Duncan Trussell interview

Saturday, February 27th

Duncan Trussell stopped by with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works this weekend, getting his start in Comedy and more! 

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Denver is over today's comedy count anyone on aids being my body as many comedians podcast last night. They show comedy works sold out so if he wants in his week and you definitely wanna get those tickets as we adopted rustle up hey what's that you know I'm good man are you. Good movement Friday so we can almost yes. I thank you thanks for. What's been going on Liu. Well. I'm happy to be in Denver so cool manner economy works and incredible. Comic Condo they put this up then it's just insane it's like some kind of Donald Trump level billionaires sweet. It's beautiful it's surprising he's. Usually we need you accommodate that we Europe and kind now. It is not dead it's a bad place like that at that level of like. Haunted house of an Indian burial ground just horrible sprayed with like. Despair. All mole varying comedian Jay is a. Anxiety sweat. Makes him look I went to a comedy our Condo winds or won't name the play space. They have like a laminated. Signed a step above the thumb which is like comics you wanna get hooked again use your calling card. And eighties right liked is nothing is changed is thick dust from the eighties anyway it's the opposite of that. Here yet so it's glorious. Us here and start milk. Is there out repeating it and they're getting in there it's incredible they've got. Actual slight. Armor night it's like being there. Just like in a mansion on scattered throughout the place fantastic boatloads of haven't seen this come out wanna see this Condo at some point to spend once they let him since then and I don't know. Yes it's a tour attack at. A social last night social about how is that I like performing. World. It there's too to my favorite clubs in the country aren't the comedy store where I learned east and at and in the comedy works and and it's our only featured an economy works. So tickets that headline is a pretty big deal for me it's pretty exciting. It's it's. Perfectly constructed. Club like oh I don't think a lot of people realize that stand out. There's a lot more than just the Mike on the stage but there's a certain acoustic qualities you're really good programs that seemed. Seems to come from a lot of different things lows sea lanes for more than that. It's weird to say man but there's like kind of like juju in the air they're really gave. Rooms that kind of like specific psychic vibes that if it's at the comedy works out you really tune managed to great earned or. You know it's it's one you know it's true because every almost every comedian says every reason the exact same thing about eastern. Once every single 11 bass clubs to format and not only that but they're also great at picking who want to come there's a note there's comedian there. You're gonna leave laughing and that's one knows who this thanks man take the company were Sacco. How to commissioner or they can't get him right there are you your imagine where you guys start comedy out it gets dark comedy it would what inspired you want yeah. Well it's weird I never you know like you'll hear comedians and time sale like ever since I was a kid I knew how to abuse stand up comic that I never at that level of competence like. I can remember. Before he knew that Bill Cosby was a credit rampaging and you know monster. That was the first common share my dad had a Bill Cosby. Album. And I can remember. You got your brain takes these like weird snapshots of things in life like just a photographic snapshot could almost hear the shattered just click but I can remember. Putting a Bill Cosby Amman. And listening to stamp for the first time and you know kids have no immune system for comedy like you don't. Have you know aren't jaded or cynical so everything's funny but he when he was in like a master. I caused deep and look regardless of the fact that what he he's dying he's still master Ed stand up. And I just was floored it was like getting like shockwaves through I fell on the ground. I couldn't stop laughing I couldn't breathe so that was my first taste of stand out and then. I would like memorized jokes from this like him bears and you'll remember truly tasteless jokes to remember those books. Cities these books back when they need bookstores that come out filled with violence and. And I'd like video store or. Are you plugs. But these do like these these facilities like embarrassing stock jokes like really stupid dirty jokes please try to remember differently to memorize that. I'd memorize them in like I'd sit home and memorize these jokes and then on the bus. I'd tell these awful jokes to people and make them laugh and then I can remember this like. This redneck girls like you should they stand up comic. But anyway I never thought like I. I don't I don't think I could do anything back anyways ended up in LA. I inherited like 8000 dollars from my grandmother died and it abstain and that I'm. Synthesizers. In LA as the and ran out of money. Had to get a job. Ended up getting a job at the comedy store just as a matter of survival not thinking I. Started working on the phones. It was around comics are like why they give me three minutes of State's time every week so why aren't you just take advantage of that mystique you like it. Is it and I started doing stand out and the and I found my within and that's how I happen and. Offs are truly tasteless jokes and yeah. I've had actually your tires at this weekend so it. I'm only reading the impact. World joke books from the eighties or is an idea it's great please come and I'm gonna have the finals books seem like revive them like about it. They're terrible I and I don't know why haven't you know it's packed back to backs though. You know I know that you do you podcast answer the Duncan's Russell spam via partner approaching 200 so that's right and it's almost. Four years to the day almost few weeks ago that's right you know what they wanna do that because that and allowed to start podcast likes to post anything anymore you're still going. Well what happened is you know I. Many many moons ago. I was living in the consolation aero and I do stand apart castaways some comics Matt brought under Matt Dwyer and it started way back for four part gas Ernie and