Tom Papa Interview

Thursday, October 12th

Comedian Vet and Comedy 1031 favorite Tom Papa stopped by the station with Big Mic to talk about his shows at Comedy Works South at Landmark this weekend, the Halloween season, getting started in Comedy and more!  

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Embers over today's comedy comedy what a 31 is big primarily we got a true company that oh man when he is in the game back. This weekend at comedy works out top Koppel what's up Matt nice to see you thanks and welcome back it's the first time we've had you over here I am now excited to have you here. I know we you know I feel like I've. I've been here before because people talk about your station a lot when people you've really good comedy following whenever I come through. People I was like I heard John wanna a three average in. Only your request people is call for Tom pop it's on me in there and it's lovely here cholera yeah that's very cool yeah well nice to finally be August say you know what when your you know when you're getting ready and you know we got account of what's coming up when you see Denver come up you know a lot of people's date them like you especially those that order view yet. As I feel free now he's gonna come Adam. It's like looking at it's like looking in an itinerary and seeing the you've got to spa weekends on our waiting for you. I literally when I see them very nominee where exit literally go. Six govern as a hired you for their life is getting hit. It's gonna be good shows that good people love being in the city as is just. It does nothing there's nothing wrong with this one elect like Monday we had this random notes I. Pretty big one aspect like seven days ago yeah when you notes that the trees look amazing right now you know I come from LA. And I'm originally from the East Coast so I Crable this stuff. But now living now glades and palm trees don't have a good fall. The only way you know that it that the seasons are changing his when they changed the displeased CVS I thought I guess it's Christmas. But even then the problem is they're doing everything like three months earlier now they probably already put Halloween stuff up in June oh man no Christmas stuff up in October. Those who wears a that is Costco. Today holy cow like you literally go to Costco in the summer. And you thinking all right let's go get all my Halloween stuff because there ahead of it now so it's all Christmas trees in July. I remember in July I was driving around in the news Halloween costume place called spirit in the open one of the stars like a lot. The but there's people walking and I'm like I get the people love Halloween I'm not a big fan of Halloween show I'm Michael customs like the number one I don't know how much I'm gonna gain or lose and that's. I've got a little bit so that people love Halloween you like Halloween you following guy. I do like Halloween but again my kids love it we have some really cool decorations ago he schooled skeleton banjo players like you motion by an all all very cool stuff very into it. Nice to have it. But I will not let the kids break stuff out until October 1 of my daughter wants to start decorating. Soon as school's dazzling now oh yeah we're gonna be so sick of it and it's time becomes. And we live in LA which is the future of global warming there these skeletons will be melted by the time better pick you feel you literally can't carve a pumpkin until the night. One day it seems like every year old holing that there has to be in that go to everybody is Travis on everything address of the penny wise this year from movie. For sure that's going to be the go to a Honda houses or any. Costume party goes yeah that's definitely going to be the big line like I'm mats and I'm honestly scared of clowns and I'm scared penalized if there's like fifty given standing around. A little anxious. I am I get all like nervous has its head. No I don't I went to see it and I don't you know I'm not that I'm clowns aren't scary to me and a there really was never like I know some people are really freaked out by clams. They're annoying. The in the nobody should look that excited they ask for the threat that forced joy and laid him out there is definitely a Carney aspect of credit to Al. But the not scared yeah. Yeah I mean obviously went one he has to always sharp teeth coming out on the mean Bozo was more scared. And I was actually like I know them down so we. It regularly so bad I always like to pick your costume has like a little bit has a joke like attached to a lake. Lake last year I just I just say don't whine shared a band aids on my face and neck brace and shorts and a hat and I was a tourist who survive are really bad accident. Write an essay you have a little less violent evil and URL back story I think again I am either extreme delays are extremely an event of my god is Google my name is bill was like now I'm edgier. But much work via via clear grown now want an animal large and make austen's Emma size. I wasn't getting a seat. Just it goes within like it today they've they've I think I'm like kkk or something I don't wanna get. Like anything crazy like you do John Candy could John Candy from anyone of his movies that you know that's pretty good look at it to get one tell grafted little mustache area planes trains and automobiles. Yeah they're like it's from won't do the duties at home alone are you know what I like ways and that's the up following this is good UP UICE over the next five years exactly that lead to five days ago. So we gotta top Bob Lanier's economy works out that landmark others few tickets dot com or stack comes going to get those. You know comedies bodies is getting to let alone do for over years at the start the united you. Ergonomic come. Oh well I always wanted to do it since I was a kid and and then when I got out of school. East just started showing up. Open mics and bring their shows in new York and I very first show is at the New York comedy club. In nine New York if I brought three friends