Damon Wayans Jr Interview

Thursday, June 15th

Comedian Damon Wayans Jr stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark this weekend, his upcoming projects and special, breaking into the industry with the name "Wayans" and more !  Check it out and get your tickets to see Damon Wayans Jr:  Buy Tix Here

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Ever solve today's comedy comedy 1031 is big my week we got some immediate family royalty and I'm excited to have this man is studio. He's an actor comedian and writer you've seen him on new girl happy endings out of DC on this weekend. You're gonna see hand at comedy works out a landmark I like to welcome David ways junior was a map and play well what's at mile high city. What's been going on what you. Not not too much I mean. Actually a lot okay here's a thing. Is that a busy day. So I I just wrapped up this pilot for FX coaxing area produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Goldberg. Relief when he. Show really funny show. Though this show more because he obviously showed us a living as a TV movie in the Asia its shelling a movie okay that's TVs. I also am writing this cartoon for tedious right now called junior which is lucid is a much about it. With one that could take you producers Bob Pittsburgh. Ever announcer if you have heard of yet so I'm one of the writers from there via the authorities there's really funny. And am I'm working on my special solemn as well inventory in integrated. This humorous national far whoever is this your first special in the first race and it discus. On a score it's eight a lot of people. Lot of comedians especially those that have been like on the road for. You know 2030 years it lot of times when they're doing a special before they shoot it don't come to Denver. Is it like to form here like this one of the last spots look. Gas industry last coverage especially when there's a great market at least from the comedian and talk to that we'll become a member trots off on a Lima. First time doing stand them. Was here last year. And it's one of the best experiences that add comedic almost won your first times apparently it was my it was mall wasn't for all of her first networks and it's as great and knows I was. Raven about it though the years. Or and his downfall as you start one of the best places and it all around truths and truth because I I did add that last year I started. The year the doing it is and Edgar. People love to hear that area open minded area things that we could bring them I think it I see it out and it does I steer and there there their way to go in that ride you. Boy you know comedy works just been you know it's one of the most bear cubs from comedians I think that just over the last. Several decades it's just been able to create and have a nice comic writers that one they know to bring in somebody there must be funny bit to the crowd themselves. Used to be in good companies need good drafts. It doesn't matter how funny you need yeah approaches we need some good comedy fans economy works out a landmark this weekend we have Damon wins junior. On so before you had done that first time I mean obviously you've been doing TV for a while movies that what makes you wanna get us stay mentally stand. Than there's ever. A while I just haven't been like. I don't have too much out there a moment and I've I've I do madam. And answered Stan S. So that's kind of progress in and use. Acting optical. And crew it. And now a minute position to where. You know. During this first. Instant gratification in. You execute him also lets me what's acceptable. Times changed. Certain words exit exit last year McCain's days which is. But you know there's always a great way you know. I. All being social media you know back in the day meat it's a supplement only your Crowder and now something you heard it's across the country Bob is. You know you talk about. And written acting in the comedy mean. Your entire and the mean everybody's been are so many big you know groundbreaking shows report shows things if you remember but. Everybody seems like you know everybody I've met from Marlon acute life. They are writers are produced our directors now legacy is 21 single thing for you you keep on like you are having your hands on the different parts of you work in industry in the news what. What drive what major wanna get into it I mean obviously you add your family to decrease of what makes you wanna give it starts you know make your career. Honestly. The money now and I. It was ironically enough that's exactly what Marlins that you got it and edit the exact same answer. Now I mean I I like as far as the writing part yeah I I love the control and ultimately that's. And in beginning I came in as an actor. For higher. Ultimately be a guy who can create. In DBs. Do descent. In overtime stuff artist. The master ship. You may opt for that but yet that's that's that's Michael yeah. You when you start and I mean obviously silly people known the name of wanes and you know not only happening ways yet dame Wayne's junior obviously touches us you know it's funny. Earlier this month they added they had a Mo money who Hulu it's also watching that. And I was like I'm a Dallas 25 years ago on the right up there is beyond that let's beat cops and I was watching and I totally settled I told Oz like a wager where it's like I bet 25 years now be like. 25 years ago when I'm out. And have that name on there when you were starting I mean he was like day. A benefit having them hammered do you feel like you have more Peru to like showed you're your own and it did it did having the name Wayne's affect one way or the. I mean you know is it of it affects both ways yeah. Towards acting it helped me get in the door but. They're also harder on me because of it and like you know. And if the guys and talented on iron scored just see like Damon's offspring. Comedic stand up wise I went onstage in my first year of comedy under a different name is Kyle green so I could get my you know. My bearings. Course. It's aged. Say yeah I know it's it's a gift and a curse and I embrace both and you know I'm happy that I have family it. Works so hard to Davis no way for me and utilize whatever you know everything I've done. And yeah that's. That's what you're doing this weekend. Works out of them marked its is the last weekend of spring. So people need to wrap it up get ready for summertime get their laugh on this weakened economy is mark spurring it is not some areas now we got a few more days as all's. And our race he sometimes works and so mightily on the studio right now. I guess lastly it is bracing got to get out and Joyce are great coming down economy works and get those tickets comedy works dot com. A singularity we got to look after that that's coming out here as soon this weekend on stage. Specials on the way we'll see where that goes and a next time you step by them deathly stub my company went through one Amnon. Right Damon Wayans junior Connie works out get those tickets right now comedy works back out.