Vir Das Interview

Thursday, March 16th

You may not have heard of Vir Das yet here in the states, but we guarantee you he probably has 4 million more Twitter Followers than you!  Vir Das is India's Highest Selling commedian and is the 1st comedian from India to get his own Netflix Original Special (debuting in April) and he stopped by Comedy 1031 with Big Mic to talk about his shows this weekend at Comedy Works south at the Landmark!  Check out the interview: 


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It is embers solve today's comedy comedy of 131 it is big my and my city. We have a man right here who it if you haven't heard of before I. I do guarantee you they hit as at least four million more Twitter followers than you do see you've got to get to know him he's gonna be coming works out this weekend he is India's highest seller comedian he appeared to have a car this weekend common works out I like to welcome their DOS what's up man. That might be the best introduction of the buttons are the best one of the that's OK perfect up. Thank you for having Lehman. So I've been a comedy 131 since the start of many years ago at a house like you know I never previously her view and it looked you up concern affiliates what are four million followers might. I get to know as Jack has that the most of those people are not these last talent yet. That's there's a lot of endurance that's Michael Dan yeah I mean even if it's four million minutes long sessions I mean that's still a lot of and there are duel one million when asked Erica I know well welcome to not the mile high city the Yankees almost it's it's amazing but at this. It's I expected it to be a law school Lou this is on its senior figure recently in New York because of right losing you'll -- missiles film little holes there was interest in via acorn you could just ordered only Tuesday. But ironically enough here demo Colorado to be eighty degrees this weekend it's nice of me is I'm we still have a week left the winter yet Monday's first day of spring and I mean by all means don't get tricked. Last year we had snow on May we have blizzard next week motto is I just dictated anything it's been a broad move leeway that we put you Brothers I'm sad I did I do appreciate that look at what he brought the sense that he's also gonna bring last year Libya Condit works out this weekend and oh man what's been going on big good have been distorting the states I have an ethnic special that's coming out next month. So comes out on the 25 of April. So I've been editing the special for morning's session YA is not just you know the comedy special could be on Netflix joining the likes of Chris rock and you know Amy Schumer and so maybe you're the first Indian comedian it's getting artistry recessions are right yet so this your Netflix has been book Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Louie CK Kevin Hart Amy Schumer and the unknown Indian home. I know it's America but worldwide audience of mean you have a huge following as you know especially in India and you know. What got you started in comedy like it will make you wanna do this I lose. I would corners in the US over the collision Indians book in the noise okay the knack of civilization the other thing that's probably just as foreign to most people here than any idea what you'll probably know. India the web pages that gives a little arm but that was in this drama program which was this really. Sentence not ski in lake it in the soaking in priority and hold hands and in more mutual we're those. Yeah and means senior you like it's gonna want to do thesis performance that was notable. Organic and fair utilization as a trial fan it was a unity is our fan I was in the Colleen. Does it begin to cause these comedy on behavior now. And important Cynthia did Bridget getting a state that. Bombs landed a reading Nicolaus and social yet it's called is called brown mankind. Because it was a movie out called likely gone America. I am desolate and people assembled people who stand up that sled full minutes or three minutes selective few people there I did. Ninety minutes for 800 people while bush having it stand up while which is the Willis do so it was a good. Because you know you got audited again on all assumed as I know this. And they've got to make too much video being booed off seated amateur especially ugly because gov OK I don't know. And their most people's first time as an open Mike night in front of their friends that and they still limited terrible then you've got to have those terrible moments first you can look you know move move into the obstinacy. He started off like. They give you were run in the world I imagine. I ate well his daughter reading comedy shows on meet the post socialist. So what I did was packed into the post a late night put up all of the gone his book. That the theater. And I give myself full months and like many minutes a comedy which again it is is it released jumping to do is it a Greg good. Ninety minutes in is in full Syria but even did beat what do who's on and on meet the post of the shall put out on social media is that I know I have to like digital and you know. That's gonna do. Lola and obviously is all handouts they said net flicks that the biggest tree service out there