Gilbert Gottfried Interview

Thursday, June 22nd

Legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, getting fired by Donald Trump, some of his noteworthy career moments like voicing Iago for Aladdin & more!  

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Is Denver's solve today's comedy comedy one of 31 it is big Mike I'm knocking out about him this moment right here this is a balk at this moment for me. Well we have some comedic royalty in here right now definitely wanna thank him for making top Rezko is passport years. That everything has now won lad and to the problems now moves to it would take like power to get to all the credits. But this weekend he is right here comedy works out landmark I'd like to welcome Gilbert Godfrey what's up man. Out now it is easier but it is this means you have to die. Watts at one of the bucket list one of the but not these bucket. That hoping you lead out the land. That. LRI. Now Kelly I. No I don't know I don't know I mean that you're Rossum are not the entire bucket misty your one of the populace do we got Gilbert got breezy comedy works out the landmark you get those tickets are comedy works dot com while last wanna get those right now is there going where it what's been going on with human. Op. On CO line I'd. Or reach amazing colossal. Hadn't. I had document. Called guilt. I don't know. That. By Tom edit choice of Gilbert got. 808. Got. Good or view its and to me why Ehlers the I. Look at that screen we nation a year aren't higher light. And condense it down duel was an hour or so our house. Yeah yeah and it was like hey let me outline. Watch every second month. Why I gotta say have you done some whats right your career that he's a seems like that would have to be like our anthology right there. Doesn't things in your quarter. I'll yeah. You know I don't have to like turn around right now as I mean that's how that's going X are right on talking Iago right now I made. As I did awesome to have you here. I mean you know you talk about -- you know Aladdin you know when you're doing that voice next year to 25 years ago now and it's still everybody knows that movie you know we look at the Disney movies overtime there's obviously a lot of classic characters you'll remember a lad and you'll remember you know beauty your belt whatever you may not know the boy who actually voice like you have to Google. Everybody knows who voice Iago. Another away I'll I and keeps coming acting. Couple years. It was articles in the paper routes and I hadn't used a key it's. It's a taste it anyways. Sinking deeper and deeper I would watch these homes that money for hours today and the father in an act to communicate this on up. Quite characters aren't apparently. On his. And he started imitating my choice and so on communicate. Which that power while they made that intuit document call I. Just shows that I can do want to. Things its longest time I hear it directly. At. The second parties are doing amazing. And you know what the Disney's doing a lot lately is there at the bring him back a lot of classics like lifers. That jungle book is to Beauty and the Beast. If they decide to do Aladdin I don't you you you you can't just cast anybody they got to bring you back for the Burr RJR. Today. Are you coming back Collins called Joseph Disney you can no other can now lets you just to do not even cast the bird. Yeah you'd better call Gilbert has I can't watch some movies that somebody else. Like eight eights eights I like. Even the points. I think I think me alive in a year late. A year after a month old start acts yeah so it's I you know ya go Woodard and Ian on. And it would have been terrible albeit at. And our great guy I'm sure but Matt asked. Not the job. And saying let's just let me. Equity value watch a lot of these arms. You know the voices aren't huge superstars nowadays but I beam it. Even just you you've got the voice people know me you know now iconic voice and it just Jack taught a comic comedian man and I mean. That's why it's awesome to have you here this weekend economy works out that landmark is into the tig is common stock com. Because I mean your like your comedian's comedian I mean like when a lot of comedians talk about. Their favorite comedian you're on that list you start this what 1980 late seventies early. It started when I lose the and I went up once you know a year Yemeni down well. In I agents go one act in the other room and eighteen. Yeah pay you more on him and then it was like years and me trying to get onstage and no money at different places. Always like doing stuff like that and then was like immediately. SNL found duke. And it did doing stuff like that for a number of years it was schacknow and this was not really breaks well the Coca. It sure what it was like. Regional acts. There so it was kind of why are you states. If end up being told me that you segregate it John Paul George. But we've got these or. A technical. And so they hated us even go forward we did just the idea today continuance. I mean it's. Oh part of iconic this boss. And and you know speaking of the iconic things that happened a yeah you're one of only a handful comedians because they've been fired by the present United States that's. I had a skills right. In its final a lot of people but I mean you're one of the few comedians these five. I. I may you've got to give Charles credit he said that when he came and that he was gonna create jobs lawyers again hired left on the pass out. They're getting hired left and right species sold as promised right there. You know when we Europe part of that show I mean if somebody told you write that in there that's the future present at states if you like I yeah. I could see that. I don't like it if they say. The current host Hollywood Squares with the. Or. Current contestant or are we gonna see running here in three years ago. You've got so much on your resume you might as well as present a United States to mean I think I think it would war. I think you know at least when the state. Giver job for you here and a common or settle them market goes to the common works outcome obviously you've done soul mate you've had so many successful runs in film. In TV and all that you'd you bring it back to the stage what is it about a standup. I'm Max pills it would not affect that attack at. All that need all yeah. The second to the check yeah seconds of the yeah I. PR cheese steak or else that are at record etc. et. Checks first is no check and artistic moment are you asking me and area I don't. At exactly. Well and that we wanna thank you off in time for us manner comedy 131 members except that beard go get your tickets right now comedy one of a cop but got to wonder when that company go to comedy were stuck to those tickets right now have a guy opera thank you so much.