John Heffron Interview

Thursday, April 5th

Last Comic Standing winner John Heffron stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, advice for comedians trying to get their foot in the door and more!  Check out Big Mic's interview!  

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Devers solve today's comedy comedy 1031 it's big Mike and it's got always makes operas with animosity is back he has a last comic standing winner he's out there in this week and it tonight he's account or settle lamb John ever what's up. Man I am doing wonderful things gravity welcome satellite topic is every time. I am a mom Arabia and why go ninety like 1970s. He's up. They reckoned beaches everybody. Acted in rapid yeah I did not. Microphones as brisk and yet you got it it is it's the thing is it's it's and these are well have a brand new comedy album out. Coach John have from the last you deserve through guys are playing all the time to force why would you not. Debuted number three and over billboards yo ode to congratulation I missed number one diminished in number one album on build on billboard issue now and that is fake I team's number one stuff which means nothing on our gained billboard. And I missed number one. By thirteen units. In these kills me to do to that look I don't know who nods strewn throughout but thirteen and then I looked at my family's FaceBook pages is C. Who. From shared delaying that album is out in not one person X is not one person in my family and my wife now my daughter. Now my brother sister. At a regular teen units in the what you see you tanked. I mean you don't rally here in its way you know anybody that's written about what I did everything horrible thirteen but anyway. When was that. Just came out like a month ago he wanted to go. So I think there's a human and I that would make up for now we itself thirteen units like today you've had some more we used play street. I don't think OK comedies where attack yet comedy and listening to comedy on the radio is where people need to be exactly you need to. Especially here Colorado I mean we know that's. They had a lot of emails about man you give me through traffic. It's it's gets home without you know running into somebody like is this a stress in the world does a lot of negativity comedy need to laugh. You need to he needs it jump away yet. Each jump away and you need to decompress. Comedy from the from and the oceans today about the world horrible. You'd jump all over in the here comic complaining about something. But it comedy comedy just makes you laugh Tara that then yeah yeah it's right I don't know where may delegates come from that he had to got to take your brain. To a different place actually. Where you are back guy tonight to this weekend your comedy or south of the landmark a what's been going again a house that's been traveling golf where a man I got no. One thing I don't think you. Think you know comedy is all luxury of one. Yeah I was able this week yesterday morning I was in Phoenix and I data shows a corporate event at like 9:30 in the morning. Got done at 1030. Was on a flight by 1240. Landed here at 5 PM was in a car immediately. Went to boulder. Data show him boulder. Jump document car. Got back here to Denver and was up. This morning to do you press for the show's Matt that's been that's been the thing. And yet you don't holders that is not a quick ride that's that's quite a trek right there. You'll was a little are I mean our cars our airports basically Kansas that is all winnable made that drive. It's. Yeah I get confused as much as some in Denver and I'm here a lot. I get confused on where I AM versions downtown. Verses. Where comedy were solved is verses. Let him like I always get confused. About com works out there is a bit land itself. So much you know I never thought of using the words solved as a reference at at that. And I just assumed that dated and out does something death that's why it's called sol it's south of everything. Good ago. So I'm below its all okay that's a good and my money to call the other common outcome works. Hour or minute because it's it's the middle. Or the opposite way he actually comedy works. Not yet. We gonna open heart but it should be do you like coming towards Norris of cells yet. And then and then the other one is called sol to ignore him bill bill The Commodores up north Glenn. Com works north and know. And Luther it will turn out or talk to win oral orders yet she's loaded download Google Maps and okay yeah or ye are get a sense of direction or did today in navigation system. Yeah things that you're here this weekend you know Colorado it's sort of a sort of kick off big league market opening day. The Colorado Rockies are with downtown getting ready home opener. Be down there are you a baseball fan. All the baseball fan. About halfway through this season OK I have friends that are crazy baseball fans or red round now we'll start to freak out in Ugoh you realize there's 7000. Games