Last Comic Standing Winner Clayton English Interview

Thursday, March 17th

The winner of Last Comic Standing Clayton English stopped by with Big Mic to talk about his experience on the show, how he got his start in comedy and his shows at Comedy Works downtown this weekend!  

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Embers over today's comedy count 1031. It's a big Mike in his studio very funny actor and comedian who is not just. A comic but he the last comic standing you would like they'll last comic standing in this weekend for the first time ever music comedy works downtown we have Clayton English what's up man. Let's go alone and not to do you some. Now this your first time. In the mob has. An echo on the beam. Those. Acted like yeah ago while as a you know what your bits he did on last comments and yourself. Words almost lethal. Where you're from it's now legal in all Colorado where it's legal it is Ali. Oh I elect which do. Senators. Are trying to take the expected or at. All of this pre tax money. Economic opportunities. The it that it is. The feel a lot of I. A lot of you so there coming here to Denver went metres yesterday that guy is Batman and participated in our economy. Is what makes this. Can contribute. It me. It goes. How's this was in production. We got a lot of those. So you don't legacy toward the last comic standing in the last season's few months ago you won it. A you know outside of it throughout the exiting of confidence that you want your ideas to a two do you head. You know three great judges read comic legends Donald. No rose and you know I'm way in what was it like to hear them speak so positively about certain like you know is that kind of work you know love. I mean with them it loses amazed that these people about wise you know I wasn't home or at some room alleging that weighs. From his movies through in that the code rules then that was the commons was. Right to be a throw them Lego my okay. Kyra I'm kind of your black could no worry about the judges just focused on all of his progress on the other I'd rather do the judges were. Mean if bill good to big now as what I did they saw what I. You know where woods and it was certain things like she's one of them know they brought some different to the table days okay I notice on his true view it is. I like the way you go into with a leg so. You know so if you respect right so we will respect your instincts are due respect it is so good mix. Well you said you use books on the audience I think they noticed that sometimes Watson showed us in that they're kind of focus on that the judges. And you know. The judge has not yet but like they noticed that the ideas. Yes I mean that's the fourth judge you know if audiences and we in this is his leg is like gladiators go at the audience go exuded a guided bombs though ago that this item of the day. Do you mentioned on as showed that you know winning last comic standing would a change of life and get a sense that happened how fragile life changed so what's. And like winning that in the process now so what's out. Just waved his view home. Say that solar which has got a good news though they were Belichick it's that we're about to. We're about figures of Rome those privileges. On the row where connector focus Democrat and him better. I have some time ago my mom works for me now. She gave us overtime rules and executive assistant I think given that without I don't. She lives with a little so I Rome where she promotes so corporate it goes good morning. Lot of work or her vote in Tokyo Nike's. I'm gonna have a business artists business right way. Yeah over the husband has been debate and it travels over the place. Hit in this Diebler come about seemed. You know it is very much. Who list. What was concordia and here's you know younger the last two years we have had a great relation comet works we've had. You comedians have been doing this for decades totally innocent bouts they always say. How amazing it is to be coming works downtown right tonight's different he never even been there have been there ever have any bearing on things go wherever it's ugly. It's as if it is indeed some of before they got their to have that experience they know it's like you're about to go ended like that every. One of the best in the. They want us crescent give a great time yeah public votes. Did you know if you're commodities sought to show you saw live coverage stands as they go that is led. The trailers. For the feature through this feature film tonight in this. Do. Now you get those tickets at com or dot com you know one case it's an essay at UB tree green really all there drinking. Hillary and bill that meg com source the Gibson Graeme Baird. It is green beer tonight as some kind of green there. Yeah it is so that would. Of them lightly at a it's a bloated code written. Fanatic networks. So well at times and you don't come. And yours and it is out of that's our image you want them. Maybe it was overdosed or vet I always had the during this be that study. People always it is like Elmo that make you I come from those people. It's victory. Whereas teach. Skew old am. This is like fifty. Diet. The stuff homes. From there it is like this we've. But you gotta go bad and I'll look back over Odeo is your book for sleep well. Great. Whether. It is I was going to school but I wasn't. Schools do. College record blown. Had a little bit into. So it's still holds a different Borough where did you super voted broad terms about solitary man whom would you saw its books. Last Imus is on the here wow so you started. It was so one point is that at the Phillies have like a little spot of got a lot. Salads people I can't say it's good over that Meehan do it is by chance that work to move kiosk in the balls it was so close. On the place to do. That are. Got the the governor worked out Saddam. So it do what they Lotta comedians was like a treasure trove of information that political season. Election rumors even Trevor all this crazy and they'll come home. No analyst or Hillary Clinton. House. Asked. Oh in the birdies in his leg and the like him in the movies. Is yours and I'll bring buyers and nobody believes it is back ago in total order. If it goes about his selective writers on comic. That we haven't seen in the long term if elected some old cart or at home watched. Cupid. Little goals of this. Is bridges make up stuff. Don't oppose. Yeah I think users running to get back to practice. Out of I'm happy I don't know would like. This group but right now it's welcome. As opposed actual. Oh I or lose. You people. Those who posed Uggla move advocate them. I mean again of them might showed yeah its nose problem. Is calling it argument. With the you know like it's important. That mullah. And who was. Note that Leo Leo that's. Them was yes I have in the wintertime. Right Dodi as you. And I. Could this week anyway data. We got Clayton English and here he's the last comic standing he's in a comedy works stands now what's next human. It is I'm going about the business units were got a development view in DC so. Spent a little bit of pilot season and they just you know toughen it up but hopefully meet the right people try to brace on the lives of my next goal is really. We're going in his development due to you know take one step but it and so my first goal was to hopefully get a pilot shot. There you go from that means business' toughest of to get that book let alone make good decisions. Today like you think we can do what you don't get the pilot and they. When you get the movie get Oscar out don't forget while quantities that no matter how well that was dorm and people. When. That they do is presently right. But the left and yes it is definitely about. About whom to move forward and if you are against going out there isn't I think he's also Smart and tomorrow candidate. You know excuse well here are really know what it views. We want to thank you for making conference get those to get the comedy works dot com while they are here acclaimed English thank you must know it was Tokyo so much in. Look everybody. Is there like me see him. In. Case. Over the vote by the got to focus. This is the ground to start closer so what's fixed up or is rumored about we really that devastated by the polls Cousteau. It was an eviction notice it. Instead what I'm going to alone isn't it. At that. As that for you but it's really an asset that needed to play it was they you so much baked out Boris and have but it OC come to a de Janeiro Brazil.