Paula Poundstone Interview

Monday, June 12th

Paula Poundstone called into Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about her show Saturday at Paramount, her new book, her new podcast and more!  Get your tickets to see her on our Comedy Calendar

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Is Denver's zone but today's comedy comedy 103 wine is a big Mike in on the lie. Hey hey I'm you can head I'm in Newport coming in Denver. You don't see there are jokes are funny here at a higher out. At at at that. At that it would there's less oxygen it just makes people get a little bit more act an NN also help secure a very funny person so I don't think altitude even needed well I know it could tournament you know whenever we have a comedians stopped by the station they always say that you know they look for a dumber because. You know the audience is is is it was a great audience and out here with so when you see. I'd Denver coming up when you're counted as inspire any special feelings and your part man. A the little doubly hit OK that's. Denver down on a piece of paper yeah and get that little. So look we need everything we can get nowadays. Since I think it's cheating to get to open mean now what did I watch the news I'm like we're headed toward nuclear war. And it is like is it wasn't for you comedians as some of a surprise to go mad right now. I look on the bright side of all these things and I do think that you know if we go to nuclear war and kind of bring back folk music. Music so I mean. You gotta look at the positive spin on things. Weren't LU say you know it's so it's so crazy just in the past year on you know whether it's politics whether it's one thing or other that. You know that there's so much like negativity that's in the hemisphere. Combo but what's great is like whenever you go to a comedy show is said there it all kind of is goes away like it just. You know gives you chance to laughter gives you chance to see that use different people that dim sense of humor are different points of view but they all can laugh at the same kind of thing. No point you have you know the lap of recognition you know is that tell stories about raising my my guns for example we know our league eighteen which is. Of course to the plate on the air that's. You know that laugh of recognition. And you know parenting can do is look lonely job in the entire world like because you always think it's just me it's only out there that anybody else. And of course you know I hit. You know you get tacky about it with other people that said that lap of recognition because you know you are not. And let you know plans on I have two daughters as well but reasonable way. It's just the most grueling experience. Did that he can argue about everything that. Ever Edgar at night where after you go to bed I go on in my room and completely sentence. Acts like no other way. To real -- thousand allied sees it going on the Paramount did this week gaining your tickets a comedy 131 dot com and so obviously you can stand busy on the road we're even more busy just a month ago a U released a new book the totally unscientific study of the search for human happiness. What what inspired you to write that bugs in should do over several years. It took me several years provided reason. Some Albany every chapter isn't the the government doing something I or other people thought would make me happy. Captors written as an experiment with that I'd practices in the conditions in the variables and a qualitative and quantitative observations and hopefully the funniest it would not have written. I'm. Real question. Whether I would enjoy doing something question what what do that would give me a don't you know. My regular life. I had an umbrella if you will. For the inevitable aren't enough rain to Wednesday relax said the analysis. Of each chapter is you know the story. Of of my regular life the story of raising their hearts full of kids and animals sister I'd been at standup comic for a living historian. To think stacked being V 24 hours you had said that while we take it to keep writing to them not dead yet. But I'm into it I get that doing these experiments would be a good playground for writing jokes. Because the book number one job. It's to be funny and really pulled that not the got a the tech could have been accolades on the back from mom Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke. And yes I'm Mike and Dan Peterson although that's cheating he's my pot. Dick Cavett and it got a good sendoff. MMI allowed to ask if you were able to find it. The human happiness or does that ruin me into the book. You ruined the end of the clues. As folk blues and ugly it's not renting a Lamborghini I would hope things. It's you know what it moments of fun in that is now on what it actually. You know I think I've been accredited Britain well it's ridiculous amount of money. Well. You know everything he had that gap. The the you know you just. Rule the earth again. You know and what I could do Evan is not in my price range trapped man I think I saved up to be able. Did this experiment. Until Soledad good rip this. For a week because I really thought driving a sports car would make me happy but that is a very American. Or scientific purposes you had to find out exactly how it's right exactly unscientific concerned. It was for others it was for me I and I've got my plan was too great for the week you know. And I go on line denied the cup but played that movement city's sports cars and and I put any numbers you know the pictures of cars race and then underneath it these numbers assume there was some sort of serial numbers. In the you don't and death. And then I get this guy on the phone and he says no that the price. In my. Pocket or I guess for a week it goes bad Fred you. A wide eyed Brett and I did. You know like I don't newspapers thing you have anything happens you know I'd be glad report is. Well. That depending have a wrecked car my life is over. It has that car you're disappearing. The true story I swear I'm not make it that sent them out forms in the amount forms of this plea can definitely knows you know they're renting a car and you know assigning things that. It'll probably woman who's you know us are telling me what it is that I'm signing him and mostly I'm thinking it doesn't matter doesn't matter because you know it's all over play it by you know. Getting wrecked in this car. And and and and this comes in with a lot of you know the that the California blah blah blah the in this is that. Federal blah blah blah upbeat whatever it is rates because of course that's. It was 75 cent. And with no irony at all she goes you know let. You have to pay that we will vote. Just. While I sit there and they don't just win that's for anybody. Else I. Question in my mind I've made that apple with the fort. I'd give it but sent off on my 24 hour original of the Lamborghini. When that that dropped last month you can actually pick it up right now in the in this Saturday here here in the next month did as if you're not busy enough that you release in a new podcast you knew NPR weekly podcast live from the poundstone institute. That's right I've finally Fred that for those too many Pete wait wait don't tell me was there's. Live from the pound on institute would take you back broad. The podcasted that I finally get a chance to talk to the scientists to do this study. Yeah it did Peter said on lately can penalties only presenting some study that he had helped. Background. Would sound so crazy it was public that. And so it is at the chance for me to it for me to practice some of them. And I'll just you know it's a question of learning a court slip further knowledge. That's my goal on the show. Together all the knowledge in the world. And cram it into what happened to our podcast. With comedy. Well luckily that's why it's going to be a weekly ones you'll get more than one Robertson right but this isn't the first time. There it is the second chance so an odd to me missing finding out everything there is to know it very slim. That at bat at a while but at least you take a baby steps that's all matters yeah. Well we weep you know image we all your business and wanna thank you all for making time for us over here comedy world through one Democrat said this Saturday is the Paramount theatre. You two tickets right now it's going to be a beautiful summer weekend comedy won a 31 dot com to get those tickets for Paula Poundstone. Paula again thanks so much work sad to see the Saturday. They thought I'd like I appreciate it.