Dana Gould Interview

Thursday, February 22nd

Comedian Dana Gould who has been apart of such iconic shows as The Simpsons, Parks & Recreations and Stan Vs Evil (Which has been renewed for a 3rd season) stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works South and much more!  Check out his interview:

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It is devers home today's comedy comedy what a 31 it is big my Saget is there back in studio this weekend he's economy works out. At the landmark he's a comedian a writer is a producer been a part of such shows as says the Simpsons parks and recreation of course stand against evil on this week and you'll see him right here like to welcome Dana Gould that was dead. And I don't and you I'm his. Me I'm glad I'm busy I'm not complaining but it probably had to but it's it's still a little pencil sometimes just one of those problems you don't appreciate we have nothing. Yes well believe me I you load up. So I am busy. To prevent myself from having nothing to do because my brain Hampshire it's the same view my brain is like. To use an old reference pac man and if if it's not chewing this stuff in front of it it's just chewing stuff it'll just turn in and start eating its. Sort of the same way but it's more because nobody else wants to pay my bills 10 yeah. Besides work yeah I just gonna meat was spared time that's a terrible. That's a terrible. Lol what happens I just want to lead and hold theory like. There's a pod is always. Eat if that's true. These scenes terrible. Not a sense through a lot of porn. Does not this one again. I gotta expect at some point. Even before FaceBook doctorate filters but. I think Zuckerberg pride takes credibility oddly. Oh now watch. Yeah this one again no things that you know that OJ was in high school worked in the bird sanctuary god please step at a time. I've got to watch that guy is dead now god please yes. I don't want that either one it's not all well and don't. So we got did so did his grip on thank you if not Romeo. And I blockade in the studio in this car discount. Mike you know for me some Thomas he speeding cars and goes keep walk in his case over out of prepared jump. That's right it's I'll into the death race 2000 traffic schools LO OK you are behind a widow but I I wasn't trusting I would try to hold. If the senate the players. You know anything I doodle said wheels and build those who. Wear out. This is a great time you running a comedy network because there's nothing to talk about it there's nothing going on in the war is pouring out there right now that it's a I I look critically at the pollute but if you do get to the bullet nothing. Nothing loads of you know the moon could growth phase and start calling us gasoline and then got in Basel as Dan I know paradise. It's time to be a comedian I mean I know some comedians and they always talk about current events or delegates out but I mean there's so much going there's somebody. Just watching CNN is like a comedy show like to watch in the news in general is true so much is going on rumors that what's going all. It's very tricky because there's there's just two giant size and and we are as a as a country. We're in a bad marriage. You know in the sense that you you can't have a marriage based on the fact. I'm all right. You're always wrong war it never works in as the old saying game the old saying goes you can be right. Or you can be happy you can't have both all the and that so what I find it and believe me when I got married I had to learn how to fight. Well there's my whole approach to marriage was like my wife will say something that drives me insane. I won't say anything. And then later. I'll died of cancer and on and I hope it's not Al the and then we get too good at fighting is a unique to come over the run kind of milk in twenty minutes later it's still just a nuclear business. If I die waiting came back as a turtle you wouldn't feed me tell us right now. LP has got to be there that you that would surprisingly got marriage didn't work. But I am what I finally when I'm performing inside of you you have to take. The idea of you know you'd say my side cite in your sides grade I say your sides maximize its rate what do we both agreed that both sides. Both sides. And then you get bigger they get. And then a little. Then you can get some headway you're you're never going to get anybody to hear you. Unless you grant them something in the VW IC your point and then you have to see. And then people wrong. Maybe I'm remembering history wrong but it's like that's sort of used to exist back in the day yeah hit everybody had to lose they support or whatever but people would say look. This person doing this for a now seems like people like 100% yes 100 yeah other. There is no great charity there's no common ground and and it's scripts which met with when you go through a whole week and you're like I need to go to accomplish exactly about why we. Gone from a I'm right and you are wrong to I'm right and you are evil and it just doesn't ward debt and Joseph right or wrong. Yeah exactly so you know that's that's that's the trick is it trying to get people who just sort of chill out. And and and realize that they both side. What they do ball socket you know I even