Dov Davidoff Interview

Thursday, January 11th

Dov Davidoff stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark this weekend, his new book and more!

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It is Deborah solve today's comedy coming up 31 is big might excited give this man back in studio he's going to be here this week in a comedy works out and he's back here in the studio and got dubbed David up what's up man yes sir thank you for me Mike welcome back to a mile high city. That it and Q do you still say happy new year it's a way that the I think happy new year man and yeah I mean I don't know when the deadline is the content but I think it's different a couple of weeks that maybe -- weaker today Valentine's Day maybe down to that any kind of a dorm has a happy new year. All right happy you welcome back to Israel through this error I event have been good a bid good you know I have bitten it just. I've been working on a TV show I've played a cop and now I'm back out on the road who developing a third hour and so that's what I'm I'm doing what's Eminem has. This in the Phil McGraw I don't know sometimes TV show isn't always that demanding an area. On an error and I wrote a book called road dogs on out on the road talking about it and and I it's a memoir an amount the amount delegates when did you release from Doug rock you know last month a pro quo and what was that about. It's a memoir it is life reflections from the road loses and the comic put. It's really just about life you know to me right to memoir to a lot of its its internal stuff yeah but also about life on the road which is as it's entertaining aspects. So it's been a message we've been here comedy you know to 2017 houses and happy new year we it was a rat you know you housewife seventeenth for human. I'll play seventeen who was I you know listen up and down like every other year and now I think it was more good in bed put but certainly had its challenges it's. It's opened in her do what seems like I look at what they say it's. All of substantive abuse of was that I love so it was all of those things as does its thing I mean it's it's just not talking about the other parts that. I live in a bill was all let's you and appreciate the ups you gotta have the down easily crack for a 2017 how it all up especially this does its thing you know it's is that salad fork yet. It's so now here we are 2000 it's easy to hear this we gonna come or seven MEU you actually recorded one of your albums. I'm going album here a day commodores won the best clubs in the country easily and eats on and it's. Both of the rooms and so it's it's really will run in the audience is a great and so that's why I decided to do the album here as opposed anywhere else eyes tossed there. Yeah I get a lot from comedian coming and talking about how great you know for a comedian when they say it's great audience. What is it about Denver when he does well I don't. Are cool it's not too tight you know eighties hit eighties in that you don't get I super politically correct vibe it's kind of a loose. An operation in terms of what we you can go material wise. And and also just that literally the ergonomics of the room tale run rule knives and so and and you guys have a local scene so. The middle act is often. And the people that come on before you go have some funny local guys sometimes a little place and it's just not like that and you're fighting all of the elements you know from the sound to the manager to the dopey middle it's like. You know but it comes together certain places in this is one of. They helped me showing it to do other things have nothing do with the show constant is always an nonsense. On so we had done David up easier coming or south of Atlanta market and you take it's a comedy works dot com while you can. Ice here all weekend. He got a yes there what will parts that will part of the world you living in either of Brooklyn New York okay so you'd have you had to sit through his big snowstorm comes up before that Al Seattle and LA now here he was no guy aren't. Now on the snow guy. I can listen if you go hills you can do some skiing snow is wonderful but if you're in the city and it's just become slush Italy walk around downtown Manhattan going up and down from the subways and on the with a lot of snow I. I live in Colorado my entire life that grew up here Bob lives through monster blizzard that's 2000 through blizzard it was. Eight fee and no visas and and then I'll say it's not an. The mountains are over there and it's over the holiday Mecca over there ought to sneered at the skiers and snowboarders and go on and I don't know I don't minus those little bit but I don't think as when it snows here is them in the population is guns will be a lot of people in my view California that and yeah so it yeah the the first time it's knows nobody knows how to drive more yeah. Everybody drives crazy aids vaccine out there and it's and millions of lives Armenia's crash is not my there's nothing good about it good enough for the most part no and I and I saw a lot of the F pictures and videos that in the East Coast mixing whatever that the crazy turned I cyclone of the -- on something like yeah. They get a guy that won't we hear Colorado where we took Blair's nose lick 657 degrees and now I'll take. In this weather all I'll take it all they tell while we got to hear this weekend here com or south that landmark. You know for you army allowed people to go see your show this weekend a lot of the you know you've been in this for awhile and for you what what is it about comedy for you do you enjoy. Reconciling a horrendous childhood good parent you know I got to figure it all out after you know in the nobody gets into this this is because they have a healthy psychology I know you got something wrong with you if you're gonna go into this Vietnam via. So you know a lot of it is just observations about the about the world and trying to stay sane and that's how you know that's just the language they speak it's you know I mean. It's it's it's yet I mean it's it's like anything you know somebody writes a song there at a book they did you know I mean I. I want to hear it when it was very alike when you were growing up rule was there any comedians that kind of like. Don't have heroes among the heroes and I don't believe that any of that I think there's too much of that in our culture. I think you get today you know I think we got somebody ia good Simonyi is something. I don't know what the rest that life looks like I mean have a lot of respect for certain people but I want to not even so much as the hero but just some you might be if man like a problem and a friend of mine's in my body and adamant hilarious right's jail is good as anybody and applied. Chris Roxy you know the guys and who everybody sites Richard Pryor and Woody Allen. Those guys are great. All we wanna thank you for his mega time it's a MySpace. I love them they're like us that this weekend. Be happier NASA under a blizzard Colorado go see some good comedy we can't commodores out get those tickets why can't commodore sack on David. Thanks so much man.