight and tomorrow and and that in the name of their tour kind of sums up where America is right now maybe is the dividing comedy tour I like to welcome Todd Barnett in Harris what's a guy. Today on the radar and Annika welcome to the mile high city yeah you guessed it put us through a lot of emotions and a lot of work to get to the studio today we go to a blizzard to we are far more a thing console her directness and wanted to let one tyrants. Here in good morning to bellies we had a sleepers will run out of it you know did you guys run Colorado Springs yesterday yeah it and it was a record high temperature yesterday of 76 degrees yes and in a blizzard. That's Colorado you'll get all four seasons and it's when it Parker yes I do think you know us here in Denver were looking out the window because we've been here in about snow all week and we woke up and said what. You definitely want to have it looking like this alternative weather then came in and what you guys had issues getting here with zero inches of snow would have felt as though trade lightly because they elect we're not gonna making like Syrian are gonna make because it whether it's an anthrax and death but down south those a lot worse than it was up here you guys got the brunt of but he still you plow the only major ways there. So one thank you you guys are gonna be here at the anonymous stage here tonight tomorrow and in the tour. It's called the divided comedy tour and in his understand this the first time you guys have the station's election yet as this so it seems like. It's even more divided after the elects in that oil. Just the cleared up for everybody out there we've been calling this device counties threw away 23 years out so just so you guys know we got in on the ground floor of the history I'm sorry who count as well you've heard about it before hot it was cool yeah. August are now yeah exactly. I'll get it gotta get a couple Beers. And we are that we thought it was funny as somebody asked that the show last night more in lady was like sort of cause divide that kind of things it. We are divided country outright whoa we chemical or did this before but the whole point of our tour. Is that you see two different people you know in this is this why I got tired as I got to get back Brown's did from Belize where we've been friends for like 1718. Years. And you know we were colleagues as well so put this together so people. That you can be different have different views could that it is so we come together on stage door Q&A and that's what we leave people with this thing into different people to different backgrounds. Two didn't used to come together says are still call it by. And it just so happened and now the name just figured it had to sit next level meaning you had and I got by people thought he started because of his leg now there has been doing it for years grant. And innovating we do we do the Q anything in at the end we become together and he reached he stone said that the we can get that we decent come together in the -- dual Q and eight. And sometimes it's hilarious and last night in Colorado Springs and I was like. Well this this is divide that added I don't well I have my game repeat some of the questions we got but there are questions and I was like. Is it doesn't seventy last rescue and again real cop out Carl just very little different than them very ideal product differs that a questions yeah I think that. Who would win several water fountains really. Improve those cable car Alice Fraser different breed that's all we put blizzards in between the mega culinary expert I don't come out here. So we're gonna have to take its company while 1031 dot com C can get those a pick them up and so how did you two meet. I was work in Seattle he was live and okay and you and I and had his Seattle underground and down we you know we were together and I was like 2002001. And those 2000. And then. Yet anti who's funny and and I say amen giver I am an LA bureau command LA. Hit me up and like a weeks later. Soto in my own an 800. My luggage I'm here and I like the public is saying that. I don't want to. If you want to hit it isn't the clearly the house any time you think whenever colleague and there are definitely got a better I think we do gave fox a new idea ports that come okay yeah I had to sort of that. Better than that sorry anyone let us this past and that's that's a fact that we've also got to be the executive and just like guys seasons are just a moment yeah. I look at the. But no we knew we nobody's really ever like a by the time and he was our first real friends that I had in Los Angeles. And so but we have never really worked together so time went by you know we know which has noticed him stuff. And we were to sit around and as a man we've never done a show together. And at the time it wasn't really the political climate that is now but we elect me and we may be something that we can go to and you give you Yuba certainly not. So put the two are together and from that you're on sort raises the bonus due Coutts. You know since those so that's how how much do we know how long different. But the cool thing about coming together for the tour was. Dude I really don't look at these atheists who tell you more about that. I'm going to have any moment so. I don't look different era vet and mentally in an autonomous and but that's that's another reason why light when we came together knowing our past and everything like that it just made more sense because we're comfortable rooms of the even though some are views. A totally different but I. Think the misconception is is. That if you have differing beliefs or different opinions that you just can't get along with somebody. Because I'm I'm might be a little more money inside but I got friends who were very religious I got friends who you'll believe dinosaurs weren't around then that you know. Her Emmy and but I can get along without even if I don't believe anything they're saying. And asking that it is the key is always does this mean civil look at my grandma's religious right. It doesn't sell it soul to have these different views. And still be able put a show together. Is what's working right that we can work weeks ago Hewlett we're adjusting things from soda so. But the one thing has been constant is. Did the Q did become an onstage in the Q when they apart. This one the most fun part for us and you know we do our set and these are the jokes were doing the jokes for you today acumen is so we don't know what's gonna. So has become one of the more most fun part of the tour so far. What I this finally unique unique thing I think you know lots has I'll go to show. You can kind of get a by the people wanted to ask something of them about and that's got a quote they get a it'll opportunism interaction of the crowd yeah you know get some feedback from both you guys injured Tim demons are tackling and just go hey. Yeah it's your turn at bat don't worry about like what is that he's he's OK bottom of the twins and I you can read it and number of people do have you known people do have questions because that is the thing we are bringing together different