Kevin Nealon Interview

Friday, March 24th

Kevin Nealon stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South this weekend, his stand out moment in his 30+ year career and more!  


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Is Gemma sober today is comedy comedy won a 31 big Mike is studio we have a man who's going to be economy works out alama this week in his damn near a hundred credits to his name his career obviously his time on SNL most of the happy Madison Sandler films and more recently then recently renewed man with a plan on CBS we like to welcome back Kevin kneel. Thank you Mike it's good to be back welcome back to make a sound really busy man amount exhausted just thinking about me you are busy man. So you've done to your career yeah yeah I have been but it stuff I love doing I feel so lucky because I you know. I'm gonna I'm doing something that I enjoy doing I think that's a secret. You wouldn't be good to be doing all the things you've done and enjoy doing those things such as beautiful but you know what it's payback for because I did a lot of crappy jobs I want to say what they are as people assume and have them there are a lot of traffic out there had to do before items whose wheels but now give me curious you tell me at least one the only guy yeah I mean I was dishwasher I hit you know that was my first job I worked in a factory helicopter factory sending helicopter blades on your overseeing them okay you know I downloaded. You know trucks and Dave does an essay to be crappy jobs is jobs that work for you yet they're not crappy jobs they paid money you know it great to have a job and and I learn something for each one to be honest release of the not crappy jobs but there are. There are challenging. Bush and last time you were here you're talking about hugged embers when your favorites is that he's the visits a welcome back thank you very much since you're coming you know tough for me well when you see Denver coming up on your calendar I mean what will what does that mean to you like the one word excitement okay. Yeah totally totally looking forward to coming here all all the time I think because it's. Another something about this town have always loved I loved the proximity to the mountains and the nuclear grade Bavaria progress appearance and forward thinking people don't like that. Our congratulations on it now the plan discover note yeah I haven't sings and that's why I was so excited it's a great show someone in item CBS wouldn't that will block isn't it plays my brother and and then he is so get I you know I've we've all washing my friends and stuff there. But then he knows the sitcom world inside out he could get. He can squeeze every laugh out of the out of the joke and a morning just by watching him and he's got a great expressions is for the work where in this the really cool guy. Yeah whoa you know later in today's like new digital world where you have the Netflix is in the Hulu is like. You know shows that got your TV shows especially new TV shows it's hard to sometimes get a Pollard at that I inserted to be renewed for second season just people really connect with the show. That's great human CBS there recognizes a good show the ratings aren't you know they're not like they used to be an back in the eighty's and ninety's or get my thirties and forties that. But you know we're on opposite the voice and the bachelor so it's it's you know tough competition and they still renewing it after that because they recognize it's a good show right. So like I said you know I was looking. At the total IN DB page and I almost a hundred credits on there you know what are your most you know notable one you're obviously part of us and for many years in the weekend update they just they just announced. That they're gonna bring the weekend update the prime time this summer and turn into with thirty minutes. Broadcaster. Rob Thomas. When you're doing that did you ever think to yourself man I was second to another twenty minutes of us. Not really I had to I don't you just enough time has been doing it there. Bomb I enjoy doing that we can update it was a sit down job which is getting I've been on personnel for awhile before that and up but it you know I had to go back to writing jokes again instead of just characters and sketches and nobody really like to write we can update. Jokes because it didn't get that glory that you know she wrote a sketch or character. So I really had in place we enticed writers to Phillips the writers' wing on Saturday morning they put out hot breakfast out catered it. They had all the AP photos and newspapers as though and avatar Google you know. And hardly anybody would come out you'll come to have breakfast and read the paper you know but Al Franken would come up he was a rule of political fund at the time. But but I like doing it was fun. You know obviously that in the past we don't almost year two years has been a crazy political time just in general. Do you find yourself so on the back your head kind of writing those kind of jokes that they figure that content. But not so much com. I think about it when it. Payday would be to be an alive showdown with the with the political