which as you know. Really the last couple years really kind of you know embraced comedy instead of comedy. And I to be included in that list of so many big names as a testament of the work you've been doing. Well I mean DVD cooled liquid and Netflix and you don't this whole matter could you mean was it began really you know half of like I showed up in the states to meet C because that's my agency and then. Tennessee OK to have a place in this market you know you wanna get good at tennis yet to play tennis with people who go to Davis. And that's what this comedy scene is this the best and one. So everybody was they go to Netflix and Oscar's fashion that is just straight down the nine middle of special. Way you do your thing 2000 people 4000 people. Short of good. On and I had this idea in that expected which is really nice we shouted Balkan India and a medical. So. It's a dead he's not a stadium which is 121000 people. But it also got some that food V he's dying he comedy club in America but with a 105 Americans knew to be in the basement so goes on to a thousand people a hundred people back in force there. So there is is it the same set this is seems it. So what you know compared to because a meat even here in America. There is vast differences from. You know sense of humors here then more to the south. It will what is thirty big differences between India and America though I mean obviously there's again different taste but you find that there's a lot of universal comedy man police funny at the end of the day. You know India is. Duffel full believe that the six ask us to the fullest five minutes of any new comedy show really there and you go to yanked an opt out of the Phillips whose arms that Clinton and they conservative. But once you get them that the best comedy crowd and I have yet to meet. I think the only. Country that can match in Indian crowd full volume there is an Australian. And who's the Americans and British you've seen just the best comedians and so visit this you know on people who called in gotcha you know that stuff. It is it is added that agreed to loud crowd today. We've venom maybe some of the best crowds this week in -- one of the best clubs in the concert I comments or -- I says so everybody says then move that the comedy looks this good kids good great comedy scene out here think of a great Tommy in this part of the the boarding DOS world torn you know likable or the words world tour out there pretty loosely like that they just went to the United States and Canada yeah you know you're you're Hewitt has six countries and are six continental URE six comments and welcome to so my question to you is. Why do you hate Antarctica. I'd just go there is one edu and it doesn't have a really brutal and I and I think there's besides his cabinet glass. You over here to world tour with them even an article in the called an article in the match. And I ought to be doing that or go to this skiing and as a unit who were doing. We human now in the medical we do Australia and me we do all the Europeans and book. Oh we do east. So it's just it's he'd seen you know you need any help my cans and bags and some because I I guess if I has once I. My wife bought me this thing it's it's this keyboard suitcase and improvements in the senate with Canadian school those who continue down the airport this I had that knows his everybody the airport it's me but I don't expect him. Now. Is it true way is it true this Sunday you're gonna be learning how to skiing is as as it is this really happening armada two guys who have been laid said that did the Mets are talk me out of it can't get up and amongst people that are adults we. It did I sills so I think they'll be okay yeah you know I mean. Water flat water willful you know water snowed down hill and things that some on the Indian typical let alone not by. And include new go to Monday and well and somebody it's a bit and cholera my tireless anybody concert like you you ski reverend no I don't. Something about a big gentlemen going down this is the mountain fast which read that out. The gravity doesn't get along with that design business that not only who is can fix a computer we know who you that desperate that's still expects we'll have our crosses to bet. Well you're gonna be here this weekend of comedy works out he can get those tickets at comedy works dot com. You know what's next for you many obviously get the world tour going get netbooks come enough you know what's you know after the you know what your goal for the rest of the year what's gone. This would be to valuations. That are on its two movies. Armed and maybe some American television and stuff so they're blitzing would that have been some stuff. Well you know I think that's you know at least here in America. For those that don't know you now I think they're very quickly and find that which are all about and for here endemic Colorado the best place to do it. Is it kind of works as an eighty degrees this weekend it's wintertime in the last week and a winter has to be eighty you've got to go out it's a comedy come see you listened to by the yeah. I promise you it would be at a Monday that he didn't come Sunday Gomez seemed. We wanna thank you make time for us beer basket the city's economy works dot com.