audiences. Yelling abide is you might show. And you come to seem me you know you come to see and if you don't. Day and you should probably read the newspaper earlier article could you didn't just happen to come across that this show accidentally but you don't they show you might not know. What's direction it's gonna go in so sometimes you get people who like well I didn't expect to hear that so some people have questioned concerns. A Louisiana elected you know it'll tell you have any John temporal moments routed to and got the glassy you know guys like do you know what show you're going to it took to do. Think you're I will put his group the one who questions we got last night everybody in audience is like 10. Yeah it in the and so they looked over at the person asked the question and then they looked at a flight. Yeah I have a but without regard hepatitis can you say what the question was is possible there was there was a couple well I can say whoa whoa what lady goes. Why liking liking you say this word tunes in sealer and I can't say the Edward and she did say it is now okay yeah I think who wears it trailers as they it was a she's an hour. By Michael Campbell first off you just said both of these on 5 kids am but it's up to our name was. Why do you want to say that hours as we did because you can't say it but just bloods Y yeah that lets you avoid why do you have the desire to retreat with. Then there was the cool thing about you know was an uncomfortable moment is still was like okay cool let's just say it let's talk about his fate and so we did say the thing is likely user why would you even want to say and then you get. Audience through right now but you still had a few do you like toasters and morneau left. An independent candidate as it raises he would back raises android okay when he goes. Will exit the tigers who. Well you you all say to each other all time wise okay like you know these I. Oh you mean like black white and black guys city at. Really like that's that's your question yeah. That but it is is that I. I apparently apparently we missed quite a show last night our salaries the biggest show that mr. Lieberman. But it's become sit in but we we love that though because you know we. You know we have the latest that are material but we also liked you know every show is a new experience so for us this become this thing of it now it's. We look forward to it as opposed to. On melanoma that is don't go until last night it was it was. It was a testament to the fact that we step away because. You know the audience really wasn't like. I think that is Q and is good. We know anyway wasn't it wasn't us that was some funny moments but sometimes it's it's people out of the many questions in his and it's as we're making jokes of his font. And last night it was like all right this is a town hall. It's. Inventing it I. If I have a sneaking suspicion Denver will be a little bit different lol oh yeah yeah. And I so lab of the lake up for tickets account anywhere through one dot com and we're gonna find you guys and social media. What's that Jihad. We don't get the tweets that is tune all that that MySpace. You know had exactly mum my MySpace and is it I'm still on Friendster. In 69 is path back. Know they've been out for for me as a DBA's go we you can find is divide becoming too worried if a dot com and then yeah I mean amount of FaceBook and Twitter mice mice that is all I can mediocre so like comedy and mediocre. Which together can mediocre. Bills and and a yet and additionally he has no tonight if anyone's immune muscular tonight is completely sold out which is good tomorrow we got about. When he thirty tickets for Saturday while he got to get my now yeah there's and a out so at least four yeah. And and also dishonest and we you know. We tonight's tonight's show is still going to be great to Marshall is going to be even greater. But where in the Denver airport 23 more days. Yeah I'm gonna go when do I do a French Open bull runs and this and got people appear to tell on the content so you can find me a comedian Tyler Barnett dot com. And last outs in the WWW. I'm an adult they love. And yeah. I'm actually access. Not looking at how Barnett dot com in the in the FaceBook is comedians have Barnett. As well and I want Twitter. He Barnett when he three. If you Barnett from three in this program which is it caught you coming on line you can bomb a month from now on another and that check out in special by the way tone you know you have a. Special coming out called it an extraordinary. But we don't know they we don't know the exact aired again and push it was still negotiating an easy ever NASA is a reported side. Leader being squeezed dams on Christmas and Netflix were in the okay yeah yeah I don't like like in pieces on CBS I was recently you know like pieces on CBS so ticked out. Yeah this is their mind you we got them as it may make time for us overcoming one note thank pretty yes I usually go this is great suited to their Denver you don't know you may not know how lucky you have you are to have. A comedy. FM comedy station out its its pretty impressive because there's only a few analyze today's Tommy's and a few markets but. This is the strongest one of the week we play a lot of man you guys. Yeah as a lucky here like anybody else you gotta go get serious serious not a resident and literally to rely on an order that is I don't know that is just that's a judge and it's an all you have is coming of one of their own but sandy seriously people and doing business on the way over devastation as. Only use them we could almost get a year fair of impressions. But as well as read it to the last laugh also backed meet with him as a result. If you love impressions you guys the end I'm not joking when I say this about thirty impressions on how. Front and back from the dead Dario yes until the one. To me is best when is will walk in the though but you know a lot of you would do Walken. But. You're while wanna hear Ian do walk it it is remember I don't they go on here you promote your show put them for tomorrow night the obvious. Outcome city. Divided comic book it's girl I know it's gonna be amazing how good it is about net Ian Harris these guys and easy. Good photo turnaround out of thought Adam right studio ran up among the so much. For everyone to do these duration stint. Belichick and the kind of acoustic evil. He got movie on the way he's unfit to areas of Maine could go I don't know Morgan Freeman as Oregon was ahead that I am working on my Morgan Freeman as they ask where you I would. Good candidate on Morgan Freeman. But go home with my as they did address where you got harder to solve solid I think Erica I can't really do good Morgan Freeman another if you wanna brag to the way you do it frees you practices you say. And deferring to let Andy do for a and and my good friend and her. Well tonight is sold out so does my twenty tickets left for tomorrow. Get those is the mound stage I say to go to come to a 31 dot com wanna linked. And we wanna thank you guys for a plow due to blizzard again to those guys think I'm moving you thank you governor what are what.