it was fine. I really liked it weird sitting around yapping there's something super cool about it so. I Natasha and I decided start a podcast called the lavender power. And we were just record that in our apartment. And upload it would no intention her any kind of like ambition minded outsider but it's fun to do. And so we we started doing that and then I got a phone call. From Marshall chiles he books the laughing stolen land. And I guess he's been listening to day and he said listen. Got to focus more on doing this podcast the caddies. Listen you guys targets it's really funny and eleven will realize this but there's about the podcast boom and so he. Prior to the podcast boom predicted the podcast and he's like people are gonna you know. Cars are gonna be able to dial out. Podcasts and it's getting here really popular so focused focused focused so we started doing the podcast more nearly broke out. And then I just sort of started my hunch. And that's happened so art has been doing matters cents. We are still going man that's right yeah I've got an elbow. It's over saturated now too many people out right now as he got over saturation thing. You hear people say is absolutely ridiculous that is the most insane. Concept and I think it's still limiting to people first of all if you're thinking I'm not gonna do this is it's over saturated. Why are you what are you doing anything like you're only dealing things because you're the first person to do it. You're in trouble Beatty that is in this planet every went RD done everything everything's the planet's over saturated. There's so many humans crawling in lumbering around this why isn't or everybody. Yes what is the arm just feel it's fun man and said no I don't think it's over saturated at a all I think it's under saturated it's and it's going to continue to grow if you look at their. Number of people on planet earth vs the number of people who are tuning in podcasts it's. Very small percentage of people still so and you don't do with being. The gives you want something from if I can quote the bog argued it is Hindu scripture that I love. You ever write to your action. You do not have a right to the fruits of your action that means if you get too caught out and what's gonna happen because you're doing this thing that then. Can you completely lose the sweetness in the moment and that's only reason to do anything. And it's Wear that on your books stand that transcript is next to the book to his jokes. It's interesting that government there you know I think well one time of the year season for. You know comics and entertainers. That gives them a treasure trove of content is election season which went right now yes what election season we've got right now that. You know it. You follow it you paying any attention to all the debates Hillary in the elections GoDaddy I. What do you think about everything that's going on right now at this year's if anybody cots arrive and obviously now from this kind of the points out right now yeah Iraq got there around what you what you think about this year the election. Well you know what it makes me think I have allowed man is that there's philosopher allowed named Terrence McKenna. You have this incredible theory that we're approaching something called the singularity now that's not just his theory that's ray Kurzweil's theory a lot of people think it. Is tagged as technology continues to accelerate. We're eventually going to get to a point where someone invents. A time machine as crazies that sounds and whatever that's. Formats can take you know as it is is that it's coming in the future is so powerful. That. It is actually blasting. Quantum particles backward through time these particles are caught tacky on particles so McCain has said it. Is he's tacking on Arnold's new particles moved backwards through time. They actually create novel events in human history that Chad's. The crucifixion of Jesus he believes that September 11 these kind of blitz on the scale of history. And as we get closer and closer to the singularity he predicted that we see more of these events happening in greater. And in greater with greater frequency that is we're getting closer closes incredible point it's club and history so. I think these elections are just one aspect. This. Being the world experiencing which is the kind of massive shift in transformation. Happening. To human history and as that happens. A lot of the things that we used to take very seriously. Are being exposed for the absurd. Ridiculous rituals that they actually are. We heard it here first on fossils and Cingular is the data out from what it. That's at the end it down makes sense that so again here this week and dumb comedy works at ten. I got a massive tour coming up you are good days Squarespace. Is sponsoring. I tour it's the guy you are god towards the bus tour I'm going to be going all through the East Coast and Abbas. And it's. No hitter wrapped if you don't like super expensive to get these things right like 151000. Dollars to rapid bus. Something about it seem like man department of bias that says you are god and SATA meaning it pulled over on the time. I don't feel an aggregate of Prius toward the prehistoric. Around those yeah Kuwait Seaver. And better for the environment actually. Look at stuff for his tour coming to a city hot ghetto doesn't sound kinda that that's not. Oh look at that back then but it is now thank you an idea I'll ideas are. Much except that's cute the others failed in all ideas. Well I mean if you consider what is an idea and if you think about the fact that you were like the universe producing any idea it ought to pretty spectacular thing. Thanks for ruining my thought process I've amassed upward to accomplish it yeah I'm sorry now I'm worried about the singularity. And I'm worried about might be out. They get people's bad ideas are not that anymore. That's why were you at exactly you're actually here to help me. Well I mean we're here to help each other out at the idea. To think that I'm helping you in some ways of you are we divvied let me be on your show at very turn on me at this mine as it is them that if this week it's of course it's not that you here thanks man what thank you often make time for us it's a comedy or dot com. Last night sought out of you want these tickets you know right now light and I don't think he's much banks and you're the best thing here.