Harland Williams Interview.

Friday, March 23rd

One thing is for sure....when Harland Williams stops by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic, its going to be one crazy interview haha!  Harland stopped by and chopped it up with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, his show on Disney Junior, and much more!    

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It is never solve today's comedy comedy 131 it's big night man I'm always happy when I see this man on a schedules on the station. In this week he's economy works out landmark half date. Dumb and dumber something about Mary is a few things he's done throughout his career and he's back here Harlem where is awesome. I have thrown -- welcome back that would you like drove him brochure TO sure brought each put you out of your brought us a nerve called Roswell Robert Massa crossed a lot of brush I don't brothels to ironic that out of -- addressed a shirt with an exclamation point garage now. You see if you see anybody rock and this weekend it's may drop shipment garage what do you say how would it would sure like moniker I mean it. Oh I'm role almost as the row. You know multiple. Never do a long form brochure SE off she Yoshi Joshi are she ocean having Donald school like that is that takes that takes a little war denounced the don't know about it so I don't wanna like. That's good those seals do it but anyways sorry dude dude just yeah I got lost about four syllables than some that's the tough and had to go to the rock idol or not. It's diverted I gotta grow to ever gonna derive for an in anger have. Their commercials. We are words you go I went to community college of Denver and then metro would you study there. First political science and businessmen know. Like to poly sci I like the politics comments who you are Lyle who animal out of it's I mean you know. Something about what span of just how the government's work. Are you a news junkie you know you go home and his I'll watch the channels or. I'm definitely in news fox or CNN what are your do you watch all of. I why watch all of whom CNN's Mike goats. I I'm a guy that likes to see all the different point of views and see now reporting what out they reported. No you know both I was always a political not there's no question right now it's more entertainment than even news. And it's polite to budget grown up kids just gossip thing is I mean it's it's it's not mean. Six years ago if you're watching him as very politics and tiger about porn star. And you know to rate current firings every day I mean it's it's it's almost watch out themselves. How committed go into politics Roche what you think I'm in radio are trying to build a fan base. There are all right and city councilors on you well now. Acted on it your campaign manager bra just you know access problem is that the product on the radio this. However the president's right now I'm actually much. And actually probably. You're like a little Angel I made your sweet lowly additional staff and that it. Does not plan on starting a political campaign today thank you knew that your hands are you announcing right now is right on the brush campaign gross my can forget Arlen. One. Slope Roche rose. Shirts. Low profile. Will be. Yeah on the video applied brooch. Miles slated up brush. And welcome them that's what's been great to be airmen went 1 elk watching this morning you know do you know have whale watching around the notion. Here I didn't I'll watch it was over Wal-Mart. Now I'll floor I got a site and there was a herd was that they had closed Stockton their antlers squeaky toys and color as my phone numbers show offs from. Now alchemy that's the now you liked the elks or life. Found. It's on his law wrong one you probably don't know the woods or song and Russia Syria must go to walk your life now they were they're bros to a man. And then the Wal-Mart school 'cause they got drug grocery section. So one over the Aaron there was a packet timberwolves lawyer and a dual -- job unbelievable. Mobile it will blow you sure this is like opening Wal-Mart now that's toward greater thereon sorties deny it to work twelfth crosses 280 that. Some actually makes. So unruly cool I love all the wildlife here it was a that's always where people were like yeah Anna was over. And the gardening area they go like to guard bald Eagles will ethnic breakdown took off some of my hair plugs I got like these nor we don't want to Sweden for her blogs. And Spalding came down a bald eagle and just like. Claude some of them out brown why they called it a bald eagle but right now they wanted my plugs does it did like big bald so it's like well look at those may have great eyesight vacant spot hair plugs Stromile of the error bro. Char char dangerous for the earth so he swooped down and I don't I don't even know there were indigenous split I was over in 91 of the aisles at that goes like like tools. Duck billed platypus slid out from under one of those shelves out. Now there are those like Australia's. I know about it and brought it really it's what now wal mart's awesome dude this afternoon. I don't often. Much shop our logo at night. I don't trust the nocturnal like I don't wanna be like you know truck did you pick it up towels about supplies. And legged jaguar jumps me an ounce. Right. They can see in the dark. Oh. Right you don't you're just shopping you don't need to be attacked and eaten. Right want when animals attack all part of this and remember that showed catch a predator. Remember that guy that big tall guy I would walk other beef some little kid who's seducing guys I got chocolate chip cookies in the oven out there right out. Of wal mart's got out that it looked easy idiot I love they called it to catch a predator on the lose big tall guy would want your what it looks at your bag. Let's let the oatmeal cookies on the condolence. Always a good review of these these herbs showed up. And a full blown African lion jumped out so it really was to catch a predator right the Sonics that mom but this debt and his words go to China and you know do some illegal and a full grown African lion like rip there thrown up big but they deserved. I mean there's a lot of TV networks at the running out of ideas you might be able make that six catcher rounded it up predator catching up right now it's. Eric Ghiaciuc that jaguar. Along the doctor got some lemon at our our two on a we got a Harlow waves here com north through one he's become works out this weekend get tickets economy works dot com while you can't. So actually some good news great news this year you actually on a Disney junior yeah puppy dog house governed dude you're going to win of the season right. You have brochure it's