Jake Johannsen Interview

Thursday, January 18th

Jake Johannsen stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark and Big Mic tries to get him a Pappadeuxs endorsement! 

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Is Deborah solve today's comedy comedy 1031 it is big Mike so I give this man back in the studios may stomp us when he's not here in the as any in this weekend. He's gonna become too works out at the landmark right of the street magic don't have the what's up man. In my of this that was really sweet of you what you like you always make time. A deal like you making time for me McIntyre recently mates operates more important to each other there's not much I'm always so it's always come on and you're busy sometimes. Senate sometime on Friday. All right there's Thursday at 10 o'clock in the morning on this walking always trying to. You know what to be honest this is an open time for me to use so it's it's a good thing here here's actually doing some things. So we saved me tonight there from really boring time right now thank you man thank you for stuff. Welcome back to government I again thank you thank you look. I am not feeling the altitude yet when it is dry acting like it's dry I brought I brought lotion OK you've got to have lotion I have to wake up in the middle of the night motionless as the residents who things in the won the altitude or the dryness or balls. And it's. For people that aren't used to never been here before and they truly understand. What altitude will do to your lack of breeze. Yeah will I have and experiencing a studio and work out after this. Just prepare for the show I got to do a little bit of Carpio work out on. Moisturize. If people they have as we have a lot of you know transplants area so they might have been acclimated like these olympians come here. They're gonna Motorola car Ausprey. That's because you're training and altitude so that when you go back down to sea level like Superman. That's why Superman. Was not Superman on his own planet uses a regular guy because they had stronger gravity there and they have here he seemed like Superman here. And so that's of these athletes go on for you you kind of have to ask ago. Yet aluminum metropolis is an even real Denver's real. I'll try to rule I'm trying to rent I'm not trying to Gotham city where is that tech giant air coming at us in this weekend thanks that's it well. So your Beers we can account yourself man I am. I excited yes of people that you take as a comedy works dot com one last you know when you see Colorado on it means the company talk about now you know. I don't like numbers with Crowley what is it easy amber coming up with government. While the comedy works is one of the best clubs in the country I mean they're they're it's not the only great club but. But I think any comic who's been through here will tell you it's one of the best clubs in the country just the dead talent that they bring in in the in the audiences that show up I mean. There can be. A good comedy club and every city Brit to. But Wendy who who owns comedy works and runs it she has really figured out a way. To bring in great crowds who appreciate there's the shows and so are always feels like coming home I mean. When you walk on stage everybody's happy to be there. An assistant it's a great feeling and the N if you've never been to a live comedy show also I would say. You know it's very different than watching and on TV it's personal it's happening to you. And if you haven't ever done that you should really try whether it's me or somebody else you've got to go see somebody that you like and comedy club life. It's a whole different experience and and and is just something away about the way they do the comic works it just really feels like everybody's there to really enjoy that. Now you know a lot of comedians out there the yeah. On a lot of young entertainers. Like brands that sponsor or like I just found a Europe and a pop goes. And I think there'd be no benefited like pop and those be elect sponsor that you liked on May cost you if they would be open to that death I would be so ready it would be trouble though because I probably. All of the weight class go weight class a pricey papers you know present apricots. Pop out of the way he came in the first thing he was top most hospitals in and out excited as the mean that. Now dishonored pop windows and I mean. Yeah acting like you know you're here alum here tell. And here till Sunday at feel like him or he'd done it I could potentially do it again I noted for got to live at the Sunday brunch buffet. The Sunday brunch that's what I got to get on the plane came out today I don't know it next time Mora such an afternoon flight. And then you've got round this Sunday the Sunday Bryant's only go to the airport sort of uncomfortable day yeah and it just so what when they do pick your president Dorsey you have to know top. That means it's. I don't know if I'm prouder disappointed in myself when I get on the plan to mess and they runs and I'm just so so hopeful and I'm kind of uncomfortable it's because they ate something really you know. It in Europe and Europe it's. See you here this weekend and demery you know you got anything lineup when he team meant. I'm very excited I'm going on tour with the great Russell Peters out and says he turns up that we had some friends in common. And I call them up to just say hey you know me I know you let's go we weren't sure we're talking. I was telling about how much fun I had in 2016 do in the Miller comedy festival he says he won't. As we request in the which European resident which you wanna come on the road with me and it's yeah so I'm gonna go on tour with him as opening act. And we're going to relieve in February 1 were going to Australia New Zealand to Thailand Singapore. Hong Kong it's going to be just I think it's going to be X for me it's gonna be the experience of a lifetime never been on a tour like that. For him it's a thing that he regularly does but I'm really excited about it probably great for gossip man yes so we're gonna do that Jane you're her February march and then. And then I'll be home. March April and then after that it's a UK Europe leg of the tour. And I think after that even later in the fall there's going to be a Middle East in its we do our part here in the US and I think there is some candidates stuff out. And I don't know I don't know about any US dates yet. Oh man well I guess MM whenever you come and it's you always make time for us appreciate that and this weekend. You can go see Jake Johannson Condit works out at the landmark did you tickets right now because. That's been like it was local earlier in the week it's warm up at seven degrees must be beautiful weekend for comedy dad this week. It's what it's climate controlled inside the company works you don't have to worry even if it's cold you comment in the nice and warm yes or it's hot it's cool in there and again air conditioning they have cold drinks they hot drinks and snacks they have indoor toilets exactly the comedy works is it's really about your daughter to cook your food yummy okay don't you know they you know make sure it's not frozen then like that I mean. It's it's a great spot down and become works out and make its right of the street right in the DTC's appearance rounds ranch. And little too and I mean you don't if some people like that like that downtown club may be able to far for them right here this is. So it's as easy opportunity Hugo season great comedy works is the best light switch him. It's OJ go ahead and pay you so much may get those tickets account it works back count.