Nikki Glaser Interview 6/8/18

Friday, June 8th


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First like. And the little wary because they got two women doing this via the mail me and I don't know what's gonna happen and I know you'll whenever they're on button or something my god what if our cycles sync up and we murder each other we probably I mean it's not saint bears and that's fine. Making plays heiress is here at me today Mickey you are as coming south this weekend. So many times yeah. University of Colorado boulder for my freshman year with. Collins not. Yeah I loved I Latin scholar at a so it was like my number one place ago as soon as I graduated high school and then I couldn't really afford it. I'm going to seize crazy out of state it's crazy insane to abide. And I transferred to Kansas but. I did my first stand up gig was on campus freshman year. At the university. That old Maine in this big building on campus now estimate it's an app you started in new ET yes. Does yes and I was the first amended it and ran instantly loved it and was like this is what I wanna do forever and my parents relate plans to finish school first and did. As an English major Adam most planet and still working on that but that yet and I just I just I just picked whatever I can. It major and to get done with schools could this puzzles can pursue my dream. Tonight I did in a ball through college amendments and I graduated I'm at right way to make and then I didn't make and then back on Saint Louis and then. Moved to new York and then LA in New York again I've been back and forth a lot that's awesome. Appearances. Yeah ads I I think I'll hop clothes the rest of my life was like an. New York just because it makes me work harder everyone there it's it's like a hard. Way of life because. You to walk everywhere and slot things you live in a tiny apartment everything's expensive and everything's loud and rallying and yet you mean as you'd think he would stick to themselves that's not that's kind of like a misconception but it. It's just harder light so to be there you have to really care about what you're doing in relief. Wants it can be really hungry so it forces you work hard as you see everyone around you working hard because otherwise you wouldn't live in the city because it's. Not easy the hard life whereas LA is super easy it's beautiful. Drive everywhere. More ram rent is cheaper not cheap cheaper. And in becoming lazier and scanning the beads or government in New York you just work work work that's while like by. When I need to relax I go to Allah and I kind of and yes it's nice those are my only two options if I didn't. Cap if I didn't have to live in New York rally from my job I would live in Denver a 110%. Like an obsessive and here. My best friend lives chairman asked and who and that my freshman year. Lives right down the road. And she is kids and a husband and IE. Any chance they get to come in Denver I come to visit her she's like us and here it's right between me I would love to live your place and I. Finally tire of the business and it beats me down I will scare 100%. But I feel like right now yourself on the ups like you've got so much going. Got slang gad yeah I am on the upswing have been working really hard and it's starting to kind of chaos and I'm just comfortable with who I am as in my voice again just know. What I wanna say ands. You know you don't Jiri I'm not second guessing any thing and none and it just really confident and I think that that's your thing met Al. Comedy comes from does deepen security and and and wanting to be a comedian is like wanting to be loved by strangers. And then these are realizing like. These are liking yourself and you know all day long I don't need their validation as shall seek it obviously because I'm here. But it's. I just some more I am I'm a woman now and I know what I. Now and I know what I don't know and I'm excited to find out what I don't know but I am also. I am I'd just you know older you get the less you care and that is so freeing as artists. I feel icky just so perfectly summed up the transition in your twenties and thirties. Are spreading your twenties and I need it in your thirties and non. Yeah at night I. I just yet I feel. You know I'm it's constantly. Struggled some like myself and accept myself and see you. Feel good about where I'm mad and so not one more and want more things in NY MN I getting nest but. I'm really grateful for. Being able to. Say what I want on stage whenever I want and to have found comedy like so young because it takes you at least ten years to get really guide. So I was lucky to find it early because then by the time I was 28 I kind of know. Had my. Lake. I've been doing it ten years I was still young but like. Was able to finally be in a position where I can go on stage and kill and not worry about killing and snow I was gonna kill like I'm gonna kill this weekend that the company works Denver. Absolutely I signed on occasion I find really