Ron Funches Interview

Thursday, October 5th

Comedian Ron Funches (NBC's Powerless, Undateable, Drunk History) stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works Downtown, WWE, his amazing weight loss, & more!  

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Is devers over today's comedy comedy one of 31 as big might have excited to get this men aback history always makes opera's in my city in this weekend. He's going to be a comedy works downtown glamorous where I like to welcome back round bunch is what's up man. And human. Like such great radio voice love opera say that man lowers welcome back man. You came Margo week because obviously I mean your bring in the comedy this weekend comedy works. Monday and Tuesday houses that Monday night raw and smackdown army has been a great week. Out they did and I was Leeson that was here a little O'Sullivan you're gonna come in early man I didn't. Unaware of where it was located in Alameda fellow W Aviv bands that I mean you're you're a big any guff bunch of mania going loud across the country. You got to love it my whole life and that biggest event in my world is wrestle mania to lend him a comedy tour it's got to be fun to man his neck that I know it's been a lot. Despite its first I have never strong for I think this I think this coming year I think New Orleans what are Brohm might have spread to make the trip out and just. Makes sense because you guys yet all the wrath land any at all that the boxer yes it seems like a great time shrimp po boys come on. I'm going north actually for the first time on Halloween weekend here in three weeks leaders and today ox but there are times. And I made the mistake of you know Google him are my hotel and looking at all the restaurants than one mile radius. Start. About it. Big Mike's about the big in my eyes yeah that's. As you know I've this is the last time I've seen here your little Ron man. And any. UW las lot of making. So my heaviest and down to a 140 pounds man to the person yeah there are definitely eighty. Antipathy in. Is doing great though I'm Maria image needs to his failing grade. Six and in. A lot about myself from new boundaries this middle congratulations on a man. So you're what's been going with you man I was just working trying to get better command of Saddam upgrade basically. You know assume that. Workaholic and payable power lesbian like you know the quirky funny guy in them. Trying to turn myself from Layla second class citizens to more of it the leading and has been working on projects and but check this show Comedy Central Reggie was a pass massive PO later in the fallen. And just work and try is better. There's a lot of comedians that do different things when they when they you know get into the tee and acting more like some obviously since the common hurled at you wanna do like like any drop more do any like non yoke on the blogs yeah. And everything my biggest mainly it is trying to do things I've never done before and I had only been import. So anything in this challenge for me some interest and I'm all for. The B and play that the do anything it. I never thought you know. This to me was an impossible via a woman interviewed me in the morning only well if I can do this do anything accolades oh. Outages opposite it's my ideas as far as they'll take me. Well I you'll be bringing your gifts this week and it's a comedy works stance however square than others few tickets left you wanna give you got a gimmick com who works dot com. Right now you know the country right now the world I mean there's just so much craziness happening left and right every single day. And you know. Comedy you have an opportunity if you reasons smiled BP people reason to shut the brain off mall the negativity. You know obviously laws basis app which was. You know tragic you know when you get a chance against did you ever hear select a responsibility you know lead to to make people laugh to make people's days better news and a give them something. They remind out. Wiley still responsibility. Just in general Odom to try to be be positive and strip positive the only the world a better place and when I came minutes and end. My way of doing that is by making people as an Ambien signing in. I take that very seriously am and I feel like me particular attack comedies I do. Is kind of an oasis from that at the world I don't do any politics I don't do any finger back and their interest in me and so I. Advantages interest. Issued in my world try to remind you of the positive things that comment and life in which is my comedy in general is trying to. Find the positive and negative negative situations. And sometimes it and you know sometimes people want that more and they want them they wanna get a politics allow attendance Tommy is less about laughing and more about I agree with that I thought that too in Nashville that Carly you know really do that among LA UN here about my son in the video games that been playing in all of this in new losing weight as. That's all I really care. Cuomo level a sale will be with you because when you wouldn't want to end here a solid so that's kind of hope maybe you're gonna bring that and he has many in there. I've been an item in the night imminent and I thought maybe you're gonna do you carry around you so that you could if you meet new people you can play but okay. That is travel it had brought three others if you give him absolutely the Denver and as they bring in the bring in any of that that might be a little too much as a from a place they sent from isolates. Thank them for from IDS. But I might use Leo walking electronics boutique and as. What's about any as classic is like when it was coming up leading up like I knew it was coming in law school I didn't necessarily a little piney Dewayne minor thing I got. I've been at my friend like tech and their morning trying to go to best buddy get them. That are sold out everywhere and and the not just the fact that I can't have once again irks me more than anything athlete is and I you know one of my friends that didn't it's only one way and I'm gonna sneak in his hasn't taken a let me borrow it I. I'm like April weekend as they get Super Mario Brothers itemize says don't. And then any star fox cinema system and I'll be good and yes I can't fix it all hang out his normal huge and I'm saying hey I am I I'm down wit man. We will watch the wrestler and add in there written document it hasn't Somoza minutes in the half. Well you're here this weekend mantown horse downtown you know what he which got lineup next man. I'm just mostly working a trend that Aaron together says it's that whoever will purchase it negev is Thomas and two HBO players have mis spoke and hit again tomorrow guys hit it edges drag him I'm working in Liz Seth Rogen and his production company about trying to put the shows together. The base about my my side and and this really just got a lot of ifs ands and that's been nothing concrete yeah images working on stand up in better and better and better over eleven man hour. I'm reliving my hour which is most important. And this has become a better person that of our government. Where to people find you online. I'm via Twitter and on manages. Is to Graham. Each in the hinges you know website run its is that we keep updated find our man. Well thank you make it tough for us man waited his day Eddie got a great weekend ahead. And I'd go get the tickets right now commodore set Condo be upset of the cells that you think it is you have an opportunity. Right now comet works dot com Ron thank you so much McIntyre was always.