who would hate to sit in the audience. I get to go on stage and it was my three and then I think there's like two other people and the other comedian that was nine. Was Greg Geraldo. He was sitting there waiting to go on and sweating freaked out nervous. And we became house right then and then that was that we just I did my first show and it went well enough and it was exciting enough. Where that was at houses as they say Americans first others it's 5050 split some say. It was because of Iraq it was yeah our host say as best they've ever done it yet but there like a second shows. Yeah and mine was somewhere between because it was like you. Felt good for me this literally five people in the audience in three of them and it's. So it was like you could say that I killed really supportive friends and Daley's lap live OK guys have their support of for Hillary addict friends your persona her. If we like the first guy better debt that now but it was it really wasn't about killing your bombing it's just about being in that space and knowing that it felt like home like this was like all right there's no there's nothing else literally I should be doing you know. And then that was that and then I just kept and it just kept doing these springer show than you move up they glitch in. Host to show and they let you and the thing about oh. Doing that was so wilds because I also was. Trying to get parts and things reassembling its audition to be in Pena and it was like. Seems like a real crapshoot but I remember hosting a night at the New York as stand in New York. And a young Jon Stewart was on the show Ray Romano who had to show out already. And Brett Butler came in to do something. And I was like I am on the same show. As these people as I really think the sound. A trap door into show business. It's like all have to do is be funny and I can be on the stage with Jon Stewart Ray Romano. This is pretty cool I think I can find a quick path here at. If you know I usually do the same thing but I'm sitting in the audience so it's like this. Could pick and roll that old song pop all right now I got my future of this that is that I ignore their body just sit in the same spot but now it's. That I hate that so joke so I think that that is I think that's why people are really into it it's like we we get to sit there and they not scripted and they can just say they're gonna riff and talk to us in this is going to be a the school lake alive staying it's only going to happen tonight this is this show is purely. Just for now. That's pretty great up and down. And debris that this week in the comedy works out land a blow your expertise oh deficit. But you're right each individual Soviets own show so you can ago. Sorry to jump on my own plug you know you're gonna be good and those tickets are commodores are combat not only do and stamping your also got your own podcast and probably one of the best titles all around on the opera compiled podcasts and Austin title a major wanna get the pocket as well. I started off with a a radio show it's serious 6 am Mike interviewing. Different comedians and then. Pulled pulled it out and started doing it both I still do on serious but as a podcast as well as it just kind of is an intimacy with the fans it's you don't. Have through the things yeah there's like when people are fans of your podcasts and we talked to them on Twitter and they email us and we've subscribers that you know. We send them stuff and it's. Really my deal loaf of bread you know I mean it is ends meet you have greatly implicit in the show they really feel like they know yoga right there's and you got a mean guy got almost 400 episodes and like you know so you you'll see some people's podcast it's even do one every week here in Vermont like you're actually doing it several times a week. And I mean thousands of thousands of people while listening to yes. It's really cool and what I did this other thing where do these live shows is that I was like prairie home companion. I was love that classic radio show the garrison Keeler and and so I surge when he's live come to pompous and then off of that. Which just literally happened last week. The prairie home people came to me and asked if I would. Help with their comedy roles so I'm now the head writer and I appear weekly on prairie home companion don't yet because a vote doing this right because of doing this. Radio stuff. We're where they able to find Europe podcast. Disco on iTunes whereas Sam router from stitcher anyplace where there's podcasts. Because just go to my website go to Tom popular comment that that'll give you all the stuff. And yen subscribe and you know be become part of the become the top of family. Well we wanna thank you often make time for us says it's of this week in a commodore Santana cutter works south Atlanta market. Beautiful weekend this weekend great week and again it's a comedy go check out pump up them. So great and thank you so much and I am I really is no joke or not I'm not blown smoke there's very few comedy. Successful. Radio shows in the country and this is this is you really you nailed it. Our about to have our fifth birthday party actually account works out here in just about two weeks and sweet side of doing man works out of for people like you stopped by the you know. Give us content to make people laugh Mac is there's not enough laughter in the world days ago. There please send me a picture of your John Candy for this hollow okay colleagues exit which what do you think you'll go. I'll probably have to get the like the lumberjack. They've do with that and all that off all the good. All the families face and good news day out to prove all movement probably that over the the great outdoors of that. The great out to all I claimant does del Griffith winning that he had the your flat hat. The air and it is one thing that planes trains and automobile all ago. I can't wait this could be big top Bob thank you some large go to comedy one of 31 back up go to comedy works dot com do you take its top up banks and.