Chris Hemsworth

Danny McBride as Dundee in new trailer?

Many people were getting excited (and some were getting upset) when clips from a potential Crocodile Dundee reboot starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth came out and then there were reports its not in fact a new movie but just a spoof, but some are saying it may actually be a new movie and...
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Chris Hemsworth (Thor) reveals how many Hammers he stole and where he keeps them

Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the Marvel Universe revealed how many hammers he has actually taken from the set and where he keeps some of them LOL. Video of Chris Hemsworth Reveals Where He Keeps His Hammer
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New Thor 3: Ragnorak Trailer!

Chris Hemsworth returns to his roll as one of the Avengers Thor for the 3rd movie in the Thor series and we are quite excited over the Thor vs Hulk scene! Video of THOR 3: Ragnarok Trailer (2017)
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