Pablo Francisco Interview

Friday, November 10th

Pablo Francisco stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Denver Improv, getting his start in Comedy at Dominos, sharing some of his amazing impersonations and more!  

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Deborah solve today's comedy comedy won all three want is big and mighty SATA give as an Ambac has duties it's true comedy vet and the game was going to be in this weekend. And the Denver M problem wanna welcome Pablo Francisco that was a magical. Duo of army I'm doing good your hair. You don't agree to being good at the ball stated that tried to do with transformers used to become a liability with Allstate. In my model was waters regardless do's and prisoners and that's right policy gaps that I've residents sugar comedy extract their logo. Yesterday on the water with you say water extraction. Team gets to vote that's right won the doctors the right take two of these and call me in the morning on one doctor says smoked duties and forget the comic but it. I mean he'll whatever you have a bottle that up and on my Friday I'd have energy today is it's good. This is energy with two seats stretch like he counts. I'm in an uncle who can see them once again you know it's -- critic GHT meets a HD and I don't think that's that's that's all along all the proper ingredients all the proper ingredients welcome back to my sentimental thing is going to be hearing good old timber not my wallets open but he sees a wobbly let me know okay and figured timber in Prague then it'd take from the Denver International Airport to the demery a problem in ticket down there and yet we're doomed man says cities and local right now so slow. And you I'm contacting the cut would like to catch a Fluor is a meter Cotchery took. It's a both the lord but Dublin that. Had down to casino. Caucusing actually is ignite writer but with the black and you're gonna had a black hawk well you know you gonna go down there and getting black people when you know when you're down there because you know. It'd get really competence like. And then we'll buy you can't cook it right at the take a look at. But yeah Debbie take you a big enough for car though yellow black art definitely. Like luck is on the team beat you on the knicks like look more Colbert gets dollars. But due to. You can hit to him. He's in every movie that's right easy you storing lead Neeson used to it from him in part to my family distinguish from the market. Pablo Francisco where everybody demery a Brosseau a demery and robbed over a nor Phil you're going to be there this weekend. You know we have always comedians coming in the talk about how you know they start their career is it truly you'll start with on the walls of a Domino's Pizza. As a domino pizza man in the end up from there on wrote immaterial and there and then I get drunk on stage and Paula so I want to correct path and I took a triple a and M here right now a new one of the you're dominoes AAA to hear him and I think that's a great track right there again it's a little joke in which he'll concede that right to senior notes she got to be a driver and a it to you that hopes any time to talk yourself in your car and it all works and you're always your best audience yet -- your best sonic trial the material on the other drivers there's some young older. And then you make the pizzas in this when it's really it's difficult the right because you answer phones to Yale lenient as did Jim worker content on the people that work on and you know sometimes I would. I face it takes is dead right there -- limits have limits all right you know manipulate you know you re right down the order Buick OK don't have to protect the pepperoni OK Arnold Schwarzenegger do OK at at a stretch at at at. Did it could be a person masons were you doing those that early on as well when I when did you know that you had his gift. You know because I mean you hear your impersonate zero point bring a lot of that would show and mean what did was that also on the dominoes days of that before that. It was before the dominos case that's right a Domino's I would make fun like you know my neighbors will my neighbors would make fun of my parents on the for their parents in this army to open at each other than we make fun of each other being shrunken and then a certain ring to celebrities like to critique frogs. And you know it's are going into boss acts are probably used to let that area netbook but that act when it so you know you take the clip the inflection you bend him up Linda is that we get to get EDT UGH I JK element of Pete and potato. Two edited basically started like that two came out and in that's when everything certainly taken off in a good kind of like ethical in the Fantasy Island and keep in the money. Boy if you've been you know you've been doing well when you start comedy started. 86. May you you've been through obviously did not to Stephen comedy but entertainment general in the world is changed somewhat also meeting of the YouTube's and all that and as you gotta be like back in the day I mean where you for anybody to even though we were you have a grind to get on the streets now with the click of a button only one thing goes bar earlier award. For you how much is everything change with YouTube and all of you. There's a lot more places where you can be exposed now Mary you know some people and you know filming stage for an up and put up there the Q. You put you down intellectuals in between critics you know. And get where I was when I started elect for networks in anyway and the cable and TVs the only three your team. You got to development deals you kept the money but never got this that the show but now it's it's creating your own TV show QB owns our you know soap anybody's got to got some dreams and goals you know. No matter how old you are put your friends disagree with you don't don't hang out with him two tries to put them yeah exactly and just you know get that fifteen minutes of fame because you never know people of the country's he would want to come on down media when an old cottage. I so that's changed tremendously where it's a lot more easier but then again. People can take your stuff or your ideas a lot quicker and then by the time you confront them going quarters of them like that irritated that the big you know. Then Nicklaus wrote the pros and cons of an all right but other than that. People get the view girl podcast and all that stuff and Andy at these cool but there's like so many people WSTC's. Morning that's right with each score G-Unit area. But then that it's it's a beautiful thing so I can complain. I and is Goran after U two's I mean like you you've you've you've been able to adapt to that world did you following on there as well. Right yeah as nonsense and internationally you get to go went to Croatia it's sold out all the shows up in. Norway and Sweden insisted that it's it's it's a YouTube thing we had into six minutes a creek in Turkey schmuck he crooks Nixon you know you're there. And you're and you're actually you know he shot several. You know spouse or your Kirby actually get ready. Yes com. We go again it's going to be combination of like. Like cartoons. But to with the with let stand up so I looked there's a topic you know reality shows there's too much real the real TV all the building and he's convicted in the right to vote that's coming your house springs in your face that kind of thing was Cilic. Dog about it which is. The animations done by Steve Kramer. And are we going to like you know. We'll show like about a prostitutes going to an apartment in the Cole porter's across Europe that kind of animated stuff so. We're gonna it's gonna be a little bit different because they didn't only other specials like organically without you know special effects and so just like. Voices stuff so. We're gonna do try to swing tip or sent. Met another reason you go to the show like this week because you messy stuff that doesn't make the tie in doesn't get get Gobi and special you know it's Iraq hair right yep that's right so come on down to the show a place to bring it to me because you have to talk to our new look the lights go down we all the talk on all of comedy day it's a unity unity unity unity to get a chance still see the awareness LC Vista but I mean it's like you know you don't talk too much couple drinks and you by Thomas died in my little -- a -- better remain good to go yet. Seeing the conversation for leaders in their ego perfect day like this weekend to Denver and profit timber profits were a couple with two shows Friday Saturday to chosen ones who wants and he beat their. Pablo Francisco thank you so much from big time Russert comedy go check him out this weekend demery a problem over north bill. Scott one of 31.