to show I created for Disney junior scope puppy dog pals and died -- some of the voices an idea idea executive consult on and I ride on and it's my show -- -- I don't anime but I did do some of the design work. And died that shows a big hit and now people all over the world their watch and puppy dog pals is truly bubble blowing my mind a little US and Russia I do the voice of the dog's owner so that the two puppies there that are big going role is a little dogs and I do the voice of Bob -- owner and then I'll do like incidental voices like if we need like depth in our truck drive her -- guy about darker sides senator I'll do I'll do like little voices on the sides so it's a constant noise what inspired you get the -- yeah I was a concept was based on I had puppies running around my house and does so I just kind of developed an off of that and and I took it ended his these Pittston boom there we go scenario is crazy cartoon of all the kids are watching a. It's hard nowadays for shows again analyses and this is not yes. People watching you know we're waiting to hear wrote season three were openly get that but I started a Twitter page for off. Fans of the show Scott pat poppy pals off as the got to intercede and if you want to share pictures or stories or videos of puppy dog pal stuff you can go to at poppy pals ball the ball will all be on there and feature your your pictures or whatever so it's good chance. A guy and you got your podcast on highway yacht and your approach at 1000 episodes like gates who. Sometimes you know when comedians come in the give me a prospect they. Oh such and such podcasts so just because I like to do much do you know this a look at an updated this thing and a year and a half. And I'm like about anonymous yeah it but you know your your update in this for the rooms of 2000. So it's in this crazy out of I didn't realize it but I think of coming up on nine years of the Zuma podcasts and it's it's the Harlem the highway of drug users choose to do you get in our criteria Zurich. Harlow William stock car but. Yeah I'd I didn't really know I'd be doing it this long and job excited to hit a thousand episodes we'll see what happens when I get down a bill actually keep garnered right stopped you know. Sees it life now it's it's been a long hours and is not easy task especially in the world podcast. It's things everybody thinks they can do yet they might be able to do like after weaker so he's doc about yeah yeah important they are. Whatever BS with thousands. Lost or keep it. Yeah I started off I do with three times a week ended just got to exert so work contempt of Saddam down to one a week every Monday so check it out it's free all. Today's. Went dot com yeah out yeah all due late Tutu like that word you all. You know when I think about it no but I've found myself using it. It's like two words really right you'll all call it's like you and all squished together. It's like sometimes our radicalism. I need to use this word but I can't now in other words it's kind of lazy rightly people in the south like they can't just say. How are you all doing like this so lazy it's just how are you all doing. It's 18 or combine where's the down sometime driving using words were issues in the motifs. I got mad another with a demo of the guys the resident told the boss lost Ted's. As I'm allowed. That to work. I don't how you judge is kind of like a word cozy up to figure out what I to have told got a floss. Offs channel it's like he all but it's different words you know I. At the value out. Off Ross well you like yeah I was and I was at a Nate see happen this guy was down intends beggars they want to ya all hurry up the Manson wanna be all floss and Annika one not round right. And Ireland Aaron. I may be knock it off and I had a she didn't adapt actually had a hurricane in Geneva picked democracy. Be softer on your idea of the you here this week Annika you have an you obviously. Stand up when you see them coming up now. Well it's just I have a lot of history here like not every market I I've been going to consistently from my standup career but. Denver I've been consistently coming year for what is about may be eighteen years. So it's it's what's cool is when you when you come to a place like that you build up a Sam bass so Denver and earlier listening I wanna say thank you because. You know a lot of lot of people here bring coming to my shows like every year every second Tom might come through whatever so. It's really special is only a few cities in America are aware I actually. Leg go there are almost every year and this is one of them saw its its its really means a lot to be here and it's beautiful city. Mile high I love measurements. You know I've always wondered how many kilometers high it is is probably like eight or nine kilometers high. Doubt. If he now it's probably about seventy kilometers hi miles and miles and miles 700 seat and so I would say. I edit so I'll most. 5005 miles and it's about 300 kilometers high it's a high city brush. Is there and adds to it like you know this is the world's slated you can solve the ads like if this city's. 300 kilometers or a mile high like can you drive off the ads like how do you get the year yeah it's it's a slow days. Ion and okay brochure Garcia left. Now it by its anyways like now. We only eight yep delete things here Hala that's been like what two years now old school. Is that like. Proposals -- Yasser Yoshi just got to use it isn't working out like visit visit and oh Kansas City doesn't like hasn't earned countless people. Horse is. Now California. Continued drive hires like it do you lines of the why yet so proud of them proud of them like a blow Tesla candidate they measure. A test like. It that's got to be weird to you blow into it and there instrument would fill up with smoke yet and probably racquet you know so it's like an arm I don't know how accurate it is just. Or you could just blow it does blow all the smoke into the cops say he said he'd get a contact high and then you guys you're an Applebee's. Can there be no ticket or does he like a good night. Slide browse play your siren get frost. That's also brush up the all she and she got she knows. That's off the police thought the police thought do you cop we're going to Wal-Mart to baguette now Roche. And. Say you know I'm not just a man. Thank you brother wanna thank you world now IKEA yeah I love that today is the first weekend of spring everybody. Oh season comedy kick osprey right voted comedy works dot com is only Putin is that the medical get a right now all the way it's please was. Rush I'll see you later tonight over and I'll formal do some sprinklers about some munchies. Bring the cougars elk jerky brush. And a.