Ian Bagg Interview

Thursday, March 8th

Comedian Ian Bagg stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, where you can find his comedy specials, meeting several U.S. Presidents and much more!  Check it out and get tickets to see him at ComedyWorks.com!  

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Is embers over today's comedy comedy 1031 aids bitten my guys studio we have a man. Who has been on last comic standing as best HBO says special special time in this week and he is here at comedy works landmark like to welcome in that was a man about. Tomas. Thanks for having made to your lovely village oh thanks for coming we appreciate that I'm happy to be. I get good get the actives have to be here just traveling around Denver stop and yes it is took united. That's what comes here. Everything comes. Yeah but really it's united. Way to go oh yeah the recount in my those are gonna alma miles but a problem on the fly frontier. To put in the frontier never the front of the violence frontier going no there's a front of the plan on frontier. Is it's a Christian claim from and I remember but it used to be one be spirit spirits obviously. It's horrible as. Airline try to beat. You know spirit the spirit is actually has a business plan of get to people to fly once home. That's that their business plan it gave tricky and they dislike Jack up the prices as you go through like everything's an extra prices seats and enterprise. In my by roundtrip tickets but they'll pay extra cancels nearly a year yield yield mansion of flies out west yours up GAAP GAAP GAAP. I don't think anybody's ever been like just glowingly talked about Spurrier. The pilot light or should short. Is violent that I talked to Michael worked for all of that but they tell you know that. You see a lot of clear plastic bags on speer know and do you ever if you watched the luggage. People going on of the planes have clear past the bag speak as. They can charge and clear bag. They carry on and lay it usually looks like a breeze coming out of prison when they're getting on. On a spear blame but it that's that's how I probably. Getting out of there to their bus or spirit. Anyways enough about the travel with the Spirit Airlines that never had that advertise in the foreign airlines. Us. And long. United united united Momo are a bit ago so you know this week King County works out at the Lam a Marco was going argument. Just ideas at a news special time out called conversations. About two weeks ago it's on now it's. On lots of weird places you can fly and find it on you're local. No not a local you can find it on like DISH Network on channel 567. Or Sutherland that you can find it on Google play. Fine and on Amazon you can find it on its. Alan we're replacement they really are looking like he'll. Obscure language. Not a sports channel in one place it so I had I don't know it's it's it's him weird noise and everybody else is on Netflix it's easy to find I've got to search informant. Sometimes people talk about the company's. IPX three really like. School now nominated I would not brag about that here on Amazon the sound group then you're awesome statement that some friends elements on the trail and in each I think Oman like Nintendo's. Dwellers some courses in the U game like a million followers who you know that's what you start with the people a moment and let people. Lot of people playing video games are not stopping for comedy break you know a lot of you never played award Jamie don't have to have him there. So they're brag but that's a little giggle thing get back to Columbia. That so we had a lot of comedians come by and Gregor talk about what they've you know done before and I think probably the first comedians who came here and we went to school for explosive engineering. Idea I was on my way to go to school for explosives engineering and on an amateur nights on the comic club and never went back to school. Oh why started but an adequate. Yeah I'd worked in gold mine. Yeah. Because I'm from Canada we are doing well it's it's in the NH salary in here and it's it's it's ingesting. There was a lot of I watched that show. Gold Russia. It's as though there do I enjoy it but they're not really gold mine and it just kind of pushing dirt around her ninety. Day although they find some of the Christian guys never find anything they they're too busy collecting their acts together all the time praising Jesus in the name and don't mind and adding I have a bit of but the one kid defines everything. He doesn't really gold mine he just moved mr. Oddly you know it doesn't have to dig deeper anything in my. Really shows you watch you watch that you leave yourself. That's why so tired of just ever so there's a trouble spot X-Men don't like it great greats. Otherwise the line that one group never find anything here's six ounces of gold and then I watched like. Shelvin. No there's no girls on the accelerator and Javier burger what you yes trucks and tractors that they get people who like I even even like alligator and I use them as a team as it has been hard for girls it's a girl picks a big Gator and put a bullet is and that's the hard core girl omelet before the killer out. The with that and nothing wrong with the act so yeah this week Akon works out if you performed