JB Smoove Interview

Friday, March 23rd

JB Smoove (Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm) stopped by to talk to Big Mic about his shows at Denver Improv this weekend, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more!  

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There's never solve today's cavity comedy 1031 is big Mike Amanda tell you how excited I am right now in Europe and in studio is an actor comedian a writer. Who if you haven't seen his role as Leon Hart and obviously has immediate fix add fifty this weekend he's of the Debra prop we got JB's move was of what's going on there remember doing good man. They get acclimated as continuing to do here. Acclimated with the delta to acclimate for us as if we do but alchemy a docile about thus what their original thing wasn't considered. But recognize senator thought but I mean. We gotta agree acclimate but acclimate them almost certain that you served as a go to US am so it's an element of don't. Oh. If Arafat Abbas and bottom of my bottles on the big have a brother who went ms. Manila apartment. I legitimize him and man's good to be animosity meant a. A love on the government but the minutemen. Like to believe it's been night. Examples twelve years. I thought about the bit away from the cities all. Angles a lot of it's interesting seeing some of them there's a programme on dad loves you so like. About their bundle I'll bet now. Soledad and gotten so you lose don't wearing boots on this one movement moved to move forward we're gonna have any four year break home in the old Malcolm X whom. You can't be out here like you know like the Olympics every fourth glad to get into it. Now. Or happy to have you back it is the first weekend of spring this deal broke an offer I would JB's move this ever have props. It's good to BJ be some movement is good to be here Manso got a big souls and I too this'll tomorrow. Terrorism is a minister Afghans are always fun man. This will bring the company's very unique and very foreign men the same time let's reconnect recommitment trains. That alone time things have happened. Season not a privilege enthusiasm no increase a bit away just as long as her personal four minute. No we're just press that it was over you can't come back Deborah happy I don't know although I don't know little of the connection to the two. Well no physical suburbs of now don't go on or about to go into a season tenth of Curb Your Enthusiasm. So we will not a promise would not be a five year hiatus from doesn't care. But this is what is meant. Back to diesels and diesels tomorrow on the fourth to beat Thomas talk about some stuff man. Way talk about current museum has been about ten years since you started your roll on that so yeah it. When you started that you're in you you're you're you know he got the role did you foresee it being such a rule that would like resonate with the current fans. Not always feel I did not America's welcome from a guy who was a big fan of the show a wash so arousal Espinoza Ryder. And it's. It curved stand big bearish and loved his soul from a wife want to do so too frazzled to to show and you know things started happening and it all and Essen of at least 33 seasons and they show the didn't give renewed a foresees a man. And among wives told wheels mobile curve she says we want to her when doing so in love this so so a mobile additional one day she's even appealing and so. You seem crazy stuff all the time at this. See you on every together. I'm talking invested two months later I'm ones that spoke during a Z yeah. Couple sort of universal like numerous but it worked you know belongs to prepare for a minute of the first and I ever did was on don't stand there was I don't. To be a top class. So to me. That was a little tool a bundle toolbox that will be hole in the book the greatest improvise so I TVs to. You're on Larry's chemistry is ha ha I. Is grazer character is when you when Larry on there yeah aces aces. Gold man that's of bullets on the horizon oil like Leon has been off. It is often not parsley. And I'm. Assume what what makes the Leon inlet and the young unique is his interaction with Larry also makes it worked student Doris and Mike totaled one here. How many scenes of everybody else seem like a single scene so much is also is mostly. Small stimulant. What I love about it is lightly gives Larry a lot of advice and only the bias is really bad I asked I. Necessarily give dad like Larry David it's maybe not the right of guys who do better by his uncle yet the bad advice us people it's like yep you need to do that is their day and it it'll take it to heart Hugo. Don't go with it a roller to America and Iran and in the will be analyses. And it's sorts of its largest source of either. Goal with Larry also does all going against them. So I sit there and are still seen out. Now if I go against them inaudible wore a critical part room and economy. Haunts this isn't the same time. And head back to backer. Of the whipped on a liberal which is so it was with whatever he's he's attached themselves to sodomy since of that. We're going against him it's harder and are really go against two men create this argument with them. Was that the problem is is is we don't know what's happened with these two guys you ain't angled so. It is you do show a man who provides. It is looked at these you know what oh. Monster mile view your radio dial. Up what happens and it's a secret. It. No but I don't want it okay. I don't wanna like I don't know I believe I read an outline of addictive just like the old. And axed the writers if no one school one was to be today uncle from beta tomorrow on race all the ticket in town. And for those that are a fan of Leo in the air you actually released book. Italy not book the book of Leo philosophy. It's so now and I. You're writing it from like hit like hit it just worked there are a of one of the may sue the reader still lag Buell Larry now. Read this book a really ever read has put a road to blow. Which would pay attention though mechanical a silent in the season of Curb Your Enthusiasm were booked him on October and the baucus this. And whole browser when people lovable causes is this a good laugh. This is really really really grounded in the Tarek Leon and when you and express what you booked audio book is raising. Rio for or like a book but this is really badly I'm like all right patio and back it up. And and an ordeal the book is great to have as a collector's item of audio book. I. Elaborate even more. Google audio book doesn't facilities have the Mets then there's the book and main. It's the whistle on doing it. Nominated for a war has gone out and applauding toward Seoul. Google. To his post doesn't let excellent because. You know duke fans are. Analysts intent of enthusiasm they can also about a book men in the book. The book is not a guy. The bushel people gaullist elect oral biography when you're person's life story in particular story game and everything I show what a portable. This race here. This is good dead eyes this is stuff you can do you've been for refers to. And that analysts. Having had some success Irvin writing and all that. This weekend is what you back to standup it's gonna go maybe you know we're having some success you've had what is it about the stage back old. Stakes lawsuit could stay in that immediate reaction you just more used mandates this. You know you can do your show you can feel it is civil order is great here in the Mormon men not offered a point to make. It's shown unique in his own way you know of course you know I just I just work off my bullets I have both my holster and everything else just. If a half on me because you know. Once did not always sold a life there's no audience alike you know everybody the person I'd be left that is different soul. I'm elected to two luck muscle it would ban was that makes Imus is so you geek you can come see me you don't see me fourth times we've never citi's next. This extremes. You can see some to bits but bulls do is change the war people laugh the more Q I improvise and keep adding to it. Does that weigh you know I'm not a rule bottle stage hit a horrible rule. Terrible SO shows Yoko Essex and first six months later it's exacts. That's his it spans every bit man. Who elect to immediately amendment and I don't write all stays right atrocities of the beam. While literal rolls when I have great lawyers for religious rules no cruise control. Angela get regular little pocket and just on the ground you know and at an old closet helps being. Don't be missiles into one of almost thirty years so of these great. Get those tickets. If you leave him right now but I do rob dot com HAB. Fan a fan of movies are absolutely fair fails to Curb Your Enthusiasm it opt out you come to the studio in my did jump the law. Thank you for making time for us here this is the one. My Nazis have you know who I mean it's now at least up until will man how we do men Davies Lugosi endeavor brought this weekend.