Rob Schneider Interview

Friday, August 18th

Rob Schneider stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works South at Landmark, his Netflix show Real Rob being renewed for a 2nd season, the origin of "YOU CAN DO IT" and more!  Get your tickets to see Rob at!  

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Devers solve today's comedy count to 31 is bigger and I am excited to get this. Back in the studio always makes time for us and he's got here comedy works Bakken studios. From his countless memorable movie roles teen girls as analogous TV show rob countless countless homeless on Netflix really it's it's it's it's a very long I am DB days when you scroll through that but this long time and this weekend he would yeah. Yeah I was always the youngest guy in the on the set Nyhan now on the heels again and now that happened and we're. At a time as happened this week any count yourself rob Schneider's. Think. And Matty is one person hair like that the godless everybody that's listening to the speaker's well thank you. Tens and tens and hundreds of thousands of people listen to Colin won 31 Alia we like to welcome. Thank you very much what's been the amount while I'm just my ears book I think maybe the best club in the countries are can be. It hasn't against the talent there certainty in his interest in. But it's it's actually organize and as bring it out of Clovis and you just have to go I'd like during the day and check it out it's very okay sponsors that are with people. It's good plays I like Denver firfer comedy were just here recently I was here with Adam Sandler norm McDonald I think last summer been. And or one ever though wasn't you know let's it was great yeah it was a debate plays downtown yet the above 10500. People. Austin that's I think I don't think we're gonna have that many people to come here works here. I don't know who we ceiling with a time line the most if you death. It and last time you're here he stopped by comedy at that time you're just getting ready to release real rob on Netflix like a month later. Now from what I hear next week there's actually there's an announcement for season 20. It's easy to hopefully they'll let me announce it next week and an honor of senator. They get it's a big company Netflix they do but it's a Netflix original those pretty we estimated ourselves and consoles than Netflix and now it does their pain for season two sets its a fun show and it's kind of more British American presence of to have power yet succumbed. And you know itself film and you can really do something inching its half hour and knowing him. On CBS financial there's twenty minutes thirty seconds. In you really. Here in the if you take a dump unanimous that it showed a pretty much. Was our show sun at about two thirds this. He get that extra eight minutes could feel about. You know it well sacks with 32 minutes oh nice great and any you know it talk about labor of love I mean not only did you actively you paid force. The directed aides in the news not the series but what he started it idea like when you decide you want to rode rob me you know. It's one thing we have look a company pamper them all that I mean you wrote it directed it and serve and then to have that where because Netflix doesn't just keep season's gone as you see in this in actually drops some. What people thought were pretty popular shows of them to bring it back. Means the you know people were actually love in the show and that's. Back it's and edgy creative freedoms angry men being like. This season zero notes this is great you know you know open has read the network is the nose like. Out of your wife should be say inner eye makeup off Washington views or less my wife does well tell the network doesn't believe in Somalia. At. New congress on her. So once a realist I had no dummies tell me what to do this awesome and has. And hail this as was awesome also bond Netflix is like its enemies such a worldwide. You know it's elated doesn't matter 109 countries while fantastic. And in nine countries. You know next month it's so it's exciting. In all you wanted to do was to someday do you think is funny and then. Awfully rude people kitchens and giants lose so my hero's early John clay season. In a faulty towers says it should and and so it's unity at the plate guys ending in the mail I'd love it there. But it's as fun it's a great time I think it's a boo is a real booming comedy right now definitely so you know stand up companies and great ones out there. Territory in this one of the better placed them. As income. You know Wendy. Is your club sees. When he cares she's really an issue works at a club over our new club and then like. Well I have a club when Dave's what does it look like it's an issue as it should elect the perfect place it's like. They're rising like the best club I think in the world of or jazz in Islam. In the that they in the east and in London. It's. Ronnie Ronnie Scotts. And Kevin. Spacey spotted a couple of years back and it's just is perfect you know it is as everybody's got skid sidelines. Instead you get here were really good. And it's. You know it's dark seek and hide. So if you laugh at something it's not a color interrupting I judged by their neighbors down. So it's just in that sense it's you know. It's very similar to me I love that place so another place here does this refinery which are gonna it's kind of it's happening in the world and my own personal life and now. Trying to make it fun for an hour in it's. And people come and have a good time. And I think that's important out nowadays and there's you know there's a so there's so much craziness going world right craziness in the world obviously. I was seven of Barcelona and you just came back from Spain. You and your wife recently right to exist in Madrid yes two weeks ago and I mean with all that craziness I mean it you know comedy shows are you know good like sometimes you need a release of the week you need it is. Forget about everything I don't know it's more than. Just the release and the people also kind of I think for some of the and it's a great comedians out of late bill Byrne Louie CK in norm McDonald and as such in the Dave Chappelle and these guys kind of Americans I think particularly if you work harder none assume part of their death or longer hours. In the European counterparts so basically the average. European work forty hours when Americans were 57 that's not including the commute. Yeah so you're talking about you know 65 and seventy hours may be a week for Americans and and take in the kids' school. So they're liking. They're exhausted. And did not have a lot of times necessarily. You know in debt. Think about particular issues and senate so Lisa can meanwhile have just slightly bit more time. To get a break down some of the things that are happening and I think it's kind of fun to to do that and candid. I like to subvert people to my point of view and humors is very. Is the best way I can think that it. Awesome live Rob Schneider is it commodores have landmark a get those tickets a comedy works dot com and I have to say. You know when you look at this through the history of spelman movies always have. A you know late but imagine you've done and I think with sandy Wexler is into the nineteenth or twentieth bill you guys done together yeah arm and we stand and we look at the this it is always always always awesome quote but I mean. There's no other lie and the when I'm just walking around online and you condone it. And everywhere ego that within about six movies did you remember west started was delegate was that part of the script was that apple. And I just had only had time to do like a weekend to go away and do this some. The bid in it's of these film Roma stuff my two days for the water boy and Adam just thought it was going to be funny thing because you know it was a state. China called back some can't catch phrase and just the more he did it to sillier it was and it was just some stupid goofy guy and I think Kim. Stand up I think. And movies is the sillier the better depth and so am adamant is this is when he silliest and I think the water boys is silly really fun movie area that people can enjoy in and just watch like you know. My daughter's four or she can watch that movie. As one of those things that I I think down. You know economy as best as much as silly as I try to do my standup later. It's just beat take some serious situations and ideas and then make him facilities you can. I think people on earth are looking for that those of the. Well we wanna thank you disease that's what your bring in this weekend to comedy works out Lemond wanna thank you for always making time for us and stopping the town. Thank you could concede success for you we need to we need to come and yet every news station. Appreciate that as a fifth birthday this year right to do economy works out. Thanks so much Rob Schneider get those tickets economy works that cop accused comedy went up 31.