interesting for you to talk about your insecurities vulnerabilities because. What you project in your comedy is sell totally sick share hold Larry asked the subjects that you cover. Are insanely. Things weights I mean I. Basically I like seeing somebody who represents me there's talk about things that matter to many that are funny to me yes I just try to have. He honestly I really am inspired by a Peebles who are honest and I remember. My dad kind of added to come to terms with like. The stuff I talk about Jose's too and very sexual on stage and talked explicitly and very honestly about my sex life and I remember my dad early on being like. The way he was able easily cope with that was like you're just the Howard Stern of women and I was like I love that given it seek ways I love our concern and I just think that people need to be more on escalating we're all just trying to projects that. That our lives are perfect and mine is an and I struggle with so low self esteem and every day every single day I wake up and I hate something about myself and that I try to just like embrace it and get threaten love myself but. It's a constant struggle and it's so nice that I get to work out my emotions. On stage by talking into the Mike because. I don't know how otherwise I would do it I mean often times I'll and be feeling a lot of things a guy will hurt me and I'll be like how do I take this out like creatively. Sometimes already about it but then I'll pick up a guitar and I'll try to learn assailants a song she really helps me a lot she's just and I relates to all she's like. Who I wanna be comedic way I always calm eyes of the Taylor's at the comedy because I talked about break ups. By the way every. I hate that Taylor says gets a reputation of like don't date her Schilb. Talk about Iran's aid or in her songs it's like yes it will Bob Dylan everyone's writing about heartbreak. Right you are split sunk Brittany she seat and say and number one hits about. Yeah I can't she writes. Some of the great tests I love her so much so I just tried. I'm just really inspired by people who are honest I just try to be as honest as possible because. I think we all fundamentally things were bad people on that like if I'm honest with my feelings and he won't know that I'm a terrible person and I'm like you know I'm not a bad person. Honest to be honest and hopefully people can relate and feel like they're not bad people because they seem he's saying these things. And I don't feel so bad so. I'm really just trying to. Be a voice. That I would have appreciated as a young girl because I feel like when I grew up it was like. Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston and it looked at celebrities and I was like they're perfect in I'll never be perfect and it made me hate myself. I would love to hear. A woman that I kind of looked up to who's seem to have an altogether kind of like. Now I feel like I have that piece of garbage today and Buick you and Mike. You have depressing you get insecure like that would have been so much for me so I traded like say those things as much as possible so that. And literally just trying to speak to my seventeen year old south and be like it's okay you're going to be OK everything's fine we all feel this way you're not alone yeah and and I think that's what every artist to do was to make people feel last month on feelings. Getting really amazing especially because comedy does speak to teens and L growing up comedy is what I did incentive make boys yes sanity it's man much classic Connie is at the school. So having somebody that you can directly like because while. I looked up to Steve Martin in my icon and never gonna be British man it's never out there and started saying that. The young girls are going to be you. Yeah and even every young. It watches me and he can never be mean Monday like. You could be the one day like you it but it's yet I just. I just it's almost self is the way of that IE my philosophy irons. What I how I rate in what I write is like I'm just trying to reach myself at that age because they really could have used I was laid a very tortured depressed. Child I was in Iraq sic I was depressed I was the lead Mecca and went through so much and I am on the other side of and comedy really helped me but. What really would've helped me is. Review the beam celebrities and violent deaths due to be more honest about like when it's really like and it's not solve. Yeah shopped Britney Spears say she loves to eat pizza minds like clean he now loans and yes it's not funny let's be honest about and if you. And yeah ads like a there's a lot of bad but I just. I am I could've used some unlike mes I'm trying to be that person for you and one amazing in the public service I'm I'm pleased you conceive besides company X is not like you're on its stand on stand ups on Netflix. First season of the stand ups episode four. I mean on there. I also have. Yet serious switched why would you if you're listening to now. Our rainy out