situation. But you know you kind of fallout of that thinking process some want to leave the show there. But it's certainly our sorrow I've always. Excuse me several I've always has been in years when there's an election. You know it's so much fodder for them in an Emmy disallowed following thing and in the you know. What's the most McCarthy playing. Sean Spicer and are these guys is perfect. All that it's it's a great time I mean what would you know that the politics are sometimes can divide people viewed beauty is comedy and kind of bring people back together yeah that's right you know kind of fun out a little positive spin on everything going on the. There's nothing bad about comedy is nothing he can hope is just. I mean it's culture relief for from tragedy. You know I think. It's just it's it is it is that not only is the best medicine you know if I was a sick I wouldn't have the doctor prescribed you know nets are coming specials and to what had sent. Although they say that sometimes comedy helps helps those ill. You load may help but isn't the best medicine and then when you don't wanna for the cold Italy and now typical non non non add to listen this Dave Chappelle the fact that special for three hours and still sick might bull run away yeah I confess I would have no. To have Kevin kneel and he's comedy works out dilemma this weekend you get those tickets economy works out comics in a look at the credit the very thing at the very bottom. Was scarecrow and mrs. king in 98 Bob was that the first gig you did was as a. That was the first TV show I did I did commercials before that a couple of commercials. I did a commercial with Lynn Anderson whose country singer and her prom she Rose Garden it was hurt Nabisco country crackers. And then we give banjo player I've played Vento says I got the role and she was feeding crackers has entered the banjo and I am so excited commercial came on. And they. Took off the air we created because we found copper dust in the yard crackers from the fact you know obviously to support the best scarecrow and mrs. king. That was the first TV show I was on is that in the eighties and I was so excited to be on it. And I remember sitting on the couch rehearsing it with my girlfriend at the time she was helping me. And and I do it is a long ago that was the remember I had to trouble with one of the words it was. In cinder incendiary device that's the remote Castilla shall say incendiary device. I had a look at up and was not easy word to say Al holocaust now incendiary incendiary. Device. Yeah that was fun. And dumb and the rest is as they say history. Yeah I mean you know you're thirty plus years of you know put work into this you know business. Is there like. At this point of the single moment that really kind of stands up like man that that was yeah. It no doubt at all my gives the tonight show with Johnny Carson -- first stand upon America was just the thrill that I never really. Reach that level of excitement since they SNL and you know it as exciting as that was it wasn't like because. That was my goal is the entourage or Johnny Carson as a stand up comic. And a. And edit and you know people a day especially if you know they grew may just grow with. With so Fallon or Jay Leno whatever. Like that was a big deal but you know there wasn't like you know spot for six or seven you know late nights right late late night shows and and liked. We you got on that I mean that was a huge deal especially cured stand up for you know entertainment has that that means to everybody was watching. Everybody watched it yet and and I grew up watching him and watched com I learned about stand up on from his show mostly watching on the stand ups you know and and then to finally be on that show. Yeah it was just a thrill of a lifetime and I've never had more of a natural high from after doing it and before it aired an intimate that show I was praying there have been no. In those disasters hitting where they were preempt. The show that at bat that I wanted to die didn't want to get knocked it not to be and why you see yourself he'd take it away that's right away at the U we are you're talking about what you're doing even here Carson like laughing I didn't hear him over my shoulder last thing and maybe puff on a cigarette. And then it got called over the couch afterwards which was just beyond my. Expectations. My I mean I've never. Been happier in my life. And career wise you know. But man that was so. Such a thrill for me every time I kind of revisit in my head I feel the chills that's awesome man you're your comedy works out this weekend what's next for you. Ma well we've been shooting middle of the plan. Up until last week so now I'm back on the road a little bit here and I'll be going up to Seattle. And a couple of weeks and and various lists of East Coast gigs. Oh well we wanna thank you have to stop and do my member of the comedy works out get those take its economy works dot com one last. Sun's going to be coming out later this afternoon it's going to be a nice weekend Greg we had common name into Google my website given you don't come from a whirl my dates are perfect Kevin kneel and thank you so much man thanks.