Dave Attell Interview

Friday, June 9th

Comedian Dave Attell stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works South, his upcoming projects, Insomniac and more!


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Dem resolve today's comedy count 231 is big Mike has been a few years but I'm excited to get his man back in the studio here in the mile high city is economy works out. At the landmark you know it is we got David tell what's up today if this happened in my good to see him welcome back to the mile high city hasn't really been those many years was meant that any year since I see you pride then comedy works. Now I. Wasn't as legal as it is on an audit in three years ago about two years ago the hole in the well the bubble the welcome back. Like under is gonna give it more of a pop for meaning in Denver like you and then releases. You know PG I think that's on the next ballot and as the next about about the next time you come here is that something else might be legal Colorado discussed. But here's what happened there was legalize one that you like and particularly in bars and Seattle pots legal plastic bags no longer a match that I you know. Sad you want pleasant day well. Yeah you gotta give something W wants a unit returned. Well what's been going our demand. While a couple of good things and an inventory here as always. I'm working on. I I guess I was lucky to be picked to be and one of the episodes of crashing. Last season that's on HBO Pete Holmes. And you know I'm not an act as we problems like. You know school to get to do you play myself I guess in a comedy setting and you know there's a lot of great comics and Oreo Lang and two and Apatow is the guy who put it altogether and he loves company is on the be Helms's stories this you know brought before we open that is. On escorted it to you to be a part that says it's going to be via second season. Second season maybe well I mean maybe they won't but I'm just trying to support the cause and speaking of causes women who love. I do charity a military family. For the veterans children like went all the deployed since camps and different things like that where they get tickets. Get together and also public summer and no fun while their parents deployed an apple select when the mayor has come back as a chance to reconnect. Does a great thing it's called operation purple and go to my site itself up so that's the business of at all. I think your fans loved troops of Somalia's bolting them. Daley said to David tell dock coming final the information on there and you know we wanna welcome you back can you talk about it you're not activate. For not be an actor Emmy you don't quite a bit now I you know use whether it's that are even on the TV side with all that I. I've done a few parts that a lot death and on the TV side and you've. Over the course like you know how many years he's been part of a burglar every late night show. They're who doesn't. Reserved for thirty years debt. The law you're young boys. I was thirty years ago with a two years. CO lawyers year old boy who year old boy I was starting out it may come at oral. Now I've done a few that's very messy this than a few parts I guess they call like walk ons are you know and our special guest and I think. While the same size and like you said. But at the end of the day you're always doing stand there and eroding. Get out you know what what is it like giving you had so many opportunities. You know what your career like you are not as ever to be done so much with your career but like to keep coming back stand up what is it about like going onstage. I like to go to your original thought I've had a lot of opportunities and I've walked away from everyone home yet I really have no acting is kind of like what people do especially at this point. In the comedy world likely the acting as a way to but I never was a good actor and from my first acting thing and Judy tang was strictly by the great Lou. You know Lou CK. Two you know. Multiple other appearances and that is not a right you're for me it's kind of funny because like I really you know like. You know like actors like fanatically feel like comics and actually went over like for me it's like I'm always like you know. Hey how much time in like two I get to rip the lines that I like elect when he got to make it. Oil and then cut coming up you're going to be voicing Satan. Yeah Boise Satan of the adventures of drunk. Mom Nazi and more of a demon. Guys and Axel grade boys. I am dvds skeptic but I wish I was the state parties in Oreo tonight but. Yeah I play I play one of the demons and that animated feature and by the way you know animation now experts Fijian like you know. This is like classic old school like it looks draw on to me it was like you know like like and Egypt. So really is like impressive what they did that very town. And I that was cool I like doing the voice that's almost as it is like too many different ways which. He's dirty by the way it's maturity it's about time. All you have me on Netflix that he knows that after that I am giddy yap. About that. The dirty comedy like it he watched obviously Simpson all amazing. It is nice at a rate at all our and I deleted dark arts. Is walking distance. At at at at that they're having. We had David tell us studio music comedy works out that landmark this weekend and came on the right weekend like this is gonna be the first like real summer weekend I know I didn't worry these word. Had a debtor in town I mean Metallica was just here yet these are the heavy hitters man and this is like you know you guys like music especially outdoors like with the moon and rocks and stuff like he does really electric wildly. That is there's the crowd likes a lot of scrubbed in while weaken it would they wanted to laugh it on a weekend that full well. I don't know how my whole crowd of laugh. As it is as though is is great talent we've comedy I am really some really great confidence in them but I know I'm up against like he says it's just some are. As soon as some kind of pop festival. And I happen to anybody crafting that it's going to be a front economy works out if you know the walking by accident. It's not look chip Obama a little bugger right now the we're gonna walk right into your zone it's going to be a good time. Of legacy get those tickets com or dot com so you know for me like you know my first let me think about fifteen years ago now is just you know just because he's he's seventeen but. How would stay up and watch insomniac right and you know does the you know what I think about it it does the Philly has been fifteen years together the show like wrapped up about fifteen years ago but. It's in me I remember the show our members and and from what I hear like nowadays you don't you don't drink. Yeah you bet they need to bring the show back into it it's on the ad version for like. For what you do now because there's there's food there's late night rob there's like there's still stuff to do late night winners. Alia is planning to stuff out there now that I think most of its being in Seagram's in two pleaded innocent of experience. Here's mine new idea cameo elect is on its way tool you know I can't drink anymore by the vehicle like I just kind of like. You know like the puppy and coughing and just say immediately and I like Africa. And then like when they donated throwing back in the province like mail me the next place I you know that that's a plan that would commit a work accident. You know like you know like movie travels Joba rules about like it. The issue is known then that it's my weekend of earnings grow over two days ago body just carried all over for a good time and you can turn that to a pitch I went from idea to pitch right there. It is demeaning it Ozzie can sell and make it happen when you put on David Talbot on the you know I actually. Even have a website now makes you feel. It's definitely. The so what's next you may gotta come who works this week and I've received stand on the road got the the what allegedly drunk you got anything coming up this year. I have just like that I knew our electing the next year year and a half for some like that because I'm. You know I'd like to do one more especially launched a label to put some jokes together by you know it's very PC now select every took it right you can immediately expected back in my view righted itself. I hope that especially for the fans to -- comedy show though because. And then I'm you know I'm always we're gonna other other like little projects by the you know I guess. I guess just being out on the road connecting to the fans this is the ones that I'm seeing me I ripped into him enough to say I was season. Drink cart they laugh or in the that you choked in the usually typical day. I like that and I appreciate them so mentally. And as well oh well at least you that such a loud music from the town and Denver's. The members of the comedy scene that people like that people love comedy and you know comedy appreciate county NC knows the outcome works out. Well Denver of course we can't can't think there now let's talk about bulls and other not stepping okay boulder and have at least two or three snowboarding stories as an unanimous that. That is. I Attleboro like that that that is like one of those things like. Yeah those people have like all those crazies skills like that can juggle. They can snobs guys that the data that elect you know make their own Lou. The parts impressed. Wald a mortgages and after all. It's important it if not for comedy just into all those things any disfigured face painting you go do it. Well we wanna thank you make it tough resident you always for me this weekend commodores up Alam market's going down a David tell. Beautiful summer weekends a degree we can get some comedy and and come works as those laughs out they have some there's a bit hasty of its common yet that's that the did you take of the comedy works that count David tell eczema thank you.