John Henson Interview

Thursday, November 9th

Comedian John Henson (Talk Soup, Wipeout, & More) stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk with Big Mic about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark this weekend, finding a Swat Team in his hotel lobby yesterday, his 20+ year career and more!  Get your tickets to see him tonight through this weekend at


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Is devers holiday comedy comedy went up 31 is big might now is studio that we guy he's an actor. Matters producers holds a unit you know from a wide out talks opened this weekend he is right back here in my city comedy works out landmark which had John Henson what's up man. They'd element thanks for them welcome back to Denver yeah I know I've been near a few times this year's events like him. You see Denver coming up on the calendar if you get a good feel and inside he liked the yamana talked about this like you know my wife and I talked about move and out of LA in them like Denver's president ninety's it's not that far from LA if you messes their day with a quick -- exactly it is then I guess there's more sunshine here and I would have thought force and I today that it it looks a little bit. Like LA today this is one of those thirty days where his nose which. Yeah this is what he likes nor palm trees and had to hit at it yeah I move for. New York man and I am when I got LA now is one of those guys like. On you know how many new Yorker I'm just living here because that work here and then all of a sudden about six months later did it mean that it was 75 degrees and sunny every day in Vietnam from LA. At at at at a of about 75 degree December's this makes me. Obvious that I tell you man I Denver's a great comedy city Lawson said of -- issued a comedy special outlawed due in Denver absolutely of the comedy works. So you want her bed springs and cellphones tonight we disputes from different angles phones there and what you say the war all come and shoot it and you know you have different angles yeah he's an altogether and altogether I I didn't even though that that was a thing -- came here and they did this club is like seal team six and a top post on its Twitter last night you got like a swat team outside your elevator. Romantic the elevator. In the gay dudes and flak jackets with a guns drawn mostly go semis where was that -- is -- that the hotel and airport were announced. And yeah I am it's like it was Q&A. Half past. No smiles and they're like urges you to believe it is. So you are. And they were toss that somebody's cars as a somebody had a bad day yesterday I gotta make you feel very comfortable in your hotel you know it's kind of a nice feeling when you seek jobs and you know you haven't done anything wrong you know not this cut cops swat team I mean it's like you know. When I was younger I would have been like. An old man in my. Woolsey today is then made like you gotta wonder since like I wonder if maybe yes they like. The wrong thing about trump I might have a swat team in my house so I get a guy we've ever known out database they are yeah. Yeah double your your birth certificates may keep that he's already made that happen. So here you're here this weekend may well yeah you guys you're this weekend may come yourselves the glam more. Are you get those tickets economy were stuck on so you throughout your career I mean you've done a lot from the writing and producing and you would do the shows like this all start with stand up right is that house. I started out as comic I dropped out of college to do stand up and oust wanting and did death for men and thousand New York for seven years doing that before god talks to so it's fun it's like an opportunity to go back to my roots a little bit you know I got away from stand up for a long time knows. Doing TV in and spend moment time and energy on that so this nice to go back and and look after right some seven years of family friendly. 8 o'clock primetime jokes like about them like long ago back to place that I nod as the BY about jokes. Come on man will not be an easel crushing light out and I was going to soda now think I can now I've man I was expecting just hours straight on Bob's but if you cut it out. Of the war. OK okay jobs over the continent on the clock says it is actually has shows tonight and about the week so you remember your first. It's time onstage you remember that first game. Man I actually do. I do remember my first time on stage it did comedy bit with the other guy in college and our member like there's a club in Boston called stitches. And they had a Sunday night open Mike called comedy hell. We with hosts. That I've still friends at Tuesday George MacDonald and but that's not good for the audience for the once days I figure is always around. OK get bigger body was and held a matter what side of the stage in my cure all but. You have and I I I didn't a couple of times and I was immediately hooked man I think I'd only done standup maybe. Five times before it up to college that you go and banana boat. Had a out of the first time I go I've had people commencement the first time was terrible. Are bad people say it was a it was the best when they've ever done to them like seconds it was there. I you know I got lucky I had a good set my