Deray Davis Interview

Friday, September 9th

Comedian Deray Davis stopped by the Comedy 1031 studios with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at the Denver Improv, his new TV shows & more! 

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Is devers over today's cavity Calvin won a 31 is big Mike excited to get this man is studio that is a chance if you turn on your TV at some point. He'll be right if audio screen gets you all over the place and a young kid. He's right here in Denver Colorado at the Denver improper we Eddie Gray Davis was a masculine man we're gonna resist the judge is talking about now I'm so there on the way of June and I. I didn't see you know me and make them a bit his mandate to tell me is they just a dollar well nothing's been done it I've gotten a while not sick literally. Was thirteen cent Lal dim and Nick Cannon makes it is nice award for now the paper on that amount owed among argued the welcome back demise of the good image is shot you take you know alcohol liking any chatter chatter goal against the grain or lose there what's up and at altitude get a say that Villa alta altitude alcohol sound like to miso on the which won a woman what I thought a phenomenal doing Boca. Watch seven alcohol in the altitude high tier the Dem camp rob this weekend you get to get to Denver got him product I'm gonna wanna get those what you can't. You'll last night Denver Broncos clarity. Big football fan follow up on the bears fan man who brought it on at the home you know sort of apply you mind during the summer hasn't had seen him turn they turned up. There's another big cuts radio added a matter we've labeled Mac is the difference in the money right where we may it'll let you put everything into right now do you think that it is it is going to be a tomorrow. As a lot of damn money men that's it's quite a way to look around because it's race. I think he has -- feud amazed that they won last night in my wanna celebrate your shows this week he had to go to our man got out of the in game isn't charisma and Mikey it was about the entire venue to sit right in the middle you know I love you lot did I know I love to know what you think you may have had a few friends it's the coast of some company had a graduate eulogize them as a job to give mine down and awesome tweet right now so we got the gray Davis and as we get like I said made a busy man right now yeah if you showed joke enough when -- to -- to -- one of our outlook for humans it's may have Viacom is being polite man number and they have me actually just hired me to be a host of VH one's about squares and others did that too. Chuck Tony of missiles and as those just men love lost them a comedic lane with with them off the latest is is working out manned the Bynum you know my being hosted. By our host of my demanding game cylinder about where. I didn't I never nor read a teleprompter and I guess I read here my teacher was right it's hit and then I think with the Ericsson. It is that with the guys you receive part of that I think Cuba is ice cubes executive producer ice to. In the building does that show is already being shot now and it's just got it OK is it so we just for the student last week it was. To an absolutely two weeks Oca is those it was a Helena have we got it done man are you allowed to say some of the people that are there I don't give a damn negative outlook are allowed to know him. We. It's. Amber rose T paying. All loving about people who whoever was on there. Who is on there would lose sleep here who was dude man. Dismissed as there get the slick hair on program though they have well. No exact. Who wrote them Michael blacks and little do well on Saturday entertainers. In the community where DC young fly from. Lot of beautiful ladies is on their co leases on over there she's whose. Care Rio soon. Could route she's. This out there yet you let that lot less I I don't harder all the time all law are well that's that's that's that's. He has Ose who you can be on. To play as contestants don't boot the blow as the UV guys. I kid play. So it does good reasons and also alerts don't go weeks ago they got a tentative timeframe when NASA gonna drive back so who program but they've been at cut much experts Baghdad secure you know other do you want to six month Blair yeah politics matter run. Eyes that he's gonna be here at the September improbably exe to Denver dot improper dot com. That I read correctly like you want obviously to a counter and I hear this week and a member of the U wanna be a bilingual com. I do man you what you wanna take it to the to take it international because I because I mean you get you get pigeonholed them and in this man like. Because I know funny but I don't know bomb over there funny you run out what African. I was what people want 2011. Who's here and weapons of mass back with Michael Jackson so. I just wanna be able crossover Amanda and all aspect because of supplies as let's wanna mom movie's the cleanest and it was as picnics and apparently they thought that was a funny how I okay. The evolve over the do do do it myself and you all do it I've learned. Plus a bit of your own doves about my own Doug let go of it does get a job of killing their plan but that doesn't go to vote. I'll be at all do much toast man Yuriko my you know my clinic is on stand here today of the northern appeal language barrier translated via chart anybody he's gonna ask you I don't want your life be and ended because the language bears must manually Marxist them. I've I think. It's beginning to his don't know what to do with him when he does he does want some of them New Zealand groupies exactly and that's compete young ladies with. All camps could stoke it passes the house might damage. Out of this document or major wanna get the comedy mom who was a barks in an economic club I got to seven strokes yeah. So I decided there yeah. Now remark as a mark of a kind of a walk in the saw me you know statins like. I could do that it just felt so good plus we've also the runner Rosa Sonoma cousins and I sort of felt like it wasn't the time about an artist so. As the as that year's progress island part of an amendment. Got discovered at Jamie Foxx is laughable lose announce it right to movie's idea that you faced when you very very first start and they go oh my sword you know I haven't. I did overnight to about six months and then asks steinem all comedy club was our host a moment then. I got Todd and not being in the glow when they were only going to when he felt like it this of them as I got strong and then as cement a rest as we hear. You know movies made doing comedy so assuming power play Comedy Central Yemen so. So I felt we will review of its people Omega Lamy seeing a stand Elaine sometimes you gotta Brea the construction equipment and build the way and you know we're gonna work this rather than doing it so. Well that's it's like one of the last weekends of summer it's good to great week of becoming the Broncos just one. Got to get out yet make us over the Broncos would deer Ray Davies in his bears Jersey. Actually probably left that. Air violently do you know if that he's going to be the only game. He's the team that does go Broncos come out though Bob Miller you got a free we can you got to come out celebrate yet on where you.