Dazzle Comedy Show Interview - 6/13/18

Wednesday, June 13th


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Pride week has started here in Denver and there's a special thing going on tonight at castle its gay old time and comedies and ox and featuring pop each plank she's with us today poppy we're really happy to have Ian ST EL. I'm curious about is how you got into comedy in the first place sea diver and got their own story. Well I think it was my mother's fault hate because. I was an ugly kid in Miami because she dressed. This. Pig tails so that's not my Ed Meese box glasses and the kilt that's just. You know and immature in you know mothers dressed exactly like my brother hated. He likes it now. And you know it also my name's poppy so I mean c'mon that's you know my parents where heroin addicts. And my Brothers names Opie and I am an NBA did get like oh my god it's a pot is legal hair and now I used to smoke like a theme. My act. I smoked for thirty years and I finally quit and it was really hard to quit because they still sell. Ever try to lie Internet and no real. I asked if that's not my new business now now. Not I don't do drugs in my and I don't drink any more arms over seventeen years. Yeah I quit drinking. Because I would drink and drive which was really stupid you know I would drink and drive flipper and cruise control on top in the back that's how crazy act as a. It. Yeah I was pulled automatic consequence adding him nauseam pulled over a so. What was the music I. Yeah. I. Like. I go I weaning him in equity. I. So. I had to figure he can you drink. I've glad I was so into it I couldn't figure out. I was it will help them do this and so I figure eating drinking your house. So I start living in Winnebago. And and that's good to me over your trashed them home laugh after. That's a little Paul to add egg and the loop. You know. I'm all mama I Stupak as I would of the trying to land rehab purple scum we whoever. Others so much Mario and eat dead smoking evade bed putted on your stand. On it right about happening pretty much yes that's already turned and ran. Abbie we look forward to seeing you tonight it dazzled shows at 7 o'clock just going down to why wouldn't she be. We've got a special deal for you promo code pride eighteen years that it check out. He can get ten dollars off your take it. Why not start pried off quick couple laps I now thanks for joining us on comedy one and three.