wanna kick the tires the good news is. We go through a whole week that starting tonight Utica shows like yours economy works out. Garnett and god well enough yeah I god willing and it. There and there are there's there's giant things that you know you can talk about in his movies here's here's here's a little thing. That I noticed recently. You know this obviously is all this talk now about its building safety and I was and a infection on my finger under my fingernails to go to my dermatologist. Might dermatologist. Is an highrise. A building and come up there and I go out pay any use the men's room in the you're gonna need the code. Really. To get over the finish that somebody unauthorized. Might have to take a (%expletive) the other day and I. Why I missed and the hiring but it's one thing and it's the 7-Eleven on the street corner. If if if. Gangs of hobos roaming the 23 floor of the medical towering UCLA. Starting trash can fires and making stoop and. That is some ass hole on the 22 floor toys yeah there lawyers running down the hallway with toilet paper got a yeah and then put isn't it if they went to the elevator founded to erred on the floor of the militant thank god that guy didn't have the code. But it did and our toilets. Just relax let people use the toilet it's going to be fun. Although Aaron is building up on me. Yeah but he's just lucky yeah just let you go to the everything's going to be fine. We have by Dana goalies here this weekend starts and I count or sell them more so. Passover years you'd order a stand against evil looks like just last month announced Thursday on the Thatcher. You are rare bright in the third season right now John McGinley. Is our lead Jim Advani and we rule from third season will premiere on I AFC in the fall. And I'm also. Going to be doing a little bit of work on the show I'm dying up here which is about comedians. I'm showtime it's. Basically said in the comedy store in the early seventies but I'm playing a comedian ambling. Canada. Ass hole agent. How will I ever find that. Ads or does it help wanted to work fire at a power buttons that narrows Georgie I spent a lot of you know as it was called remembering. That. That helped out yeah so cool thing about the states we've been five years now. Of use that stuff out there on the first under comic you're working on this show right and came back in the second season just got that's you or Thursday's yeah exactly it's awesome seeing like. Your dad's work progress as you can become number on win when you see Denver coming up on account what does that mean if you like as standup comedian. Oh I don't well I you know I'm but fortunately. You know I need can be picky with where I ago. Because I have. Seven different careers and their work in different areas that allows me to be able to say noted things I don't do for the most part. On and so. I only when I am on the road. I want to beat. And I you know I love Denver have a lot of friends here. Kevin is a really good friend of mine and it's just it's a great comedy town and I like the altitude. More than anything. But no I know. About grass. I've written I didn't go to I wasn't. I used to goad to HBO used to have a comedy festival in Aspen. Racing go there'll people. Aspirin is not a good comedy. No and ask in. Is experiencing. Knowing is stressed out in Aspen. You know comedy comedy works well. In place where people stressed. With the weather is chasing you inside the building basically you know it it's a comedy your leg and these alternative comedy rooms that go into laundromat in his comedy show that combination. She sprung on people. I like a ghost. People that are on them. The middle of like living art times. Just you know Domenici should know what you're getting when you go in there in years that has to be entirely about whole foods probably Papa. For them to an understand it's ya wanna. And you gotta be and then just go in and do it and Eddie and in but the big thing is they. Going to Denver you're engaged the crowd. And the crowds are Smart. And that shows are very engaging and I I was noticing this about our glorious leader yesterday and television. Went for tourists and and he Donald Trump isn't nothing else the sales any for any part of it but Brazil these. He's not a good actor. When you wash when he's speaking. Any when he sings something he cares about. He's still engaged he's still gal the pill. Got failed. She won't make a great shape killed so from the pages. It takes it well. But don't actually has to say something adult like the president Asians and really used. The loans against John rules. Ran an IQ and you. Didn't pay check if any he's got he's got to get that big turnout today I don't know it's technically and and you cannot fake it. He's in the run last so you don't nobody saw that our guest to have you know like yesterday when he was avenue it's warm yeah thank you did I hear you I hear you have in your mind this day. I hear you thank you thank you for being my allies. Thank you so it's just a then we wanna thank you always make time for us when you don't have to tell is evidence tonight that this weekend count yourself landmark get those tickets like him as only few left. Economy works dot com. Bennett gold thank you so much it's suited him.