first timer at least what I saw was a good said Bennett you know a mom you know I tell people that are starting and he Gotti -- a mile crap to get within an inch of mediocrity and you -- you're comfortable with bomb and because. You're gonna do a lot of that a month but then I moved to new York and there's so much comedy there I mean there's so many clubs in -- you know over the years -- -- -- the play heroes workaholic clubs like to do you know 1520 shows that we -- and that's when you really develop the more you do it the battery. That's where you're gonna be bring back comedy of this weekend's a comedy works out at the landmark. A unity talk about you're some of the scene in New York Tennessee and number what what what is it the makes a good comic route what is like. When we come to a city like Denver Ehrlich what is it that makes for US beyoncé is a stand up what is it that you that makes good town you know. I think honestly I think podcasts and like Netflix specials and online streaming have really. Changed the game because. They're they're like educated comedy audiences. You know and I mean they they used to be if you wanna see comedy had to go out see it and now you can consume so much of that in the privacy of your own home that. You know you you really got to bring it you know what I mean is if people can tell the difference between good and bad and they can find mum you know comedians. Online. So that they know your good bye time you get to their town and that's you know that's the big thing is that you know you probably have audiences that them. You know used to be that you have to hit a city. 23510. Times before the people that go to comedy clubs in that town would be like oh I've seen this guy you gotta come would make. But now you can build a following just through social media and digital. You know I mean before I haven't less like a back Lester on Carson or summon and I was a union league and excuse growth in Netflix and it was Erica right writer podcast or whatever it is you don't you get to know people and answer the audiences at Digg may be your little bit more intimate they have an idea of who you are before they get to the club and that's really cool or you go to college for before in Europe. I mean what was I enrolled for what was a do it. Is liberal arts student but I got the liberals. Down pars there. Just part and then I was terrible student. I think it's two years again about. Maybe a year's worth of credits analyst and a by at a Liggett agreed five years to get through high school I'm just found a deceptive sound Somalian do Furlan a hell out of me and I to be digging ditches in my own town right now flight out of Dominic. Why have made it this whereas it is hard as it is to get and it's even harder it's the last an enemy in two decades where I've been in this. Air lock him then I've been very very lucky in had some great opportunities. And you know the key thing is just make him the most someone you get Ayman you know I've been fortunate to be part of a couple of shows that. You know a good Ron in and the people know me from and it's fun have done a bunch of different things many older I get the younger my audience gets like when I was in my Taiwanese. Do and talks to my audiences in their twenties stand up late against don't know watch in the show and then in in my forties I started doing wipe out. And and in my audience was like you know cleans it out of Maine and teenagers and Natalie got feel like it's just a matter of time a for a mister Rogers. And I ask but not a target gonna tell us they got a Nickelodeon show on a way men as you know my wife and I were the parents that league character and a Disney's theories you know I mean you know is I'm going to it's I'm going to be I'm going to be barn races ahead of main goals yeah goals yoga again you've got to do you got data is or somebody bucket list him because obviously accomplice Thomas Tucker was some like you're. You open to do before like your careers wrapped you know it's it's. You know in the right when the time is right now I've had an. It's time to you know to put my put myself together to do Spanish I'd love to do common especially on flex some. He learned that dumb to go so it's awesome yeah already yeah I'll phone amendment. No I know bunch of guys that have you know Joseph Rogan embody reminded especially here Kevin O'Neill in I think does his special here. So it's great I mean and and comedy works is really good team man crowds are great some. It seems like either Denver is the place to do special. Or it's the city go to right before you do this special lets him get in like the feel a lot of static either either or and its place you do it the but you'll right before. Right that's right the shop that yes I mean you know I think anyplace you can really build a following his place you wanna do it and come. In other they've been good enough to bring me back a bunch so hopefully. You know in the time is right I compact house with a crowd you know it's it's like this. Mama to be your show tonight everybody is tickets available tonight a few tickets left. And also throughout the weekend irritates a commodore suck how we got John Henson common were settle MR thanks so much from a good time for a payment thanks for Megan time for me LC and and yes sir.