Dov Davidoff Interview

Thursday, February 23rd

Dov Davidoff stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk about his shows at Comedy Works downtown this weekend!  


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Devers over today's comedy count anyone out 31 as big Mike exciting give this man back his studio is a he is a Ryder. He is a comedian a writer actor and an in this weekend he's bring in the stand up right back here this nominee works downtown we have dubbed it up what's up man yes sir hey Mike thanks for having me welcome back to a mile high city. Well it's good idea I actually downtown Denver Conley were once one of the best comedy clubs in the country but also like to my first album out less useful what do you do that when you do that dog years ago I couldn't tell you what you put it was a it was a number of years ago yet you know a lot of comedians that come and they always say you know com or Stan I want the best clubs when it left and again you know what what is it about comedy works makes the. You know it's a well run club and it's not this a bit about the rule and this and that about the demographics here you know and it's like an alchemy and I I. I don't well you know it's like this thing about a great room is that nom. It's hard to. It's it's. It's probably not any one thing it to people who own and manage the club you know and then there's the demographic and in this environment people arm. It's it's kind of a cool. Place for lack of a better term you know it's a cool people and and it's it's got that kind of vibe and I think it works for comedy. What I have vending you know somebody shows a different comedians that do different you know content in different ways of doing and like yeah that the crowd always excited so there's such a mess is such a different you know so many different forms are just sense of humors and towns. I think there is yet and yet I think Perez. At a news and there's a kind of if there's an allowance for a kind of Yahoo! a range area where some markets she going to initially just this yeah you can get all kinds of people who an idea a.s and and yeah. Well we have a dove David he's economy works downtown and get tickets at comedy works dot com. What's been going on human. I'll what is being going on I mean I'm trying to figure this life thing out you know it's the finger. It's challenging match I don't know. And we're pretty well immediate terms of this. Piece this year norm I mean working on. I'm on this crashing on HBO this season and non. And I've been playing a cop on shades of blue on NBC. With Jennifer Lopez in radioed ahead and that's what's been going off last year and half and not back out on the road a 1 am I'm built into our cell mom and and and that's the name of the game is to write it and figure it out and get on stage and make that happen I'm sure more most men aren't so that what it's like to work or Jennifer Lopez. I don't know listed the you know is that this stuff I always find the stories boring you know exactly ticket until these stupid TV studio stories or whatever. I she's cool professional shows up there's nothing nothing. Nothing that you want here today yeah go ahead like other than you know simply don't like what they. It was great show up on senate did that not enough that none of that nonsense and he York and I believe it this year gonna be released new memoir. Is that yes GA yeah I've I've just finished a book and so it's to be releasing mart express. Late 27 team and we'll make you wanna put that together what inspired you like to reconciling my my stupid childhood you know it he had presented it to ridiculous kind of thing and that's try out a bit of comedy and so that's what I ended up. You know it writing I mean a memoir click. Listed in you know oppressive writes a biography I haven't done enough to you know right it's a memoirs of personal you know reflective experience of somebody's life and so. I I think it's good and I hope I hope somebody gives it we went when you set off on your writing this did you you know now that you've finished writing it did was it easier or more difficult than you thought noted a Boehner was the case it was it was horrible. He had no it was like it was it was interesting and if you don't think about any of these projects create a prize we start out interesting because. The doors haven't closed yet in terms of weird that a story can go or an idea. And but then it becomes. You know once I got to the editing part after the first after I wrote the first 200 pages that was torturers you know you know city guy hated hearing my own voice. But as I looked back you know their I think that there is some merit there are some real good. So stories in the real genuine personal reflective stuff so. Ons nodes envelope things happened. We have a dove David he's The Commodores downtown this weekend eagerness to get The Commodores are console you know having done stamp this on what what was that started this like what major wanna give the comedy. And I don't think it was a ridiculous child that a group and a junkyard Gerri yeah my mother was not from my filed with the you know these guys it was it was very strange. Kind of alchemy and and and when I was Tony is although with the work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is working on Wall Street and I paced others are we running my mouth it's obvious that we Shalit. And it started from there and it just felt like of just trying to make sense out of existence did you spend time India that already I spoke to admitted he had an idea not from guy with a big orange to. Gabriella Ferraro would. A gown did a lot all the people where good down that's one of the indicators and it was aren't humorous this. Oh I guess I don't bring my arm breakdowns or our large Afro I didn't say that the Googleplex. Not it's not my ceiling now and I'm not tell anybody how to live their lives but I got some ideas. I don't tell you Braylon televise the event of the something's and I just can't pull off felt good idea and more than one of them is an orange girl Vannatter for a I had and say that I get a ball and you might be able to as the other days ago about. So I got the memoir on the outlets have been like you know working on the on the TV show like him is is for you because obviously did you withstand a price started. Yes that was how I started all day acting is it's. It's a different discipline you know it's on there related in some ways but. You can't you can't look for a punchline to show you supposed to bring the show if you're acting scene and you wanna make it. The real then you have to really be listening to the other person. And comedians are always so good that. And that's something that it's a must so you really have to tell you gotta you gotta. Yeah how you have to really just be about listening and understand what you're doing otherwise it's not gonna come off well he's. We you know standard view of that immediate reaction when he and then there's immediate gratification and acting like six months. Lay out you don't you don't noted sweetly so that show of Syria again you know idea and by the way might get caught out you know and evidently you know and what the what was key which season what it's gone out I think it was a little everything that you relate very excited to see yourself doing the size of cut does that ever happen now it hasn't happened but to put certainly do a piece of scenes that have been caught like they pick him props that went well you know -- to -- to that talent -- HBO crashing to the the improbable lot so. I'll be curious to see what what. What made it in him why didn't you know what you know not totally cut. So us CNN's been doing this history of comedy special yes federal Dubya histories and so they're getting result it's been fun watching that has seen a lot of the you know a lot modern comedians talk about you know discuss the history of Tommy Blake some of their inspiration that you have an inspiration to comedy was anybody that you know really struck viewer. Not really no I'm not mean you know I watch some guys early on and I mean obviously all the greats everybody's you know watched Pryor and Carlin did they Woody Allen and whoever but. Not I didn't globe with a pop culture presence I don't care about talk shows I've never watched them. I'm happy to do on yeah on the Tonight Show all the talk shows but. It's given them my. My thing added that in world phone I didn't grow with television influence did you discover common and easy yes they do is go to this yeah. Yes him he was still running the show I was banging some girl and she had a friend. And that dude was due in conflict you can expect an estimated Jewish. He moralist. Are you never know banging it simple view and I don't care about it dictator lives it and cash here. Well you know we wanna think you've made time for his legacy that this week and he's going to be commodores downtown. Is it a little chillier this week SE and that's due to warm via people well that we're gonna warm it up come downtown. Yeah I guess they get those tickets account were stuck on Dublin's main topic to grab me appreciate.