Steve-O Interview

Thursday, July 6th

He's a New York Times Bestselling Author...he performed on Dancing with the Stars....and oh yeah, he was on this little show called Jackass and now Steve-O is bringing his comedy to Comedy Works South at Landmark and stopped by Comedy 1031 to talk with Big Mic about how he got his start in comedy!  Awesome story!  

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Is never solve today's comedy comedy wanna 31 his big Mike I'm I'm pretty dynamics. This man studio either he's in New York Times best selling out there he was on Dancing With The Stars this weekend is it common works out of the lamb Marco and it was part of this so called jackass you might know it's Steve what's up man at the end. How about this comedy station specifically what he placed in a 1247. Stand up and it's an offender out comedy 131. Hurt that nonstop while it's it's been awesome man I'm surprised it hasn't some of the more markets but has been doing great out here into an office. It's appreciate that welcome out to the mosque. I city our thanks opening it's going to be I have to ask well what happened man. I have a new project import and really swing offense OK I went ahead and did. Honest science of my lives. That it corps' idea have series burns my arms back and my elbow up on both arms of law's house in our man and again. Arms and from that album down on both times is is on its way out. Mad idea of second degree burns okay. Well and what's more impressive is despite being banned edged up and Kavanagh is still here were operating out though you're going to slow me down the time has been. Let's loans. We got. It's a college isn't as outside. That picking up first companies specialize on showtime. Showtime on demand. Yeah people I accept is comedian a lot. Even our parents sat down with them. And he he has generated this spring as I guess is it again tell me that I'm not a I accept it and and regime but to his credit he did in a way that that kind of respected. Right anyway and I had a great talk with them and our bras one of us has had nothing but positive feedback yet. I don't bring a mountain and reference because. There is. Some people just on the donor except missed it that's fine because. I'm not emulating anybody and. United ticket youngsters at. It is. Now what I imagine for that I'm most most can be as most people they know you from the jackass the world which hosted on the movies and the they just seeing you in the stunts and in the pranks and all of that and our. And that's all they sing for fifteen years like stand up to you but even before jackass you're showman like you. I think it is just and that Connie is another branch on the tree. And Americans attention pouring them. The orange. Good but I know there rabbit. And and it's ended. Paid out come and share it in the averages stand. Where is eleven years I'm 2006 summer Jack has never team is. I didn't certainly noted in our sky high at at the moment. And out this guy asked me to go and do in my stunts that then Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip. Like yeah I shall do. I was loaded on drags didn't give any shots when I was in addition our public Agha as there. Isn't crazy happen I now I had no idea of forest. And manages like. Led to the stage and you know what was gonna that I had ever been and a comedy club for that and I just was like. Did I personally can't there's enough and I could possibly do is that would be crazier than trying. That disease need millions of times Vietnam god this is scary all right got to do that. I got there was a star had time to stage I just admired racquet I'm not use it. They tag at some god is scary. You know it was going to act passed it and I can state. But the sense of people where. They were excited seeing me. Really I could sense. That the that others as I did have a good time they wanted to excited seeing it brings. Out there and examines. And in the short time with a few things actually that's asbestos. And does it. I am really really offers experience. And thank packaged story with the advantage of us. Out I've felt like. Your first time was almost by accident. I was totally backs and and I second that that person. And as scheduled my return where. A local right at every turn. I. Whatever key of the previous time. I've ever like hosts it. Eight and it's actually wrote jugs and an added that the words to a degree it out like god I got some laughs and Davis that that that was prepared had a body. And decides that statements that goes on each. First it's it's got laps. Because it is an achievement I can't retired here. I think that I've ever enter some an eagle on goodness. Act had just just like overcome. Get on stage and again guys. I guess is without being prepared died. Some kind of private island but repeated joke ever it. And diet now and a dad. And I just got scared sealer on drugs. It's jackass 3-D is coming. And so thirteen years. I'd like. Please go tonight clobbered just to nice. At least. Two activity. Offered to exit. Does he ever it's sad comic series. There's yet. And favors him like machines wrapped up for August. It is and the extent to. Dane cook's and urgent is it sad. And it's his economics cites. Just. Missed it really. Did think about it one tie then it's. Dean could access. Mortgage bond prices give it happens. Next week stuff I. Dad had written. Just