Friday, August 24th


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I have the supreme pleasure of talking to Margaret Chan and Afghanistan today in morning to estrogen and money they can has really early morning for years that it's crazy it's night out. Well I'd I'd say I'm a little bit starstruck Margaret. I've been following you for very long time senate and the real happy. Excited that's also really excited to have you incur an comedy acts. That's great it's always so silent and be back Caron. I love and am so it's opposite stance this beat you so how does how do you guys verse again. Tommy unless he opens he's he's opening act for the shadow and and he does comedy comity. With some company would mark yet yeah. He would comedy keeping consents to ask Clinton cousin cousin and two right now. I mean it's three and break it is sent her and it is as things. Now. Now I'm getting back out on the rodent and that we've been honest for acts like a long time I'm going through Asia and coming back in Europe and so it's it's great to be back the United States. Mean. Iraq has and turned. Fantastic I couldn't it's been she's the best lawyer says he's about everything's just nice and he takes airman basically scare me. That's again that's an idea here and coms so a lot of times I'll touch to comedians and now saying I don't like to touch political. I don't get involved that's. Office under a lot. I need eat out it it's a crazy time and it's it's very staying in an I think it's I think it's cool because I am. What's happening right now is that we have a lot of and that is a lot of resistance. A lot and strengthen and I think that's really Harry. Yeah yeah yeah I mean it's she does she's handle on I've come with just a regular spin on things is dead on basically about my life my family and then leave all the political stuff so tell me and south Philly -- Italian American and you know I'd love to cook I I do yoga and my talk about all that stuff via. This recently teaching yoga at a homeless guys. On the matter sir it might only for that that was sort of my priest for like charities thing yeah so. It's I had the reinvent I had their changeup all the moves like I had to turn like warrior to into hey can I get a dollar in now. But it was great to get a movement around stuff. And it's very charitable. Moment. Mark great. How you seen comedy change since you got started which is why it's it's it's very happy. It's it's very interesting systemic waste be comic or whether it's stand up comedy being. Come on huge she ever be on social media have or. There there there's so many different kind of I didn't eighties and and different ways I mean I come from the world of nightclub comedy which I love I love stand up comedy I love clubs. I love this lifestyle and so. That's really signed Ann and I learn from people like Joan Rivers and and then he amazing comics who helped me out in the beginning people as diverse as somebody. It it you like what this makes our. Jerry Seinfeld these are people that I ate really adore and learn from so it's really it's great to still be. I think it's really incredible Howell how diapers you make your portfolio is your website has got. You know it's got videos your blog it's not so much on their T find it changed. The way in which you deliver what you have to say based on the medium I thinks I think there there's also to differently civil and you know I am work. As musicians sometimes sometimes as a filmmaker sometimes I am. Just as a comic sometimes is like talking hat and even like fashion critic you know it's it's all really signed. It's great I mean I. Steps I didn't have to talk briefly about my favorite Ron pierce which was as Kim Jung I L I practice. I felt like I'd died when I watched eight out based on its. Unlike that I don't know yet that's a challenge playing men acts it's easier to me an issue. John L and it is to turn me in me I picnic. I'll make up on I play. Either Kim. Jong I actually app make up I. Am so now it's easier for me. It's easy free cream and it's. Easy how big T I'm so. Far too. Both juniors as it again I think it's it's always come here and this is Hokies. So many different related investments this year at. This show can't see it to where they're making my strains at these houses here and haven't. That people I was born with it all also liked getting stone you and they couldn't handle. How does it it's still standing at the end of the issues as it was like so blown away by the strength of the Merrill so. This being you experience and smokey and so I've never experienced and in this way. Well looking. I'm terror on terrible week last time I I smoked weed this does nothing worse than a high Guido you know I I thought for Brees was a month like November east December east January's for Brees marched. Nice yeah I I don't smuggle let me just because I eat. For twenty minutes and then falsely that's yet that's what it does that's what that is what's lists posts you get those totals like. We'd aficionados like you notice there really active strain yeah. Every time you ask. And I get paranoid every time like I tried different rallies my fourteenth strain on the ninth and accused her reaction. So I always convinced that it's meanest. I think here there and what I. And yeah. Yeah that's that's it adds. Yeah where we're here just dissecting the effect on. Did it with the experience while they guys for coming in today we can see you all week and on Friday and Saturday night comedy works out at a landmark. And he did a key it'll.