left. So I'm I'm I'm down to. Sewer buys it and have a good idea of ago you add and then I jumped on that I'm not to think I'll enjoy game I'll watch it but I'm crazy about wins or losses. This early on it's it's it's kind of nuts. I'm a big fan of baseball just tomorrow just on opening I don't today I. I go with a five Audi that's legal a game I'm in a novel way enemies everybody takes the bailout. Everybody goes downtown will be downtown it's in Mellon you know it is. Have a good time yeah baseball hot dogs of obvious from the bench who you know half the healthiest too yeah yeah yeah I yeah I don't ask what's in them. That adds to our David nugget he's here you don't uses this sums things in life you don't question that you have used cluster taste but god yep yep yep. So I you have this weekend in Denver and you know everybody always has stores about this aren't comedy I was love you start because they. A future Charlie's Angels Lucy you know guys bartenders too busy to go and you know but not everybody is gonna have a Bartash is gonna in the future be it Charlie's Angels. Obviously in the a lot of people wanted to go with a do or do you have any advice for people that are thinking like they wanna try to do stand up. Ice you know and I think there's more people that wanna try saying that knowledge is because there's so much access to like here's our sound like an old guy. But there wasn't any comedy anything when I started the only comic she saw. One like the Tonight Show you know solve once Kazuo was that you you know that was in channels there wasn't any type. Even a comedy albums Warren I think so now more people wanna do because he get exposed to a YouTube and Netflix Hulu all over the Yang Yang inning in most comedy clubs have old from lights. Or you know and make some comics will be against June ticker clash she should just go out to be funny. Some people like I'm really into songwriting right now. I don't know how to song right so I bought a couple online courses. Just to see they how do you even start and then you jump from the there so there's a lot of classes I'll even take down some coming prayers is that you need to take class I think you do if your brand new. What we're unit here even taking a class on Nokia there wasn't there wasn't around that existed. Unions are IC yeah I couldn't gee Tom I don't even know how to teach out right of same but that's how many did a group of friends and that's how O'Connor. I think you start with the ultimate like that comedy clubs and you're just you know see other comics NC you've kind of learned that way. I think you should like go to one of these comedy classes you sign up. And light go on like an app and try to critique you within like all right I try to say they've had just all of the apple needs to be like here's last comic standing why one. To where they can retrieve or tingle with my wife flowers are camping thing where you could sign up for us things to do just like addict kids to. And I signed up for a meditation. Acting like a guided meditation. So awareness TP in the middle of the redwoods and you learn how to meditate the TP next to me. Was a hard to do standup comedy course. So I'm in this tanked. Having the guy literally say. And we you hear things around you hear that let it go and come back to your breath like I'm hearing that guy. As the same time I'm hearing some guy. Telling people how to do it joked it was one of the hardest things because I'm not supposed to be paying attention even on hearing this guy. Telling these I don't even know he wasn't a calming I don't even know he was telling these things that we're just so wrong. That it was the hardest meditation and a map dotted. Because I've migraine was in that tank going well you just. Again heard the guy go and then won my my favorite jokes I wrote in he obviously still like. But like a joke from somebody I that I know wasn't hates making yet so. They've they've probably did little background check on news next writers Jeff there's probably the other taxed at a cooking class who. On the spurs to just throw the state called on the broad. Yeah yeah yeah try to folk make you focus yak shows inches in Iowa facilities. I'm about to England here and you learn and you know I'm not not not. The largest likes if they know. I've probably learned from from whatever you know now so effective force and John Everett sitcom worst Abu embargo was next Lehman. Matter in no way am I next week. Yes it is I don't know I I get home on Mondays and then I look at my calendar it's UN flying on on Wednesday's. I brand new adventure daddy had a brand new problem that I'm pushing in the end. And then probably less than you have put out another one in that's that's the hustle guys that anti crime that's the hustle and. We always make tough rose cholera we appreciate you appreciate having me guys that get those tickets comedy works dot com why you can't. It's a boy John have Brent big Mike's comment 131 thanks so much thanks.