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Friday, June 30th

Comedian Dan Soder stopped by Comedy 1031 stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works Downtown this weekend, previously living in Colorado (& doing security at Fiddlers Green), & more!  Get your tickets to see him at ComedyWorks.com

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Is devers so today's calorie count anyone out 31 as big Mike exotic give this man a studio is actually up from Colorado he's actually from Colorado when you vote you seem to train wreck he sees image Showtime's billions in this weekend. He does seem right here comedy works downtown I'd like to welcome dance auto what's up man he was doing and welcome back to Colorado to always get to come. Back to two. So I use your front collar regular roar of the. I would just rose 618. I grew up and did most of my growing here. Nice nice and you actually used to work the settlers Graeme back in the day. Yeah I did talk security firm it's two years about how security amino as were the teenagers in the back at at accurately Abrams to their passes that he probably could just punched in the throat and. There are. And we soft by you you're in my out of like observe that you were on some of those people off. People always wondered like which were the craziest halts its route to have problems with rock concerts news Contra concerts were stuff. We're even there people were super happy and stop what sideways very quickly. Kenny Rogers. Was was performing in front of green and I had to stop all of that suvs and fans that came back backstage go to any easier taxes in order for you get there so it was blue expedition pulls up. Scuffles on the when a McCain in any apparent. They'll have wanted to I can't let you back and out of the passenger seat. Skies wings four goes. Rogers center in Atlanta and analyze he and I. Know you all to go on and hero like Ashley to pass it are match Federer it. Does create securities pretty top not that later on. At the concert will we got done at a certain point. Let us know in the that you should Tuesday ambler. In this draw Koppel launched his Mormon Jews beat the crap out of a little different and every lawn and told security is like. Let it happen for a little while and joked at a took some shots though they each rule polio. She just came in with an opportunity and it was my chances are he deserves it let's give. You know you appreciate. More to the problem was that was the Kenny Rogers concert more of violent in the doctor Drake concert yeah. I think a lot of progress on more violence or Kenny Rogers the dark room we'll see look at that we were we guess it shows a summer bringing back these kids though apple on the Kosher occupant we have our system ever summer's camp when he coming up verses they want to bring you back here by doctor looked and looked across my arms from staged here. Perfect it's a did you start comedy writer Colorado were snuck out of moved to Arizona we're. I was seventeen years old certainties owners' eyes which is you know. To place. An idea that it comedy too soft 20. Winners. On eyes now it's full circle back tolerant yeah comedy works that's called the country. You know it's awesome you know having you know at least you know grown up here for several years now you come back and like all the comedians compare it. Com works best in the country yeah I mean are you for coming shall oversaw. Was that congress so additional when I was sixteen years old what was like whose hero was. Moments are this is the greatest thing it's weird because the guy that open forum is a great comic in Greer Barnes who's in your political career like. Technically Europe the second comedian I've ever seen a lot and MC Greer Dave's. He was like I know which tour your talking about from 1998. Or 99 and there is it's crazy sorts it's awesome to be headlining commodores are allowed to return to work so. Once this is there was quarterly Tuesday of the week you be logged Odyssey Chappelle ran up and a comedy or lies yeah yeah I was. There was a part of me goes a little worried he might do it this week out of a couple of days stay in New York bay at at at at at its opponents agree abuse of the Thomas lost so much. Our rights. Touch you shows that I hopefully they'll. She held as a popular mail order does give me guess that that's who the subject of people item via a walk right up to New York. I've always. Huge in that scene is just I was obsessed with. You know like a tough crowd in the documentary comedian. And there's a lot that I really liked the comedians that were in New York to David tells Greg draw also. Lucy Cahill that kind of stuff in is. I I lived in Arizona for five years gone with desert I hate LA. And it felt like that was two choices and made without a doubt the right decision to a low living in New York. We made its new York and the the guy your foot in the door to on film doing TV yeah and what do you get worked out well so why do you stay busy as ever because next week on Netflix yeah they're actually debut in their new series the stand ups in your part of the first batch comedians that are part of. Yet on July 4 six half hour specials going on Netflix. Myself Deon Cole may park gets he nick Glazer best selling fortune fine Esther I mean just awesome Kong while. So it'd it's it's like six individual sets yet they they filmed over two nights ago Larry and each you don't do it's that we're in the age vigil watching. Each special kind of bleeds into the next local each set you know Robbie prongs that Netflix to do really great job move. Kind of mimicking the experience aborted due to go to comedy club just article or watch a comic who's next in a lot of times at a comedy club and you know in New York whatever you know not really there to see a specific guy federal agencies who comes up. And they picked through and you know six. We had a blast I watched most that sets and it's unbelievable. Why and that's sort of the cool thing you know you you're back did you know you hear about some of these old school stories of comedians were trying to promote themselves did you know go to like you add either way you had to get on Carson says yeah that's on you add it. Edger here's your final out there to her world now. You got Netflix and Hulu and YouTube he has so many avenues to future talent out there and get in front of audience I think it's the kind of helped build comedies in itself. Yeah I think there's two holes streaming in in in demeanor and you can watch whenever you want you know what's the agency instant you with high powered Internet comes to watch anything on the wall when streaming laws. And I think Netflix is an expert for com is sort people can watch. You know I don't really know I don't know appointment television as the lives nicer people could watch whatever. It's been it's clear that Netflix works don't you. From my friends like tones or were an Alley wall and in all these great comics that I know that it on on Netflix I've watched them. Rise up or gain more of an audience that is well deserved through Netflix talks so we'll watch and hopefully you don't put out our special Comedy Central last year. But a lot of people saw little hope is Netflix special people like it. They go back to realize that an hour on that congress central and a half hour comes from the odd years ago so. Plus you know even with Tommy went through one will play bits. And people's armed where where was that from yeah do wholesale is from this that or whatever that that it gives them a chance to go back and find other work. Those you know to me and as a fan of music I was like we're find out about a band and find out all they have three albums before this let me go back in just. At any each album takes like a month or two to get through and you feel like. Oh yeah grow that so yeah I hope that happens from this Netflix. Definitely we have a gas -- here is economy works downtown in layer squaring get those ticket to come to work suck up I typically. Actually we don't poke ball as other venue but. Congratulations are order because you show would be GAO is the next guy picked up. The bonfire yeah our fortieth the week. Ice there we were two days we Arco recent radio or four days a week so it's. You know it's. It's foreign and I EU working radio line of work to radio for awhile and you can do horror some times that the way to Comedy Central series of setup it's Jeter justice. It's just phoning in egyptians. Easily the foreign experts government. I just met him a few weeks ago it was there is unbelievable Greg Cleveland that he makes me laugh. When you try to pursue it really makes you laugh hard and he also do the best and comedians it's great to have Shelton has its. There's no it worked totally hammered language gave two hours remote road stuff. And then it's it's it everything to bring you wish you could pay to have fun you do yeah and for people to be like there's people out there who were. Like Powell what about structure which has the radio assurance that now it's really urged us to. This we'll try to do so it's it's great rule keep. Sure when you'll laugh unionized pilots. Horse dot aspect that's that's not ask don't let him. Like will only move from four days a week to one guy it was fought well it says the system or have. Words Russell while we won Iowa thank you for making time for us the answer is that welcome back to Colorado and an if you hear this week it's. Even owners like a Monday in between this is fourth of July week yeah. Holiday weekend hope if you got a forty we can you know he's got to get out it's a great comedy this weekend. Comedy works downtown in gear take its economy works dot com dance so earth thanks so much person. Which.