Jon Lovitz Interview

Thursday, October 19th

Comedian Jon Lovitz stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his show at Comedy Works at Landmark this weekend and much more!  Check it out!

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It's Denver's over today's comedy comedy 131 as big Mike I'm very excited to get this man bag studio which we launched. A comedy 1315 years ago this birthday next week and we launched its. Didn't know how I was gonna work cabinet he told me then it is working for the station I get to meet this man several alive and that makes it well worth that he the cow horse settle MR this week and we've got John love that's what's up man. Not welcome back to the mile high city thank you I had a man. Having great traveling slide and just doing stand up and resisting them. Las Vegas and then as and a lot of those are for dinner and a movie premiere in Chicago I was not earned this movie in Coco went to that. And then here and then next thing you know things again. Staying busy man yeah its did Bambi is I'm going Orleans next. Do I just as Bob never been there before and it's it's following are any. Well my friends my friends haven't birthdays it's following week in having a burden they have great. Episodes enemies I made the mistake of Google weighing all the restaurants and one mile of my hotel and a board game five pounds and I've gotten it. Pretty go to. Kate pol K Paul yet popular on the T keys to he castaways. In delicious OK okay and then Brennan's. Is same things. Will be my will be bigger Mike. If you want sonics out of one it's a solidarity here you know when I go on vacation like a lot of new navigation tools to worsen things for me. I'm like where's the best this was best restaurant this miss Thailand electronic was now it's great it's a great town line. Culture and history. Music and I'm excited excited then and now months I'll be go to Vegas wells. And blow a little bit so we had solid which here this week in commodore south a landmark. Ever gonna go with you man has been good year. Yeah it's been great yeah and I saw do you have a you're going to be a part of a new game show acts on the way it's gonna are doing it now come and. Funny you should ask you a buyer announced producing it is just. It's really simple it's John Kelly he's a great guys the Allison and this is six comedians. And we just you know in answer to Arafat's question don't give jokes in the NC to file a got a special guests with. The Brett I think you brought us some which document. Jerry Jerry. Jerry's and third. I'd hear that pace and content. Endesa you know everybody when they're grown up everybody has the movies or TV that they are you know that's my favorite people last week. I'm always like mom and I wanted to save the world. High school hi I mean knows it and I still think that mommy that's it was prize won most under rated scifi movies. Along time ago you watch that now mean just visually it's still holds up for I don't had a little break free trade in the movie when the Sunnis groups. I loved the part. US mango is like a classic comedy villain I mean it is awesome an enemy you know due to last me around I get more space balls and we look I'm out here. On the hands yet another characters is they routed. And arrogant in. What you just it's funny thing to me. We open up very well you all love great men acting now to help him. They're like we don't even know he was acting I don't know what's going at it and it. So you could become he works this out this weekend at the last Morgan a lot of comedians in the coming and we you know they talk about coming works when you see Denver coming up on your calendar. I knew what was Denver mean to you as you know stand up comedian. Well I love I love coming here at the that Connors glamour the cloud is just be one of the nicest clubs in the country. Let's take a mini theaters beautiful and and when he's. And yet she's always great. Mel opposes green is in the we have been beautiful. I know it's so it's it's them. It's a real pleasure coming into his grade I mean I turned him here. Yeah we work in the or got a music stations wells while artist common ones and they'll talk about obviously the form if so the altitude is comedian do you feel the altitude when her onstage here. That's my feeling now just like the center at bat at. I can got you the elevator if you if you its home Odessa veiled. Well you and I played tennis all the time. You think you're in some kind of shape and he locked up the stairs in your breath. Oh what you get news next time you perform here's like stay here for the whole week and played tennis here than when you go back where you play against a one out. And you know to do it that way it would average out all of us where this come from. All your yardage modular approach to tennis courts I don't know. I'm. While you're here this weekend icon yourself lamb or get those tickets at comedy works dot com now what's next for UN base that you yes small part of movie. And a well two more awakens in Las Vegas that the SOS hotel oak and and Dana Carvey uniting together so that's fine. And then that after that just you know. It gained shown stand up and browsing. Do you ever Leahy you know obviously you've been in this this business for over thirty years from the standard is ever like to show the you ever just go to a standup show like yourself like you're just go check got to show yourself or. A do you kind of bug sensors on the road all the time. Does concede. I mean once in awhile I mean now like hey you stupid. One of the best clubs in Los Angeles is outside is is it comedy magic Clinton and her most of beach. And it's all about seventeen miles away from saying you know. Beverly Hills and Hollywood by. Then all the best comes doesn't like every sending Jay leno's there saw go there bring a friend and I let's go check him I mean it's a great it's a great club. Yeah well you know for us here we have a very fortunate that Tom York's iron you know amazing talent itself. To me lately here and yeah. While it SO says or but he always you know says when they succumb works coma you know the people here that it's it's rumored. As you come to work it works out of the beautiful things and it gets you out here's artists dot. The fact that got to use several Ty has been on a man huge fan of your work and so thank you for making time for us to stop by the rules and as well and United States right now it's going to be a beautiful weekend this weekend not obese now going to be sunny. Get those tickets Tommy were stuck on John love it's. Thanks so much man.