but I do have a radio show on serious every morning called you up with Nikki Glazer wheels are gonna have a podcast you can download salmon and must do it's on you. And I say what else I have have a lot of time I'm in Kansas I sound next week. So today I'm going to stop nature and it's exhausting I don't know how I do that I literally. I had the what I need right now is an example of someone who works really hard and takes a break once a while because they don't know what that looks like and I need someone's like exemplify that firming because he's just like I do you just say yes to everything it's due everything and that every offer that comes and is a gifted you have to do it and on the other side of it I just wanna collapse and cry like a lot of times I will push myself I'll I'll say yes to so many things I'll have so many appointments so many auditions. So many meetings so many different interviews. That I will of that usually don't show up to one and I'll just start crying and that's what I know I just might I need to go on vacation. Do you ever just like want to go to rehab but like not for in a day starting at just latest sponsor menace at Eric. Yeah you're okay and listen to what's gone and not let you leads yeah did you anything else you just have to be here. Go to and do our amazing steal in Fiji like I it's I'd I'd desperately. Wants to go to rehab. I retreats. Yeah ask for things like I just need a break it's getting to a point where it's a lot I'm working a lot I'd like. I still enjoy it I just ants I feel like I have so much of my life figured out and then I just over about myself and I'm like unknown girl you are you've got to. You gotta have. Take a breath once in awhile and know that saying notice things is like saying yes to so much because when you say that's something I learned in therapy that I really took with me was like. When you say notice some things saying yes everything else you've always think that I was icing on the summing up missing out and it's like now when you say yes and I think you're missing out on everything you can't do because of that thing right pos sells. Follow is a huge things feared missing out like take time for yourself you're allowed to take a break and shut down. NASA admitted that this interview and I ain't. Really shows tonight taking a break. And sell and lease Sunday because you petitioners and yes there's dozens yes how are so excited about I really have a great time on live shows Yates. You're listening the rain pounding like I don't wanna support her addiction to working out come out to support it I loved his like it's not your break he needed money Aussie on every. And I am going to be super loosened may be high on stage this weekend who knows I am and I always treat. Going to Denver like a vacation it really is so much fun for me because at some friends here. Audiences are always so great so don't disappoint come mountains Simi and I'll meet you after the show up to the picture. Let's have fun yes let's have fun thanks so much for coming in Kimi heat seek keep you from. You know relaxing. And depression now as we didn't blow anything up leading off the area to a man managed to conduct an interview all by ourselves and we do it and I'm on my period you guys. I started I just started bleeding and I am very excited about differently Dennett nearly. Yeah that's when I was crying about. I was so I never see it coming I mean I never. Like every time there's always a point in the month right now. I would like a lot. Happening and then. Literally it's there Saturday. I was like crying the whole time Netflix and this guy take me back and I really am living quietly things. It's just their arts posited as that goes. It's time I just went pointing out. Tonight don't normally asked me patience this but. Cycle you. My god there's like dissect my life would be like it's your parents' fault or it's because yet pressures of society but she's like. It's you're about to start bleeding any second now she's right it's just it's yet and it started. Just minutes ago I mean I I have come as close to beating it as we have. Mary asks a wonderful thing it's like murder and a marina yeah I I was crying on. IUD for awhile and I was getting really bad migraines. So I am I it's announces using the pot method which I know doesn't work is. It works just as well condoms nine cents really asked well because whenever my boys and would forget the plummet that I would use other Latin mass and witches you go to CBS and you pull out a fifty dollar bill and you slam on the counter and go give me the good stuff. They give you good morning after on a diet doctor pepper to wash it down comes to an even fifty. Are well I mean advice from Niki guys in the morning any on you ever needs a seventeen year olds. Los Angeles I hope there's a seventeen year old listening if you're listening we tweet at me Nikki Glazer. Let me know you thought of as the Narnia and things are excited sir thanks for having me and I elvis' think.