before I've done downtown but I am not so OK okay south's. Am fortunate downtowns are awesome. Ticket comedy works dot com. And animal disappointments. Are definitely you'd you'd come from America you meant more president's. Yeah a year now and I'm pretty real I don't wanna tune. Yeah. I'm mad three so one was on a plane. There was Jimmy Carter one would go out to those aren't gonna now that was the delta OK. And I actually hack and then the pilot heckled him it was bizarre us. I've hurt I've heard actually have heard I think. I think it's. Summit another comic has had the same experience because Jimmy Carter flies delta all the time on right so if you leave at Atlanta there's a chance Jimmy Carter is going to be and reflect. Right so I'm on the plane and Jimmy Carter shook everybody's hand on the plane I walked around but by the he's taking along the pilots alike of Jimmy Carter sits down with it or leave us. A leg of the movement if the if Jimmy if mr. Carter remembers its is that mr. currently Manning gets no respect he has no respect and is this ladies it got to the other best in this that was an easy. I. I was on team and outline the amount of blame Barack Obama on a plane. It was before he started. Running for president you must do enough Oprah hello. I've been to the White House wants but it in meet the president there and then Ronald Reagan way I used to coach rocking his grandson was on the Euro and one has all of the teams seas and yeah. So so president's council. Well look at you get out of a Dili man if get out of the delete or manners the right man this thing that. Is Amanda doesn't leave the city. Exactly mess that up around us that randomly granted the president on delta it's magnate Jenny is our find out if you if you if you slide of Atlanta there's a chance. You're brought into. Italy's outlets story's gay isn't as good. I seen a quiet ride on a kick that went out to a that's a good guys I don't always outlets on the I would not go back. The because there there are they were 57 through through eighty year whatever it was ugly in mind that can we get them pre board. That's that they did the days that would add their own blame but 2000 and it's fifteen that didn't have that going on. I'm martz and. We have Ian bag he is here this weekend com or south may have Marquette tonight to this weekend and get those tickets economy works out comp so he started because you got a little Mike. Yes like everybody. Everybody it's yeah that's the only way did you know when my planning onto an open Mike we just going and at all. I saw him no and I've tried last how you got on mental armor of it was a contest and it was amateur contests are adjusted I didn't know I was addicted to a test known. Mountain the data British together one hazardous job now. Here's the first one sees it happen and now he's working in mind. It's hard to Goldman debt or else he's now these we're gonna Air Canada. We will go one airline in Canada. You wanna use this you'll fly can't. Always one allow those. Planes weren't particularly go on well I don't airlines let flight back on anything else. You can leave on Air Canada and come back and that that's where we're school that it's because they give you talk the whole time relieving them and make sure delay meant they could tell the whole time they get the get go Canadian rules make sure you put it and he got a flag and a backpack know what here's a flag for your background. Life. Does Vermont North Korea's airlines and do not sit and there's no songs out there is no zones well. I think is really I think is pretty good I think it makes the captain of the flight feel pretty good thing about the leader below the leaders so good he flies this play you know I really don't know I outsource Thompson. You. Well that's because there's no former president that's only one leader at the time ever I can tell he's called to there grade leadership in the sky meaning out of each editor. He's got a massive head that's when I'm like he's like like predictable. That's what. Kim Jong-Il sung Kim Jung seconds and in something you'll be you know it's okay don't need to see Dennis Rodman. Although well back at. Although bulldogs are pleasant bulldogs and then that lets. It's just question that you get over a potential sleep apnea. So that's on me so yeah this week and other that you find a special one pretty much. All of these random platforms yes and it was a special boots and now. I know specials are in my in my showtime special is now on Hulu that is the you bag getting to know you. And then. Actually had a special that I did in Aspen with HBO but I don't know where you can get it was about me going it was about it was about me going to the Aspen comedy festival but it turned out it didn't have any shows and then I had to find shows. And during that show iron up I am in a meeting one of the guy from one of the guys from halls and Paul notes with was on the and then that specialist. Passengers. I got them this story in NASCAR let Iran. But. Oh while so this weekend check him out it's it's actually be almost like seventy degrees as weakness may get outside. It's good comedy in bags in the Condit works out one thing you'll make thanks for having me my friends have a great day a man of band on the worst outcome.