like I should keep his eyes just wrote wrote re going to open Mike Spann. Province to comments that users Olbermann. For dean to the judges. These ads and he's. Persons. Was an outstanding act. Which is why. Have him out east jokes. He got it is easy delivery timing. Business and every now and indeed he is winning ways and have to write it. Regular habit. Hit on him and sit. In the flat out early so Mark O'Meara and serve them those have been to accommodate as attempted. Welcome somebody and Dallas for taking underway on news of the Mike. So it encourage you put some cells. And and and and Jack asked me he can play. And I heart stents that Jack has taught our. He objects and have every high. Lines come to dance onstage. And have an agent at that time because agent had and Jack as indeed it. 10% this doing nothing. So I've made and a wage and after the charged. My colleagues hate. That caused the country you want a iced it now. Here on. People. It's it's deep how that ranks. To. Have feelings about the then I do to get out and and it adds up to get in now. So it could get about a year. Andy's just go at that site last stand up. Maybe like ten different countries. And I just the holes like. Did you plays better ones or anomalies. And it was kind of like. It's stretch I was like apologetic like social media on like a stand up you know like. And I am just not apologetic. I've got. Spies on. So it's real deep heavy stats that really I bring bring everything came out of the best I can't. Still got seven years to into the content is special rates it second and second line is it's. Really. Make a big and a hiring. Jack tester actors gesture and directed so we've had it together and that's violence in that sense is covered in burns right now as. Because it's like fully integrating both worlds jackass and Stan. And and she is like this and of itself is it just. This jobs trying crazier than stunts. Now exhibit its ugly head but I just approach stand up. The same actress subs reckless shame as reckless as go and and. It's Ivan success for people. Who died. People who have her famous for being actors and musicians whatever like. Others that are student charged that and it was asked if. But actors that try to be musicians of bunches athletes that tried to be say that I'm saying. And sometimes it doesn't. One day is it a bit of an type album art I respect. Bada. The joke around again as did. Congress is. Ads and he's like if you luck. On our heads and there's this funny. How like while Abraham Bobby got to change it it's. Arabs want I want my mailman to do to do Stan he's funny pick. It's like it's just like. The mentality of abundance now if China holds him back except be jealous like you're just not plugged. And I liked it's I abundance members and I. And ever. But he wants to do that I'd just care it is because of treatments and. Automated so it just the fact the your comedy works out this week coming to power I works doesn't just bring anybody they bring people that are serious about it and I do comedy it's one. This comical wasn't conscious of the fact that you're there this weekend shows you know you do what you need to do and. Object. I don't need to judge you weigh more because I bring physical bike tricks and stunts to this Asian economic club and that's a lot of repetition and a. Am covered in burns and it's gonna hurt there it does not like the check at dinner kind clause because of repetition. I describe that Mars physical athletes that are like really like about I did admit that Vista sound elegant dish it's impressive you know I put on Verizon's. I do addition certain stuff you've really shocked and surprised to see them able to Yale and this week and it just hurt. Yeah. Well you gotta come give him that that that moral support while he's pushed through the day if I can and and one. Merchant amount time. And that comes to an end it continued. His matches I've Asia. Take there's a sense isn't this. Let anybody go. I just don't touches arms don't doesn't really going to be here what is we. I have he's but I have. Is because. We don't need to our people ground and I'm just so. Does he count the times that's. Oh it's great man and you know about our fifth birthday here coming out where else is bigger than before rep does have got to say one thing because. I mean any anybody who grew up in the early two thousands when government to grow jackass and he views this that there is is. Excuse but as much as yet. While boys was my job while boys was my eyes so like when this came out like I mean every all six. Dvds what I mean this one of the liked me it was jackass meets you know nature and all that and I mean this was my show I love this so I am hoping that gets on. Netflix is absence of people. It's. OK I don't know I'll let let's let's go on the care of people's. He says. It appears. As a source says. Experience. Well we wanna thank you for can't stop them by a legacy give us some insight and you know what got you when comedies. Out there coming. Let's see. Who think that but that's. Well you walked in I didn't have to ask you regret that I can't get it. 002. Top ten man I do it as rocket fuel am I lord. Well I said this beautiful weekend this weekend go to comedy works dot com Steve though. Thank you so much from time Briscoe check out shows this week I succumb to work as a comic ex army and numbered at least become. I.